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[bnha oc] jianhong yang.

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I did NOT proofread this yet and just wanted to shit this out already so I'll probably edit this later but here it is. Edgy bad kid. His hero suit is in the works ;)

██████  P E R S O N A L

     Name: Jianhong Yang (阳 健宏, Yang Jianhong, 阳 meaning 'sun', and 健宏 meaning 'to establish something great, big, or vast.' The kanji for his name is read as 'Takehiro' in Japanese.)
     Nickname(s): Jian, "Lampshade" exclusively by Minoru.

     Age: 17 (current)
     Date of Birth: April 11

     Gender: Male

     Hero Name: Supernova

     Occupation: Student

██████  B A C K G R O U N D

warnings for brief mentions of: suicide, torture, drug use, attempted sexual assault

A long time ago, in Qing Qing, China, a baby was born with a luminescent glow. This child was said to be the first human born with a quirk. Generations later along the family tree, this child's descendants had become top class heroes for the capital of China, thanks to the quirk marriages that were arranged to produce a far stronger quirk than that of just emanating a bright halo of light. Jianhong Yang hails from this proud lineage, and shares this privilege with his five siblings (from oldest to youngest: Huang, Xiulan, Haoming, Jianhong, Jiāo, and Gang). His parents, Meiling and Zhihao, were a pro hero duo, ranked #1 and #2 respectively, and organized their own prestigious hero agency with close connections to the government in Beijing. Meiling, known by her hero name Dazzler, possessed a light based quirk, however, her powers did not stray from the visible light spectrum (between wavelengths of 380-740nm). Zhihao's quirk, hero name Solarflare, focused primarily on heat energy and combustion. United through a quirk marriage after graduating from two competing top schools, the pair still managed a respectable union.

Their offspring each inherited a variety of genetic quirk combinations. The two who shone brightest were Huang and Jianhong, who could both access all possible wavelengths upon the light spectrum, beyond what is visible (ex. infrared, UV, gamma), and could also create bursts of pure combustible energy. As Huang was the eldest of all their children and most behaved, Meiling placed her faith in him for becoming the next hero in their stead, and thus focused her attention on him. Huang excelled in combat, and by the time he had graduated hero academia, was already a well-loved public figure under the hero name Supernova. Due to his urge to fulfill his parents' expectations, he began to spare less and less time with his younger siblings, which especially hit Jianhong hard, for he had looked up to him, and Huang had become a confidant.

Despite her obvious favoritism, Meiling still hired individual private tutors to train her children in combat and hero based knowledge from as young as 10. It was at this age when Jianhong met his own tutor, Song Yating, a sketchy man with a quirk that accelerated cell replication. There was always something off about him, but Jianhong couldn't quite understand what, until they were about fifteen sessions in. Yating had insisted that an important part of becoming a hero was coping with pain, and to demonstrate, he had blindfolded the younger boy and dug shallow cuts into his skin. It hurt, a lot, but Jianhong didn't want to complain, to be the odd one out. All his other siblings had endured the same training, right? So he bit his lip and did as Yating said. Session after session, the pain inflicted would be adjusted, gradually increasing over time. And after each session, the man would use his quirk to heal the damage done, and praise the young hero in training for keeping quiet, or refraining from squirming. This gave him a false sense of pride, and so for the following two years, his family was none the wiser, for he had just assumed this was the norm.

Meanwhile, in school, Jianhong was having a lot of trouble with aggression when dealing with other kids. He shoved others out of his way, and would get inexplicably mad at any criticism, no matter how minor or well meaning. His teachers would dial phone call after phone call, wishing to discuss his behavior with his parents, but they were met with "straight to voicemail" messages. There was no attempt to communicate with the school on his parents' part, until his seventh grade teacher recommended paying a visit to a counselor. Outraged at this nobody pointing fingers at her son as though he were abnormal, and anything but picture perfect, Meiling abruptly switched Jianhong's enrollment to a new school, where he finished his junior high education surrounded by total strangers. His standoffish attitude and anger did not improve, and only worsened. There would be many physical altercations, but no incident reports were ever made, as no one wanted to cause a row with China's greatest heroes. His grades, however, remained exceptionally high and consistent.

