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[op oc] my fleet now.

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carlisle steals the fleet admiral's hat and leads the marines, becoming the new fleet admiral. akainu has been usurped. marine hq is his city now. go take a smoke break somewhere else sakazuki. :roll:

BUT NAH. so in case it wasn't obvious, carlisle's favorite hobby is annoying his Serious Business boy toy boyfriend(?). he thinks the marine cap is stupid and doesn't understand why sakazuki chooses to wear it All. The. Time. any way, we all know carlisle makes it look better.
:iconheplz:he makes everything look good, even akainu.

Artist can be found here:
stjarnskrik @ tumblr
stjarnskrik @ instagram

Carlisle Desrosiers belongs to causticsugar 
Fleet Admiral Akainu and One Piece belong to Eiichiro Oda
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fleet admiral desrosiers for 2020
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you waited all day to make a comment and this was the one you stuck with huh.
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did you even need to ask
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how you go from 100 braincells to 0 really shocks me sometimes AJDLNFLSNFLS I LOVE YOUUU
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interesting how that only seems to happen around you