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Hello...? Is this thing on? What?

So, uhm...hi? How is everyone this evening? Doing well, I hope. It's been, what, over 3 years since I've seen most of you? Damn, time sure flies...

Well, anyway. I figured I really ought to post one last Journal here, to properly close out my time on the website. It's kind of moot at this point, I'm sure; when a person doesn't respond to comments or post any pictures or even really say much of a word at all for 3 whole years, it's pretty obvious they aren't sticking around any more. Er, I mean. Not HERE, anyway.

So yeah, just wanted to make one final Journal entry to say that it's been an absolute pleasure meeting all of you over the years (those that are still using this site and reading this Journal, anyway). I made a lot of really good friends here, and I've seen some tremendous stuff come from the communities I got involved with. I hope you're all still active and making new stuff. Further onward and further upward and all that!

Me? Well, I haven't been drawing all THAT much anymore. Hard to do that when you never have the free time...I blame work for that, mostly. But I've also been working on other things. BIG things.

I want to keep making cool new things, as part of my Life's Philosophy. I want to leave behind a legacy of creative works so that when I eventually die, there's some fragment of work still left for people to remember who I was and what I had to share with the class. So! I've been using the vast majority of my free time to write stories! Somewhere along the line, I just got tired of always sitting on all these cool ideas all the time, never having any time to conceptualize them or god forbid try to comic them. So, I made lemonade out of oranges and started writing stories about them instead!

And now, to my name, I've got at least one complete novel, one half-complete novel, a few small fanfics, and an enormous, towering PILE of Really Cool Ideas that I plan to eventually ALSO turn into novels!

And I just wanted to share that fact here in this final DeviantArt journal with all of you guys, just in case there's still a few of my old chums hanging around who might be curious as to where I disappeared to! If you're one of those people, you can now find me at any one of these alternate internet dimensions:

Twitter [most active, expect lots of shouting about cartoons and references to coffee]
Wattpad [where I post my brand new original stories! new chapters every Monday!]
Tumblr [I talk about cartoons, reblog a lot of Steven Universe art, and sometimes drop lovely selfies]
AO3 [where I post fanfics! only a few there right now, but hey, it's something!]
Soundcloud [rarely used, but I have actually recorded a couple of 8-bit tracks over there that are pretty cool...]

Aaaaaand yeah, that's about it. I'm not gonna delete this page or anything, I'll leave it up for...posterity, I guess, but as you guys probably already guessed a long time ago, I'm no longer using DeviantArt. If you wanna follow me at any of the above places though, that's where to find me!

And lastly...

Thanks for being my first community, guys. Thanks for being there as a way for me to make some great friends in my early Internet days. Thanks for inspiring confidence in me to create new things. I wish you all happiness and success and hope you grow in everything you do and dream of doing. Never stop dreaming.

See you in the future, space cowboys (and cowgirls [and cownonbinaries {and all other configurations of cowbeings}])!
  • Listening to: The OneUps - Paperboy Theme
  • Reading: The Amazing World of Gumball - Fairy Tale Trouble
  • Watching: Adventure Time - Crossover
  • Playing: Pathfinder Card Game [Skulls & Shackles]
  • Eating: Chimichangas with ranch dressing on them
  • Drinking: an entire thermos of coffee with Cinnabon creamer


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