As this was happening, "Supernova" was appearing more frequently in magazines and talk shows. There were rumors being circulated that their hero was having a scandalous affair with a villain, and it was beginning to take a toll on Huang. He took some time off from the agency, and started staying at home once again, much to his little brother's excitement. What he didn't expect was Huang isolating himself, often locking his door and barely leaving his room. Their parents' favoritism was beginning to crumble, clearly evident by the back-and-forth yelling around the estate, and Jianhong had never heard his parents raise their voice at his eldest brother before. Sneaking into Huang's room one night after a particularly charged argument between him and their parents, he rests his head against the man's shoulder, and finally asks him outright if those rumors were true. When Huang indeed confirms it as true to Jianhong, he finds himself... at peace with it. He holds his brother tightly and promises him that he's still a hero to him, and tries to pretend he wasn't uncomfortable with how soaked his shoulder was with his brother's tears. He reluctantly leaves his brother's room to go to bed, citing the need to wake up early for training the following morning. Huang pats Jianhong's head, telling him to grow up into a strong hero for the both of them.

Shortly afterwards, Huang was found dead, with several empty pill bottles at hand. The investigation was short, and it was reported as a suicide. It was hard for Jianhong to not blame himself, and this left him wishing he had stayed the night. Wondered what he could have said or done differently to prevent it. His mother called it a "waste" - a waste of potential, a waste of resources. His father, however, became distraught and resigned from active hero duty. Zhihao began to fuss more over Jianhong, who he now saw as "being at risk," always asking him about his day, whether he was getting enough sleep, and consistently checking in on him in the evening to make sure he was safe in bed. It was a double-edged blade, as while it was annoying to suddenly become of great importance and interest to his parents, a more selfish part of him basked in the attention he was now receiving. They wanted him to take on Huang's mantle, to become their new beacon of light. Even his elder brother had asked him to become a strong hero in his stead before passing. Jianhong resolves to take on the Supernova name and absolve it of the negative name it had become associated with, and began looking into hero courses for his upcoming highschool options.

Now that he was old enough to be enrolled into hero academia, Yating was to be dismissed as his instructor. They had only one more training session scheduled late August, prior to fall, before he'd move out and start school in a private and well decorated academy. For this session, Yating surprised Jianhong by insisting that they should spend the day away from the dojo, to unwind and relax elsewhere. Skeptical, he agrees regardless, and follows the man home, listening to him drone on and on about his wife, and how Jianhong would positively adore her. He rolls his eyes, trying very hard and not succeeding to prove how disinterested he was in his instructor's private life. No, he didn't care for his "cute wife" or his favorite home cooked meals. Rather, he was curious about the man who had spent the past two years consecutively torturing him without rest, and often times, seemingly taking pleasure in doing so. The only reason he was entertaining this was to finally ask him the question that had been on his mind since he had met his instructor. Was this really what hero training was about?

The chance presented itself when they had arrived to his countryside home, with not a soul inside. What happened to this wife that he was up-selling? He voices his concerns to Yating, citing how his research into which schools he should attend never mentioned pain tolerance as a necessity or a course that had to be taken. "I think you just wanted to hurt me." 

And to Jianhong's total lack of surprise, Yating exposes that he brought the boy here to kill him.  That he had so much fun toying with him, but it was now time to finish the deed. As it turns out, the man's wife was a villain who was arrested by Dazzler and Solarflare a decade prior, and this was some long drawn out vengeful plot. To take away one of their own right back, their precious and perfect child. Upon finding this out, Jianhong, in spite of himself, burst into laughter. Long, drawn-out laughter. Precious? Perfect?! How stupid could one person be? Jianhong knew where he stood in regards to his parents. Knew that he was the stain on their perfect reputation. He got into too many fights, had too many "concerned" voice mails sent home. Media outlets would conveniently forget to bring him up when mentioning the successful heroes' genius progeny. His laughter cut off abruptly, now fueled by rage, as he proceeded to melt his "tutor" into a pile of nothing at his feet. So much for "coping with pain," as the man's screams still echoed loud and clear in his head. It's what he deserved, Jianhong thinks, he was a bad man. He leaves the man's home as if nothing happened.

He reports his last session as having "gone well," to his parents.

