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[bleach oc] hideyori matsunaga.

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I'd personally like to thank uunearthly for bringing me back into Bleach hell, and then lobsterkaijin for helping me design and then drawing my boy Hideyori. If it wasn't for your guys' patience with my long night rambling sessions during the character creation process, I never would have committed this far LOL.

I'm really really excited to share him with you all, since he's been my biggest passion project since Dareios from the ol' Magi days. Hideyori's character arc is meant to take him down a really dark path, I hope you'll enjoy this lil snippet of his bio!

Hideyori is my own creation though arguably belongs to Sosuke Aizen
Bleach belongs to Tite Kubo
And once again, the artist of this piece is lobsterkaijin :heart:
She's got commissions open too!
Hey guys, I finally decided to get my butt in gear and make a commissions journal!
No it's got nothing to do with the fact that I'm trying to save up for a Nintendo switch lite
Please read all the terms of service before you consider commissioning me!
NOTE: Please be aware I am a full time student in medical school! I take a long time to
start and finish commissions, so please don't rush me. It's okay to check on the status
of your commission if it's been ONE MONTH since the last time we communicated!
2. Only the commissioner may use their commission. Unless it's an NSFW work, I will always post the completed commission to my gallery. If you repost the commission anywhere, please give CREDIT. Do not remove my signature or I will eat you.
3. I will always send a sketch WIP. You can

For the full profile, click here

Name: Hideyori Matsunaga Yamamoto (松永秀頼, Matsunaga Hideyori)
Age: 427 (pre-timeskip), 429 (post-timeskip)
Origin: TBA
Division: First
Position: 4th seat (pre-timeskip), 3rd seat (post-timeskip)

Personality: A god of both creation and death, he is truly incarnate of the fair deity, Izanami. With one hand, he is capable of nurturing life, and with the other, he seeks to destroy it. One can never tell which hand is the one he will feed others with, as they are blinded by his immaculate perfection, so the masses will lap up his sweet words all the same. His voice drips with both honey and poison, his gaze one of respect but also pity. A deity is always watching, always passing judgement, always biding his time. If you swear an oath of fealty, perhaps he will spare you when the day of reckoning comes. And his kingdom will come, his will be done.

How did he wind up such a vengeful soul? Was it borne out of being the victim of betrayal from his supposed worshipers time and time again? Was it a result of false prayers from those of little faith, who cared for him only when he was convenient? If that were the case, truly his tale would be one of tragedy, but a more terrifying truth would be that he came into existence already carrying this original sin, that he was merely fated to behave in this way. To be a being burdened by many talents but isolated from all others. To be loyal to the point of reckless abandon, but having no one to reciprocate. To depend on others and cling to them but get cast out like a demon. To be filled with violent ambitions and sinister urges. To be a monster.

Unfortunately, people fear two-headed monstrous gods, and this fear would isolate him, resulting in a continuing cycle of betrayal and retribution. So he fakes it until he makes it. People want to follow a charismatic leader, a talented swordsman, an intelligent strategist, so he gives them what they want. In return, they sing praises unto his name. He also brings honor to names that aren't his own, including the one he takes on from his fake father. He devotes his life to earning respect he shouldn't need, seeking validation from his peers. As though he were reading off cue cards, he'll laugh in time with them, fill his belly with drink, tease them like longtime friends. Over time, the consistent façade has even fooled himself, and it no longer feels like a masquerade. Tell a lie enough times and it becomes the truth.

Fitting in with the herd is safe and comforting, and he finds he can almost drown out the silence of loneliness if he is surrounded by their white noise. All these empty connections almost satiate the void in his chest. In a bid to remedy this persisting hollow feeling, he resorts to the flip-side of his destructive, invasive roots: creation. He'll tend to gardens and fill it with life forms that bend to his whim. He'll snip the rotten buds, groom his plants to seek him as though he were the sun itself. The flowers comply and open up just for him, and he'll pick their petals, the fruits of his loving labor. Grind them into paste, add them to oils, burn them, just to rid himself of his rotten core and ease his busy mind.

But no matter how much sage he burns, he will never be purified. He will still harbor ill will towards those he perceives as traitors. He will still continue to be wrought with paranoia, lacking trust in both himself and others. He will still regard those who easily imitate perfection with intoxicating jealousy. He will still actively sabotage others who threaten his few loyal cohorts.

His few loyal cohorts. Yes, he possesses those. Flowers primed for perfection, clipped in the right places. In spite of his hidden imperfections, or perhaps because of them, there remains those who bloom for him. They have grown their roots into him because they choose to stay, and in turn, he chooses to nurture their growth. To those gathered in his garden, he will show a genuine kind of care that is irreplaceable. A patience for their flaws, an understanding of what plagues them. He'll even cure them of their woes, support them through the worst of times. He is even willing to sacrifice himself for them so that they may continue to live; so that they may continue passing on the will of the strong. And this great love is not a mask he puts on or takes off. Any one has the capability to be enveloped by Hideyori's gift of great, but not unconditional, love.

There's only one commandment to obey, one principle to live by. It's a simple rule: just don't cross him.

