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[bnha oc] lucky boi.

By causticsugar
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This was a commission, not my art! Links to artist's social media below!

I really adore the old school retro arcade look... A cute little date with these silly boys. Jian is a master at the art of UFO catchers but who knows if Kichi is using his quirk or not as an assist LOL. Either way, Jian doesn't like keeping the various plushies he wins so I'd imagine Kichi just has. A million of them now in his room. It be like that.

Kichi: Flashes Jian with a smile.
Jian: Unable to function.

Kichirou Fukui belongs to uunearthly
Boku no Hero Academia OC: Kichirou Fukui by uunearthly
Jianhong Yang belongs to causticsugar
[bnha oc] jianhong yang. by causticsugar

The artist can be found at the following:
catbishonen on deviantART
catbishonen on tumblr

BNHA belongs to Kouhei Horikoshi
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They did an amazing job on these two <3333333 I love the atmosphere and the scenario overall~!
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RIGHT? i love them so much AAAAAAAA thank you fri :love:
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these boys are so cute aaaaa
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slams fists on table.... it's what jian deserves... cute boys.
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I LOVE!! THIS!! I LOVE THEM!! So very much, I love our boys so much, and seeing Jian react to Kichi being his lil ray of sunshine makes me smile Every Time..... such good boys

Kichi knows better than to assist Jian, he knows he wants to win fair and square and even though he can't relate he allows it for Jian uwu
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oh no that's even cuter, he lets his boy flex his secret superpower alfnlsnfl

if he keeps smiling like that at jian he's gonna die an early death doN'T YOU KNOW. DISASTER GAYS.
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idk whos hotter Screamb (F2U) 
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since liking jian is bad taste, i'm gonna gO WITH KiCHI :iconpapcryplz:
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you gonna just contradict me in public like this? AKSLFNLSF
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