Jianhong got accepted into Beijing No. 3 High School (北京三中, abbrev. BHST), a prestigious secondary school that was re-purposed upon the manifestation of quirks to become a hero-based academic environment. In no small part due to his father's newfound joy in coddling Jianhong, the boy opted to live in the student dormitories, citing the cutting of expenses and travel time it'd take to commute when discussing it with his parents. "Saving the environment, or whatever the fuck." Here, he meets his dorm-mate and first friend Tao Bai, and everything goes downhill. See, Tao Bai was also the son of a pro hero duo, heroes #4 (Botaniac) and #20 (Smokescream), but he was raised quite differently from Jianhong. He was very relaxed about the burden of becoming the city's main defense against evil and spent most evenings in the dorm smoking and getting high. He then proceeded to encourage his very high-strung violent roommate to join him, to which he earned a scoff. But Jianhong tucked that offer away in the corner of his mind. The boy's first year went by without major problems. No calls home, no fights on school grounds. For starters, he wasn't forced to switch schools mid-year, meaning he managed to actually make friends. These friends were introduced to him by Tao, which he had no issue with, in spite of the group's rowdy nature. He felt he fit right in with these misfits, especially with the ringleader Jordan Bryson, an exchange student from the States.

Jordan also struggled with behavioral problems, amplified by his Mood Ring quirk, which gave him the ability to strongly feel and manipulate emotional energies of people around him. This worked for a while, as he'd typically use his quirk to calm Jianhong down, which made their relationship smooth sailing. The group of boys had fun sneaking out of the dorms past curfew and living it up. Late night street racing, drinking, raving, you name it, this group would have checked it off their list.  While Jianhong would have opted out of some of these activities prior, with some coaxing and use of his quirk, Jordan eventually convinced him to give new things a try in Jianhong's second year. "Things" wound up being cocaine, and "trying new things" became an addiction to the substance. Jordan and Jianhong became closer, and Tao was pushed out, much to his dismay, as he had urged Jianhong to stay away from the hard drugs. The latter was having the time of his life, partying with his peers with no foreseeable consequences. The teachers were none-the-wiser, and as long as no one knew, no foul was done. His grades were still sky high, and with Jordan's help, he was more amiable than before. 

Of course, this didn't last for long. It was only a matter of time this hero in training would have to be faced with consequences. 

A few months into the school year, Jordan had developed a crush on one of their peers, with little success. This had become a source of teasing amidst their friend group, "She'd never look at someone like you," Jianhong himself would snort, elbowing his best friend. He didn't think of it beyond that. She had rejected him, and that was the end of that... Until he caught Jordan attempting to use his quirk to persuade her into bed with him. Outraged at this perverse use of his quirk, Jianhong body-slams his friend to the ground and threatens to get the teachers involved. To that, Jordan threatens to expose images of Jianhong's love of 'little white lines,' and feeling even more angry at being blackmailed by someone who was supposed to be his friend, a fistfight breaks out. The other student shrieks and alerts the nearby faculty of the fight, but by the time they collaborate an effort to pin down Jianhong, the other boy isn't moving anymore. Meiling and Zhihao are called in, as the other teachers, fellow pro-heroes, are at a loss of what to do. After hours of negotiation, Jianhong is expelled from BHST with a record tacked on, and just like that, his parents' affection went back from 100 to 0. Another shame to their family name.

The only school that was willing to take in the explosive hopeful hero was the Houtan Reform School for Troubled Youths, so Jianhong packs his bags and leaves for the airport without a word to his parents.

██████  A P P E A R A N C E

     Hair Color: Platinum blond
     Eye Color: Slate grey, glows bright yellow when using his quirk.

     Height: 5'9 (175cm)
     Weight: 140 lbs (63.5kg)

     Build: Lean, fit.

     Description: Shaggy long locks of platinum, tied back loosely, hanging down to his waist. Sharp and pointy features, almond shaped eyes that are always narrowed in annoyance. Permanently scowling. Walks with a slight hunch. Wears absurdly expensive urban threads. Loves showing off his luxurious lifestyle with rings. His skin is tanned, and he's fit after undergoing intensive stamina and endurance training for his quirk. Struggles to grow any facial hair. 

██████  P E R S O N A L I T Y

Positive: Intelligent and studious, works hard. Competitive, but in a productive way that encourages himself, and others, to strive for improving. If he likes someone, he's ride or die, and will do anything for them. Respectful towards powerful authority figures, defers to heroes or other law enforcement. Strong sense of justice concerning villainy.

Negative: Aggressive, interprets the worst possible meaning from what others say. Always looking for a fight or an excuse to show off his power. Likely lashes out for attention-seeking purposes. Vain, likes to show off. Aloof, very snappy, is not patient with others. Sensitive to all types of criticism, constructive or not. Purposely tries to make people feel unintelligent in his presence, while being smug and snarky about it.

