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My Bio
I started doodling at a very young age and never really stopped. I see myself as more of a writer who doodles than an artist who pens things. Most of my art is for others because I've always enjoyed hearing others' ideas and bringing them to life; my attempts at artwork for myself usually consist of just trying to get an image in my head down on paper.

Favourite Movies
The Last Unicorn, Jurassic Park, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Avatar, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Favourite TV Shows
Arrested Development, My Little Pony, House, Parks and Recreation, Modern Family, Adventure Time
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
America, The Police, Phil Collins/Genesis, Wilson Phillips, Nickelback, Backstreet Boys, Oasis, Green Day, random New Age artists, random JPOP artists
Favourite Books
The Last Unicorn, The Unicorn Series, The Unicorn Chronicles, Myth Adventures Series, Xanth Novels, Dragonlance
Favourite Games
Ursuppe!, Carcassonne, Viva Pinata, Katamari Damacy, Earth Defense Force, Halo 3, Bioshock, Brutal Legend
Tools of the Trade
Intuos3 tablet, pixels, Photoshop, colored pencils, clay, anything I can get my hands on
Other Interests
Roleplaying, My Little Ponies and unicorns (if I haven't mentioned that enough), writing, board games, eating, fun things
... but time doesn't wait for me, it keeps on rollin'. :P So it has been over three years since I last posted to or used my DeviantArt account in any real fashion. I think that's a damn shame, and I'd like to rectify it while I have the time. I'm not afraid to say I think I made so many friends here that I got intimidated by the amount of messages popping up in my inbox each day, and that scared me away. I'm a bit of an introvert and I tend to get overwhelmed pretty easily, especially when it comes to social things. So I had to clear my inbox. I just can't respond to every "favorite" and every "comment" anymore, although I - like most arti
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So, I'm back again. That pile in my inbox is just intimidating me every time I come back to DeviantArt. I'm afraid I've grown to the point where I can't thank every person who favorites  anymore and I'm only going to be able to thank people who comment. I guess it's not a huge loss? I did pass 10K pageviews while I was gone. Whoops? I had been planning to do some sort of kiriban piece, but I've just been too busy lately. Thanks to everyone who's stopped by and enjoyed my artwork and gotten me to where I am :) Hopefully I'll be uploading some stuff to my gallery over the next few days, if I can actually get myself together enough to do it. A
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I finally caught up on my inbox here. I went through all 360-something deviations and 200-something messages and notes. It feels really, really good to be caught up on that... but intimidating to think I eventually need to start uploading art I've done in the last few months. Life's still going, at least. The economy's downturn hasn't seemed to hurt us too badly yet; what I'm afraid of right now is two months in the future. My boyfriend works for Randstad (temp company) under Citi, and his one-year 'contract' with them expires in about the middle of May. They have the ability to extend his contract, if they so choose... the question is, in t
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14 years on deviantart.. so cool :0
Remind me to snag a commission from you someday. <3
Yo, Pris, where'd ya run off to? Was just looking through some old art and realized I haven't heard from you in ages. Miss you <3
*waves* This is horsewhisperer360 from PonyIsland. :D
sorry for the strange questions, but have You got any g3 ponies for sale?
Hey, Pristine! It's Mesukaru from PI here. Fancy seeing you on deviantart. :b It's a delight going through your gallery and I hope you upload loads more (maybe we can do an art trade one day?). I only wish I came across your gallery sooner!