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Gotta Pixel 'Em All: PPs



Pixel Ponies, though listed in a very Pokémon-like fashion, hence the deviation title.

I've gotten a little burnt out on these gems again, so I've closed the commissions for them temporarily while I open commissions for character art. It's given me a chance to catch up on uploading all of these guys, since I didn't want to spam my list like I used to (I know it's impressive having 188 deviations but it seems less so when I know about 50 of those are singular pixel ponies :P) I did have one set I couldn't fit on the sheet that I'll be uploading separately, though. :I

I figured I wasn't going for any color count since all of these ponies are colored according to their hexes on Pony Island (, so I put a bit of colored noise over them. No stealie. ;P Each of them was certainly an exercise in composition since they all were 50x50 pixels (save for the few 'sets' near the end, there). I have favorites, but I'm not going to point them out! Overall, though, each pixel pony I do is special to me and I can remember doing pretty much each and every one of them. :XD:

Now to pull out the long list of people who these characters are copyrighted to (yes, pretty much every one of them is a 'character' to the people commissioning me, and many of them are characters in the Azuyan roleplay.)

Owners' Names are Pony Island usernames. All art is © K. Hanning and FoRLoRN MiSTS. *takes a deep breath*


2112 (on PI, animated with changing Rorschach splotches) - Weretigress
Accalia - Tossico
Adaiel (with accessories) - Fayth
Amalasuintha (with bracelets and necklace) - Gallafreigh
Aquafur (with red blanket, red heart charm leg bracelet, and kitty) - horsewhisperer360
Aquatus (with gold collar with royal blue beads on it) - Gallafreigh
Bartimaeus (with accessories) - Katana
Black Dwarf (with accessories) - Namane
Black Mambo (with tattoos) - Magic~Paintbrush
Brothan (with accessories) - Shatyr
Ceremony (with golden horseshoes and music notes all around) - Funkyllama36
Chasrion (with accessories) - Black Butterfly
Cherry Blossom (with blue flowers in her hair) - wystearya
Chessy - Chessy
Clever Style - Miko-Hime
Dark Enchantment (with feather and circlet) - Shatyr
Dreamer - MissFoxy
Duckie (with red pajamas w/ducks on them and feather) - animorph
Final Destination (with all accessories) - Dargor
Fizz (with accessories) - Caterina
Flare (with pink little locket of love) - Felifur
Flipper Flapper (with water splashing around him) - Rusty
Gaia (with accessories, on a stony ground) - Dargor
Jake - my horse jake248
Kaulitz (with white feather in hair) Argent - Argent
Khyrriel - Ktrenal
Koi (facing right, with koi fish) - Funkyllama36
Lacie (with tattoo) - Argent
Meme (with mint locket and green bow) - Me (that's her username)
Menthe (with scarf) - Diction
Midnight Garden - Sakina
Miho (with accessories) - Katherine
Moss (with tattoo and accessories) - Trekster (Rusty)
Nymo (with accessories) - Solar-eclipse
Patrick of Norwood (with accessories) - Indie
River - Glorfindel
Ruby Stone - Daimon
Ryn - Black Butterfly
Ryuujin (with golden cap on her right horn thing) - MisoMiso
Sarah (the Accountant) (with pile of money, money bag, and glasses) - Maura
Shadow (kirin)- Lunarstar
Shadow (with bracelets) (dragon)- Sakina
Silver Glow (with star pendant and tattoo) - SilverglowLuvr
Sparkling Ambivalence - gothelin
Star Dancer (with accessories and tattoo) - AranelSaraphim
Star of Glory - Greywolf
Trick or Treat (with tattoo, jack-o-lantern, pieces of scattered candy, a yellow and black bow, and a moon in the corner) - wystearya
Twinkle - Neocridders
Morrigan (with accessories) - Furfur
Dagnir (looking foal-ish and cute) - Angelique
Ghost Cruiser (with accessories) - Gallafreigh
Ash (with hat, Pokeball, and sort-of-Pikachu-like-thing)(Pokémon © Nintendo!) - Mew
Colossus (with tree-and-plant-like hair) - Charon's Styx
Dusky (with accessories) - Ebony Adara
No Excuse Not To Dream (Excuse) (with accessories) - Shatyr
Torn Wings - Flaming Cheetah
Jedovy (with accessories) - Gallafreigh
Joe King (with accessories) - Lulo
Juliet - Wing Rider
Magic Star (with silver gauntlets and pastel sparkles on the ground around her) - Winged dreams
Rooji (with accessories and two eggs - light gray and cyan - at her feet) - Gallafriegh
Resistance is Futile (Borg-pony!) - Rusty
Promise (with tattoo and accessories) - CutieePiee
Nina (with accessories) - Tossico
Nightfall (with red clown nose) - Angelique
Mercury (with silver gauntlets) - moonbeam-goddess
Loyalty (with tattoos and accessories) - Magic92
Kyalee (with tattoo) - necrosis
Horcrux (with prissy attitude, golden gauntlets, and water droplets in hair) - Horcrux°
Frolick (in a grassy field with a butterfly) - Piinke
Flood (with leg blades) - horsewhisperer360
Soshi - Nova Night
Apocalypse (with accessories) - Piinke
Briuni (as a foal) - Shatyr
Calypso (with hair like water) - Charon's Styx
Toxic Rush - Piinke
The Dictionaries (with blue and white scarves) - Rusty
Lemon Drop and About You Now (with water droplets in their hair) - Winged dreams
Me - Taika and Maurus (with bows and little lockets)
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I'm really impress with the amount of detail that goes into these tiny sprites, I've been trying to make own versions of the ponies from Pony island and I haven't worked out all the bugs out and they are larger than these things. to give you some idea, if you seen games like the Sonic Advance series I made my ponies to scale of that version of Sonic the hedgehog.  It's not easy trying to convey the idea of 4 wings on a Mountain Pony.