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[op oc] julien torsten.

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What? Two short bios in one day? Yuh. My two blue bitches.

Alright guys, here's the short-hand version for Julien's bio, meant for a quick reading with little to no investment and many gaps. Perfect for referencing while commissioning and for the vaguely curious. This will also be the information available on his Toyhouse page. The extended character sheet is a WIP, it's a multi-page Google Doc that's... really only meant for those interested enough lol.

Introduction‭ ‬of‭ ‬Character

Name:‭ Julien Darius Torsten de Witte

Epithet:‭ Gold Rush — Named as such for his fast hitting golden-covered fists.

Age:‭ 35 (Pre-Timeskip)

Gender:‭ Male

Sexual/Romantic Orientation: Bisexual

Nickname‭(‬s‭)‬: Jules, Juli

Date of Birth: 06/14

Status: Alive

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Species:‭ Human/Celestial Dragon

Ethnicity: Northwestern European

Blood Type: S- / O-

Affiliations/Organizations: Marines

Occupation:‭ Captain of the Aquilan Marine Base (Pre-Timeskip)

The‭ ‬Character‭’‬s‭ ‬Appearance

General Appearance:
Julien is a tall muscular man with a winning complexion. His ever present smile is warm and inviting, and puts civilians at ease. It’s this friendly demeanor that’s kept him on most people’s good sides. He carries himself with dignity and respect, has a straight posture, and will keep his hands to himself unless given permission or carrying out his duties. His hair however is a bit of an anomaly in comparison due to the presence of a single long and unruly strand of hair which remains poignant and sticks out from the rest of his silvery blue locks. Rumor has it that the strand has a mind of its own, and reacts to the body's emotions. Others joke that it’s a parasite. It is in fact not a parasite, but Julien does not bother with nor dignify new sea-men recruit gossip.

The one feature of his that reflects his father’s more striking and fearsome features are his eyes. They are blood red, a clan trait, and without the accessory of Julien’s sweet smile, can appear unsettling to the viewer. This leaves Julien teetering on the edge of appearing like the friendly boy next door, or a man on a mission with nothing to lose. Pray you aren’t on the receiving end of the latter.

When on duty, Julien dons the marine issued white coat with the kanji for seigi, or justice, emboldened on his back. Underneath the jacket is a long sleeved tight black sweater, with a blue shirt layered on top with the sleeves rolled up. The black top is low-cut, whereas the blue shirt is buttoned down enough to show off the top half of his pectorals. His capris are dark and cut off shortly after his knees, where his sandals begin. Connected to his belt are black suspenders, though he usually does not wear them properly and lets them hang below his belt, as he often feels confined by them. This feeling of confinement also is typically the reason why he either wears low-cut shirts or buttons them down.

When off duty, Julien dresses in typical Isquivaran fashion. Khakis or colored pants with polos. He also enjoys wearing suits and vests. If the weather is too hot, he’s also fine with wearing shorts. Shades are more of a necessity than they are a fashion statement. Julien's style of dress is sprezzatura, a calculated and artistic carelessness.

Height: 7'0 / 213.4cm

Weight: 300lbs / 136kg

Handedness: Ambidextrous

Will receive the de Witte family tattoo markings post-timeskip, matching with his sister.

About‭ ‬the‭ ‬Character

Julien is a noble-hearted and heroic leader, and builds strong bonds with those he meets. He actively tries to please people, whether or not they deserve it. It helps that he is an empathetic person, and deals with others in a compassionate manner, criminals included. He is selfless and puts the needs of others above himself, and enjoys feeling relied on. However, he's often guilty himself of depending on others for his own emotional stability, namely his adoptive family and close friends. Always scared of failure or disappointment, he often stretches himself thin trying to balance all corners of his private and public life, as their needs don't always overlap easily.