        Positive: charismatic / well-mannered / patient / intelligent / amiable / protective / slow to anger / ambitious / loyal
        Negative: paranoid / delusional / manipulative / self-centered / vindictive / deceptive / cunning / petty / sensitive

Likes: gardening, meditation, loose-leaf teas, naturopathy
Dislikes: silence;isolation, betrayal; of self + others, perfection; of others

  • Struggles with casual speech; speaks very polite and proper. It takes a lot out of him to use nicknames and more casual, intimate honorifics.
  • An avid fan of natural, holistic, herbal remedies. Essential oils, colloidal silver, aromatherapy, acupuncture, etc. This is the reason why he always smells of some form of plant, including but not limited to patchouli, rosemary, tea tree, sage, or lavender. His scent on a particular day can be a clear indication of what ailment he's trying to fix for the observant (for example, lavender for troubled sleep or rosemary for purification/cleansing).
  • The sash around his waist was gifted to him by Sosuke Aizen shortly after their graduation from the Shino Academy. During the colder seasons, he'll wear it around his neck instead. He also uses it to wrap wounds sustained during battle, or to wipe away sweat. It has some minor Reiatsu-cancelling properties.
  • He has a tattoo on his back, running along his spine. It is constructed of one of the kanji of his family name, Matsunaga, 永 (eternity, long, lengthy), and emerging from it, like the flame of a candle, a deep purple amaranth caudatus (or, love-lies-bleeding) flower. Many assume it purely pays homage to his name and his division, as the deep purple color seems to allude to. In reality, the tattoo symbolizes the mythical, eternal flower amaranthine, a flower representing his undying, immortal love for Sosuke Aizen, and the eternity he has promised to him.
  • Secretly a huge fan of Shunsui Kyoraku's romance publication, "Rose-colored Path." He'd rather commit honorable suicide than let anyone find out, least of all Shunsui, so he keeps his copies hidden.
  • He has a piece of the Soul King within him: the amygdala. This is an almond-shaped set of neurons located deep within the medial temporal lobe of the brain, playing a key role in processing emotions (i.e. fear, pleasure), memory, and survival instincts.

Voice Actor:
Japanese: Kei Minegishi
English: TBA
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oh my god
i love him-
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aaa thank you so much??? this is so sweet, i'm so glad you do qvq
this means a lot coming from someone with such great characters, i'm so flattered ngkfdhg
i hope you have a good day!!
kaomoji set 1 9/19 
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BUT THIS IS ME COMPLIMENTING YOU, YOU CAN'T REVERSE IT :'o SO I'LL REREVERSE IT AGAIn! (is re-reverse even a word??? Probably not-) 
YOUR CHARACTER LOOKS GREAT AND I REALLY ENJOYED READING IT (especially the part about having a piece of the Soul King in him like yesssss I love that so hECKING MUCH)

and his love for aizen? oh boi
so nice
I love his tattoo too and the reference to Izanami I mean I adore that type of stuff regARDLESS
you did GREAT
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AHHHH I lovveeeee this!
He has such a great design :heart:
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ngfkdjgh oh my god you're so sweet stop??? i had to watch you cause rin is just so adorable but i didn't expect you to hiT ME WITH THIS AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
thank you so much ;w;
kaomoji set 1 9/19 
please feel free to talk to me about your oc at any time i really adore her concept and i wanna learn more
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I really look forward to seeing more of Hideyori, I'm soooo into Bleach OCs right now and yours is just When the Deviation/Art/Upload is Just Right (icon) 
I think it's neat that you included a Hueco Mundo version as well :heart:

Was not expecting you to fire back at me!! I'm so happy you like Rin T o T 
You just made my night :heart: 

I am absolutely ALWAYS open for discussion about these kinds of things hehehe
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you're embarrassing me omg...... (ノ▽〃)
HEHEHE hueco mundo designs are very very sessy i had to do it to em

W-WELL. 👉👈
if you'd like, you may add me on discord (aizen#0001) so i may scream about bleach ocs with you and also get hyped about upcoming bleach projects
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I like his design and your style makes him very cute and handsome at the same time! :o I like the cocker eyes! lol

I've discovered your character with the help of

P.S : The Bleaching will never cease... xD

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oh wow, thank you so much!! i'm glad you're a fan of his design hehe
that silly little lobster smh, always bringing more attention to hideyori...
indeed! gotta keep the small but vibrant bleach community alive and together!
kaomoji set 54/67 
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Oh lord!!!
Hideyori is perfect in all manners of speaking

I wish i could be one of his flowers

Like i wanna hug him and tell him hes truly worth it
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aaaaa he deserves to hear all of this, he'd really appreciate it ;w;
thank you so much!!! i really do love him and the importance of flower symbolism for him waaaa
make a bleach oc to give him hugs
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Imm glad!!!

You are so welcome

Its amazing to learn sbout such an amazing oc!

i mean i have a shinigami lass and a sweet arrancar if Hideyori truly wants hugs!!
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Oooohhh i love him ouo ( and the design :D )
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AH YOU'RE SO KIND, thank you so much gnkdhg i'm so glad you do, that means a lot coming from you ;w; :heart:
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 you are more than welcome!! ;U;  ( and pppft, whats so special about me? im just some bleach nerd- *slapped* XD)
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there's so few of us bleach nerds out here, so it's always nice to be able to talk to one, let alone have one with such nice designs compliment my oc ;//w//;
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haha, the bleach fandom has to stick together XD

( aw thank you! ;u;  i realy like your characters design too! ;U; )
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"He'd rather commit honorable suicide than let anyone find out" I LOVE HIM HE'S SUCH A LOSER HFJDSKFNSD
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ngkdfhgf WELL everyone in the seireitei finds shunsui's writings to be cliche and raunchy and the ratings for it are super bad so it's a stupid guilty pleasure of hide's. if someone finds out he enjoys that, they'll think he's a pervert (flushed emoji) and we wouldn't want that now would we :smirk: 
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Woah, awesome :0
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AH, thank you so much! 'v'b
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aaa thank you so much, i'm glad you do ;w;
he doesn't deserve it tho
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He deserves all the luv, whaddya mean-
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