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got global warming?



Check it out! Retro Git! This was my very first photomanipulation project EVER! And totally self-conceived, with no help.

The assignment was for Oceanography and Meterology, and we were study- yeah, like I have to tell you. We had to make an ad or a poster or something. I think I used Paintbrush to edit around the landmarks, and then laid them over the glacier in Print Shop or something. So very retro. XDv

Even at the time I could see all these little pixelly things that weren't erased entirely (which I've taken the liberty of editing out in Photoshop) but my teacher was so amazed that she didn't believe I'd done it myself! She wanted me to show her the individual images!

Aren't you all lucky that I found it in my closet? The mother would've thrown it away!
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I would  like to know if you received my two last requests regarding to the use 
of the image available on your website:…

As informed earlier, I work at the iconography department of Yan Imagens, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and we're producing for Moderna Publisher a didactic material/bookcalled "Global Warming" in which the editors would like to use the image above.


Unfortunatelly, our deadline to insert this image is near the end.


Please let us know in case you cannot help us.


Thanks in advance.


Larissa Facco