     Likes: Expensive colognes, lava lamps, gentle + comforting touches, raves, finding obscure hole-in-the-wall type places, shitty romcoms.
     Dislikes: "Happy pills" and therapy, spicy foods, expectations, spineless cowards, card games (he's hopeless at them and ends up throwing the cards up in the air when he's losing).

     Swipe right: Someone strong, adventurous and thrill-seeking, makes him priority number one. Someone to spoil.
     Swipe left: Shy, weak people who go with the flow. Those who stand for nothing. People who've lived without any hardship.

     Hobbies: Enjoys arcade and carnival gaming, but especially loves the claw catcher games. Calls himself an "expert," and can empty out most crane machines. He's also a fan of sailing, and wishes he were back home where his family yacht is.

██████  Q U I R K //  A B I L I T I E S

     Quirk: Shine Bright
     Type: Emitter

          Description: Allows the user to generate, emit, and manipulate any wavelength of photon-based electromagnetic energy (gamma, x-ray, UV, visible, infrared, radar, FM, TV, shortwave, AM).
          Advantages: Can use infrared light to track heat sources, perfect for tracking down villains. Can interfere with and disrupt radio and TV signals, possibly to affect communication between villainous organizations. Can use x-ray vision. Can melt many substances. Can move at speeds approaching the speed of light, but only for short spurts or distances to avoid getting lost. Speed = momentum, so fast travelling hits will have greater impact. Can use lasers, firing direct beams of light energy from his fingertips, which explode upon impact. Can create flash bangs that can stun and momentarily, or permanently, blind opponents.
          Disadvantages: Anything which affects the waves of light. Gravitational based quirks can bend light and change trajectory. The type and density of mediums in which the light travels through can affect this as well. Water, for example, slows down the wave, causing it to bend. Materials like lead would absorb most radiation type wavelengths (ex. gamma, x-ray) and prevent the rays from penetrating it. The quirk requires direct energy input from the user, so Jian's metabolism is sped up. If there's not enough energy to consume, his quirk begins sapping at muscle mass.


          Power: 4/5
          Speed: 6/5
          Technique: 5/5
          Intelligence: 4.5/5
          Cooperativeness: 1/5

          Equipment: Father's credit card, a motorcycle his ex fixed up for him.

██████  R E L A T I O N S H I P S

     Family: Yang Meiling 阳美齡 (mother), Yang Zhihao 阳智豪 (father), Yang Huang 阳煌 (eldest brother, deceased), Yang Xiulan 阳秀兰 (eldest sister, married, moved out), Yang Haoming 阳浩明 (second eldest sister), Yang Jiāo 阳娇 (younger sister), Yang Gang 阳刚 (younger brother)

     Friends: Akihara Seishuu, Shindou Minoru (also his ex), Hiroyuki Masato (by proxy)

     Love interest: it's a mystery 👻

██████  E X T R A //  I N F O

     Playlist: [link]

     Japanese: tba
     English: Ty Mahany (as Hayabusa Shou from Sakamoto desu ga?)

  • Due to his quirk's energy-based nature, Jian's fast burning metabolism requires him to consume an average of 8000 calories a day.
  • He gets bored with outfits often, and usually just lets his classmates swipe his old threads off him.
  • Despite his tendency to assume the worst out of others, he cannot pick up on sarcasm.
  • If he gets flustered and blushes, his cheeks will emit a faint red glow. The lower the surrounding lighting, the more visible it is.
  • Any time he passes by a busker, he tosses some "pocket change" their way. However, Jian's idea of pocket change can range anywhere from ¥5,000 to ¥10,000.
  • Sensitive topics to bring up around him include his eldest brother, Huang, as well as expressing sympathy or empathy for villains. Other buttons that shouldn't be pressed are: his family's monetary legacy or government connections, gossip & rumors, implying he hasn't earned anything through his own merit, any derogatory insults towards others relating to drug-use (ex. crackhead) or perceived sexual proclivity (ex. whore), and belittling his desire to become a hero. These tend to incite the most reactionary and violent outbursts. This however is not an exhaustive list and provoking him, intentionally or not, can also cause a scene.
More art of Jian:
[bnha oc] trouble comes in pairs. by causticsugar [bnha oc] lucky boi. by causticsugar

Art was a commission done for me by lobsterkaijin 
The template for this sheet was by uunearthly 

BNHA belongs to Kouhei Horikoshi
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