He follows his own moral compass, which can be at odds with the marines' belief in absolute justice. His judgement is passed on a case-by-case basis, and he doesn't condone capital punishment nor torture. This is the source of a lot of conflict concerning his interactions with the more black & white mentality his peers can have regarding pirates. In spite of this, Julien makes more friends than enemies within the marines, who may not necessarily agree with him, but admire his ambitions and his drive to work towards his goal. Almost nothing can dissuade him from giving his very best to the marines, but unfortunately, this has given him the reputation of a workaholic. He gets very focused on work, and feels compelled to catch up on "wasted time" he spent pirating in his youth. Most nights, you'll find him still milling about in his office rather than sleeping, and it's often a fight to get him into bed. Other marines take advantage of this, shirking their duties unto the very willing Captain.

Stubbornness is a trait he's gradually learned and perfected over time, from his time spent with his biological father to training under Vice Admiral Abraham de Witte. Julien is hardheaded the moment he makes his mind up on something, whether that's his verdict on a criminal's guiltiness, or which method of brewing coffee is the best. This carries over into both his personal and work affairs, which causes him to butt heads with similarly stubborn people. The more convinced he is on his ideas, the less he's willing to argue them. This means that if he were given an order he's deemed faulty from a superior officer, Julien will most likely carry out his own plans instead. While this almost always results in more civilian and marine lives saved, or an effective capture of all targets, this lands him in hot water. Luckily, he's very capable of standing his ground and defending his actions, able to talk himself out of problems and reach a peaceful resolution or understanding ⁠— whether that takes 5 minutes or several hours. A meeting meant for reprimanding him can easily be turned over to thanking him for his brilliant efforts.

Although he tries hard to hide it, some traits have carried over from his days as a pirate. Despite being a brief period of time in his life, just over two years, the impact can be glimpsed through his attempts at appearing disciplined and strict. One of these traits is his sense of humor, at best coarse, but often times downright crude. He can also drink most sailors under the table, and his preferences concerning alcohol include rum, whiskey, and scotch, hard liquors highly influenced from pirate life. His style of dress is also careless, even if intentional, and definitely not considered high fashion couture. Julien therefore treads lightly around higher ranked marines, trying not to slip up and come off as disorderly.

✓ tea lattes
✓ salty foods
✓ the sea, bodies of water
✓ reading (mystery + adventure)
✓ the color red

Least Favorites
✘ smoking
✘ loud abrupt noises; yelling
✘ dark roast coffees
✘ corruption, injustice
✘ rain, thunderstorms

Julien was taught how to play the acoustic guitar by the Isquivaran Military Police, who'd often spend time off-duty strumming in the streets. He can't play anything complex, but he knows his chords. Still cannot read sheet music, plays by ear, trial & error, and instruction. He's also very handy with woodworking, whether that's wood carving or crafting furnishings.

Fears being isolated, failure, and Darshan. Also frets over not being strong enough to save others or help them; showing weakness.

Has a bad habit of talking to himself. Walks himself through his routines, mutters to himself as a form of taking 'mental notes' about people or things, and also can talk himself down and out of an impending breakdown.

Very expressive with his hands when conversing, but not much else moves. Is very susceptible to laughter, even poor jokes or puns can elicit a chuckle. He compensates for his past as a pirate with very polite speech, but have him get comfortable around you, and he'll raise the volume and show you a more relaxed side.

Julien is an excellent swimmer, and can swim over long distances. He's physically capable of lifting double his own weight, and excels in endurance based endeavors. 

Best Qualities:
Courageous | Compassionate | Ambitious

Worst Qualities:
Stubborn | Reckless | Too Trusting

Adheres to Moral Justice - equity and fairness in treatment, regardless of status. Justice that is not inherently blind, and takes into consideration life circumstances that led one to crime, and the severity of the accused. Julien believes in the ability of people to change, trusts that human nature is naturally good, and that people who choose to do "bad" things might not have been given the tools or options to choose otherwise. Very forgiving, and gives second-chances to people to encourage redemption.

Wishes to overhaul the justice system to prevent corruption and needless torture and murder. Wants to abolish capital punishment, hates the torturous, violent aspect of Impel Down. Ideally wants a prison system that focuses on rehabilitation rather than flagellation. Wants laws to affect all equally, including World Nobility.

