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For all of you who missed the deadline and would still like to show your designs you can submit them to this folder in the gallery:…

Challenge One
Season One, Episode Five

During the show, the designers were assigned models and asked to create a Wedding dress of the model's choice. They were given a budget of 300$. Now, I know figuring out fabric in a drawing and in real life is hard but you wouldn't, feasibly, be able to make Princess Kate's gown for 300$ - just as an example. So keeping in mind that budget is just the first part of this challenge.
Who is your model?
You will have two choices here - Yourself or someone close to you.
You will need to ask them (or yourself) what would be your dream look for the bride? Are they traditional? Unconventional? Classic? Would the bride prefer to wear a tux? Or is a beach themed idea? This is all up to whomsoever you choose as your model.
Place the answers and who your inspiration is in the description, as well as, the challenge name and number. This information will count towards your score on whether the submission is 'complete'.

Here's an example of a design inspired by this Episode (first one on the left, of course):
Project Runway Season 1 Mini by HJLyn

Challenge Two
Season Two, Episode 2

It's just as it says. Stop what you are doing and look down. That plus 2 yards of plain muslin is all the material you get for this round. Yup, what ever you are wearing right now is what you have to use to turn into a new look.
But wait...
How do we know what you're wearing?
Well, you can either look up images of similar items (as was done in the example) or you can actually photograph your clothes! This is where you have to be truthful. Really use only what you have on now and imagine I just handed you the extra 2 yards. It's not a lot but i did it. You can too!

Here's an example of a design inspired by this Episode (yea, I've done most of these...) It's the one in the middle, and yup, that was what I was wearing under it - okay, not the shoes. i don't own those:
Project Runway Season 2 Mini by ArtSquirrel

Challenge Three
Season 3, Episode 2

For this challenge they were asked to create a formal evening gown for guest judge and 2006 Miss USA Tara Conner in just two days and with only $300.00! this was to be worn, on stage, during the Miss Universe pageant. Unfortunately, I can't make something that awesome happen, so...
For our third challenge, you will still have that $300.00 limit (research your materials people!), as well as, the condition that it must be a pageant ready evening gown.
You will get to choose your Queen.
Pick one lady of inspiration from the 2013 Miss Universe contestants to design a gown for. You MUST link back to your choice in your description and tell us why you picked her. Don't forget to list the materials you would choose.
Your Inspirations -…

Challenge Four
Season Four, Episode Six

Be Warned!
Our first UNCONVENTIONAL challenge is HERE!

Eye Candy
For this episode the designers on the show were given 5 minutes to grab all the materials they could carry from the Hershey's store, they got no extra fabric (besides muslin) and 1 day to finish. You're all in luck. You still get almost 2 weeks and all that wonderful time to decide what materials you would use because this is an unconventional materials challenge.
So think long and hard.
Chose your wrapers, pillows, candies wisely!
Invoke your inner Willy Wonka!
Here are your links to the Hershey site and store site:

While the example below was NOT a Hershey challenge it is a candy store unconventional!
CC: Project Runway Season 10 Ep. 2 by ArtSquirrel

Challenge Five
Season Five, Episode Six

Nope this is NOT another Miss. Universe challenge.
I'm talking real Queens - Drag Queens! Ru Paul, baby!

For this episode the designers met with a group of crazy amazing Drag Queens and had to design (in teams if I remember right) a performace outfit for their client. This is my challenge to you. And it is a challenge because you have to take a few things into consideration when designing for a Drag Queen...
:bulletred: Undergarments - while they have come a long way with the styling of these items you still have to think of prosthetics, corsets and gaffs
:bulletred: Body Shape - Most Drag Queens I've known have legs I'd kill for but no hips and broad shoulders, these things have to be disquised with styling and cut.
:bulletred: Purpose - these are performance peices! Think Vegas! Think broadway! YouTube an episode of Ru Paul's Drag Race.

Take all your styling into consideration too. These are Queens! I'm posting some links below to some of my favoite lovely ladies.……

And just for fun... my favorite song from Kinky Boots -…

Challenge Six
Season 6, Episode 6

Alright, so our last challenge kinda fell by the wayside...
The next round, however, should hopefully pull you all back in!
For this challenge Tim Gunn assigned each of the designers a movie genre to be inspired by. They then had to create a look AND a character that would fit into that world. So here's where you can get creative. It doesn't have to be female models, or adults. You have free reign this time around. Your only guidelines are:
:bulletred: The look MUST fit into the genre you've been given.
:bulletred: You MUST post a description of the character you created into your description along with the genre you were given.

So here's the assigned genres:
:bulletyellow:Noir - :icongraybunnygirl:
:bulletyellow:Western - :iconblindalleytales:
:bulletyellow:SciFi - :iconmegpie252:
:bulletyellow:Action/Adventure - :iconrabbitmuffet:
:bulletyellow:Post Apocyliptic - :iconsketchdrayton:

Challenge Seven
Season 7, Episode 8

Our next challenge is based on episode 8 of season seven where the designers were assigned an element that they had to be inspired by. these are the classic 4 elements of nature: Earth, Fire, Air, Water. So I grabbed up the Pikachu hat of doom and dropped in names and elements...
So here you go!:
:bulletwhite:Air - :icongraybunnygirl:
:bulletblue:Water - :iconblindalleytales:
:bulletgreen:Earth - :iconmegpie252:
:bulletred:Fire - :iconrabbitmuffet:
:bulletwhite:Air - :iconsketchdrayton:

Challenge Eight
Season 8, Episode 6

Oh, yes...
We are still doing this, people. Those who haven't been able to participate are still in this and can go through to the end since it's points based. So, without further ado! On to the next PR Challenge!
For this episode the designers were given real life bridesmaids as clients and their past dresses as material and inspiration. Oh, I do get to be evil here because I am assigning your dresses. This was totally random so don't think I'm too mean - no peach taffetta nightmares here... maybe...
You will have to draw from the fabric given to you by the gowns I've chosen (plus up to 3 yards of another fabric choice - I know it's in imagery but I've gotta be specific) and recreate them into workable, fashionable looks that can be worn to onoe of the three following occasions: the office, a casual dinner party or a first date.
Good luck.
Bridesmaids' gowns can be so cruel...

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