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[op oc] don't play with fire.

By causticsugar
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... or magma, for that matter.

I literally have zero excuse for this. Yours truly has terrible taste, and it'll never change. I will never improve. It be like that sometimes!
So I took the liberty of pairing my absolute garbage capitalist conman with our favorite justice touting sour magma man because Oda said "Sakazuki Fuckers Have Rights" post-timeskip.

Any way meet Carlisle Desrosiers, he's got one hand in the World Government's affairs and another in the Underworld. The latter remains unknown to most, but those who have their suspicions will have a hard time proving he's anything but loyal to the WG. Also, he has a thing for big, burly men in places of power. His short bio should be uploaded by May.... The long bio is... Well. We'll see about that one ^^;

The artist of this commission can be found:
sigalawin on twitter

Carlisle Desrosiers belongs to causticsugar
Admiral Akainu and One Piece belong to Eiichiro Oda
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I love the lighting in this one.
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me too! it makes the scene very intimate... <3
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Oh yes definitely!! *^*
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Damn, I really love this!
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oh wow, thank you so much! 😳
he's not a popular guy, so i didn't expect many compliments kgnkdfjghf
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damn, that sakazuki, always going for the dark chocolate
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he's got only the finest tastes 😩👌
lobsterkaijin's avatar
well hey, dark chocolate's good for your health, y'know
he's only doing what he can to live the longest possible life
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lbr here. if he didn't want to die early from stress he wouldn't be with carlisle AKFKLSNFL elongated lifespan where bitch....

well technically. he de-stresses him too
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.....the nice farm....... fish..... the laughing when they went fishing... i think lyle's good for saka :3c
causticsugar's avatar
shhhh don't call them out.... SWEAT EMOJI
he's actually very good for saka :heart:
no one else could tolerate him any way ngdkfjlgjf
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they had a pet son faster than anyone else, heehee
the most wholesome one piece ship
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Akainu likes sticking his fist in it tho

I absolutely love these two so much and all I've see about them so far please share more when you can!!! Ohoho? 
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NO FIST JOKES IN MY LOBBY???!??? ngkdfjghdfg

there they are, finally posting the source of my shame right here on dA for everyone else to see smh
you're too kind lei i'm screaming???? it inspires me to work faster hehe... everyone's gotta know how this scandalous affair came to be ;)
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