‬The‭ ‬Character‭’‬s‭ ‬Relationship‭ ‬With‭ ‬Others

While not impossible, it is very difficult to find someone who has beef with Captain Torsten. Marines appreciate his work-ethic, and pirates tend to respect him. His amiable attitude has charmed many, which makes him relatively popular with inhabitants of islands he's visited.

Love Interest(s):
Admiral Borsalino (Fiancé)

Masaomi Shindou (Best friend) - lobsterkaijin's oc
Salvio Dragomiri (Right-hand man)
Shiela Li Fonti (Confidant)
Henrietta de Witte (Adoptive sister, beloved) - lobsterkaijin's oc
Amadeus LaChance (Superior, looks up to) - uunearthly's oc

Darshan (Ex-Captain, Abusive ex)
Valentine (Hurt someone close to him) - uunearthly's oc


Masaomi Shindou - TBA

First/Middle/Last Name of Character - (Who they are to your character. Detailed description of how they met, what their relationship is/was like, and where it’s going.)

First/Middle/Last Name of Character - (Who they are to your character. Detailed description of how they met, what their relationship is/was like, and where it’s going.)

First/Middle/Last Name of Character - (Who they are to your character. Detailed description of how they met, what their relationship is/was like, and where it’s going.)

The‭ ‬Character‭’‬s‭ ‬Abilities

Devil‭ ‬Fruit‭ ‬User‭?‬:‭ ‬No

Special clan trait — Dragon's eye.

Origin of Powers:
Unbeknownst to Julien, his father comes from a rare race of people born with an odd eye trait. All members of the group possess red eyes that seemingly glow when the user feels intense emotions, but with practice, can be utilized at will. Lucius, his father, has not disclosed the full latent ability of what these eyes can do, but as far as Julien can see, it seems to be an innate access to Observation Haki.

The power allows one to "clearly see" those afflicted with the devil's fruit, giving a tactical edge to the bearer. (This is as far as Julien gets with it at this time.)

Usage of this power is consistent with migraines and mild hemorrhaging, resulting in nosebleeds.

This gifted sight must be trained in a particular method in order to access its true potential, but since Lucius and Julien Torsten are estranged, this might not ever happen.

Fighting‭ ‬Style:‭ Powerful strikes with his fists and feet, as well as mastery of Six Powers (Rokushiki), Julien's entire body becomes a living weapon. His mastery of hand-to-hand combat does not stop there, for he also excels at using the terrain around him as a weapon too.

Haki‭?‬:‭ ‬Awakened

‬If‭ ‬Awakened,‭ ‬which‭ ‬one‭(‬s‭)?‬:‭ Observation‭, Armament‭

Mantra/Kenbunshoku/Observation‭ ‬Haki‭ ‬-‭ Julien's Observation Haki allows him to see things not visible to the average naked eye. This is not his most mastered Haki discipline, however, so he is unable to use it to the extent his Lieutenant, Salvio Dragomiri, can.

Busoshoku/Armament‭ ‬Haki‭ ‬-‭‭ It's a no-brainer that as someone who uses his physical body to fight, Julien has mastered this form of Haki. It is almost impenetrable, and is the strongest on his arms and legs.

Preferred‭ ‬Weapon‭(‬s‭)‬:‭ While trained in the use of ballistics and firearms, Julien's preferred weapons of choice are gauntlets. Anything he can wear on his hands to add an extra 'kick' to his punch, such as brass knuckles or rings, are also permissible.

Knowledge: 7/10

Conceptualization Power
: 9/10

Motivation: 10/10

Will to Act: 10/10‭

Power Control: 7/10

Agility:‭ ‬7/10

Swordsmanship:‭ 5‬/10

Hand-to-Hand‭ ‬Combat:‭ 10‬/10

Long‭ ‬Range‭ ‬Accuracy:‭ ‬5/10

Offense: 9/10

Defense: 8/10

Social Skills: 10/10

‬The‭ ‬Character‭’‬s‭ ‬Familial/Biographical‭ ‬Information

Birthplace: Mariejois

Saint Genevieve Quintesso (Biological mother, Deceased)
Lucius "Torsten" (Biological father, Estranged)
Saint Wallace Quintesso (Uncle, in Mariejois, not to Julien's knowledge)

Abraham de Witte (Adoptive father, Active) - lobsterkaijin's oc
Henrietta de Witte (Adoptive sister, Active) - lobsterkaijin's oc

Familial Background:
Julien's late mother, Saint Genevieve, was a celestial dragon, his biological father, Lucius, a Cipher Pol agent. Julien was raised in Mariejois for the first four years of his life, before Lucius returned to take the two of them away from their cushion-y home to live on the run, due to his plans to betray the World Government. Julien vaguely remembers his mother's estate, has memories of living in a comfortable home, but was too young to know where he was born nor that his mother was a world noble.

Whereas Lucius was cold and distant, Genevieve was warm and inviting. She raised him with love until she died when he was nine years old. Lucius, now the primary caregiver, trained Julien in combat, but fell short in raising him in any other meaningful way. At 16, Julien ditches his neglectful father to follow after pirate captain Darshan, joining his crew.

When Julien later joins the marines, he is widely accepted as the Vice Admiral's son, who eventually adopts him officially, and it isn't long before he is referred to as a "de Witte" rather than Torsten.

Character Background:
Y'all I'll update this part once I'm finished writing it on his Toyhouse page.

Art: Kumigumi (thank you so much QvQ :heart:)

OC Sheet template: VisionaryDame 
One Piece OC Blank Template
Introduction‭ ‬of‭ ‬Character

Name:‭ (‬First/Middle/Last‭)
Epithet:‭ [‬Optional‭ ‬for‭ ‬Pirates/Marines/etc.‭]
Age:‭ [‬Pre-Timeskip‭ ‬and/or‭ ‬Post-Timeskip‭]
Gender:‭ (‬Male/Female/Etc.)
Sexual/Romantic Orientation: (Hetero/Homo/Bi/Etc.)
Date of Birth: MM/DD
Status: (Alive; Deceased; Unknown)
Astrological/Zodiac Sign: (Western/Eastern Respectively)
Blood Type:
Affiliations/Organizations: ‭[‬Straw‭ ‬Hat‭ ‬Pirates,‭ ‬World Government, Marines, Cipher Pol, Shichibukai (Seven Warlords of the Sea), Revolutionary Army, Yonko, ‬etc.‭]

Julien Torsten belongs to causticsugar 

One Piece belongs to Eiichiro Oda
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His design is amazing!! I remember seeing him earlier on and I still adore him. I love his design and all the details and thoughts you put into him!!!
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aaaa yagi you're too kind i ngkdhgfgh ;v; <33 thank you so much!!
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He is absolutely an awesome OC! I love his original appearance and outfit, mostly his golden gloves! *_* 
I must confess that I laughed a little bit when you told that this was a short version if his bio because I think there is soo much text there! xD
I'm very slow reader and it's sometimes hard for me to read English but I liked very much reading this! His personality is very cool! 
I'd love to see him in action actually! Very great job! :heart:
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this is such a late reply but wow, thank you so much! i'm so glad you took the time out of your day to read this all, and i'm flattered because i just adore your own one piece creations. :heart::heart::heart: i hope to be doing more with him soon!!
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Awesome work with him

Sounds like he'd hate my OC, Vice Admiral Hassicle
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wow, thank you so much! he's still a huge work in progress, but i'm glad i at least got the bare minimum out.
i checked him out, and you're right on the money. julien would absolutely hate that guy :') would make for an interesting dynamic
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You're very welcome

It would and thanks for checking him out. I knew he would hate him
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does julien know i would die for him
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i think he does but he'd never let someone else die for him ;w;
he protecc....
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