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La Vie en Rose [Pokemon X and Y Lysandre x Reader]
It was the sound of footsteps, the consistent thud of boots on steel, that told Lysandre that they were coming. He raised his gaze from the floor, and straightened. He had been waiting patiently for over an hour for this zenith. It was going to be a make or break moment. If he did not convince [Name] to join him, then (he/she) could easily destroy everything he had so carefully built.
[Name] stepped down the stairs and into the dim light of the lab. They glanced around, and, when their eyes adjusted, they spotted him. "Lysandre," [Name] greeted him coldly.
"Finally," Lysandre stated with obvious relief. "I've been waiting-"
"You know why I'm here, already."
Lysandre paused uncomfortably, perhaps because he did know, perhaps because he did not. "I do not."
"I came to reason with you, to stop you," [Name] sighed.
"From the moment that I first spoke to you of this new world that I wish to create, you have defied me."
[Name] snorted. "I'm not defying you. I'm defying your convoluted delusi
:iconmadamemoonheart:MadameMoonheart 19 1
Lysandre x Reader- Unoticed
It hurt to see him like this, confined to his office or busy with something else, thinking only of his perfect
world, forgetting or ignoring you.  He may never be what he used to be.
You packed your bags, packing anything that you couldn't throw away or whatever seemed of importance.
Your Pyroar, (p/n) a present from Lysandre you received as a Litleo, looked up at you with concern.
"It's okay (p/n)." You said while patting her head then turning to face the window. You looked out of it,
taking in the scenery you'll probably never see again.
(p/n) nudges your hand and lets out a saddened growl, she paws at your leg and looks at you with
tear-filled eyes. "I'm sorry (p/n)." Tears began to slide down (p/n)'s face as she gently bit your hand,
you could see the obvious sadness in her eyes.
"Please stop crying, this hard enough as it is." you felt like any moment now your voice would break but tried to push that feeling aside.
Your Pyroar and Lysandre's were quit
:iconsukistar77:SukiStar77 35 15
Prologue (Nick Wilde x Reader)
As a young (small animal) growing up in Zootopia, people often used stereotypes to describe you: ____, ___, ___.
Truth to say, many of these traits were true. You were often ____ and often described as a very ___ (animal). However, it was always offensive when people described you as cute and wanted to scratch your chin.
You were in kindergarten when you met Nick Wilde, an inspiring young fox. At the time, he was in the fourth grade, but he had been partnered with you for the "Reading with your Buddy!" program (in class activity), where a fourth grader would be partnered with a kindergartener. He was always so excited and happy, ready to confront the stereotypical world. While reading you the classic tales such as Snowwolf and the Seven Ants and The Little Red Riding Bunny, he revealed his hopes and dreams of becoming a scout.
One day, he stopped smiling. Instead, a long frown replaced everything. When you asked him about whether or not he became a scout, he simply looked away and repl
:iconeightsocks:EightSocks 212 61
Adventure Time: Ice King x Reader??
"I'll never forgive you, Simon! Never!" "IT DOESN'T MATTER! YOU MUST RUN! THE CROWN WILL CAPTURE YOU AS WELL!" He threw you into the woods, and you screamed in a terrible agony as your baby was taken and thrown far away from you. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!"
"Dude, Finn, you know how we've been chilling in the trees?" "Yeah?" Jake turned to Finn, "Well, we've never really searched for treasure in the trees." "SHMOWZOW!" Finn jumped up, "Lets go!" They started to search the trees, and soon, Finn came upon a tree boat. "Wow man." They looked through it, and found a lump under some old blankets. Jake touched it a bit, and he got knifed. "AUUGGGGHHH!!" He slammed the thing out of the boat, and he pulled the knife out. "Man, that thing was crazy." Finn held out his sword, "Lets check it out!" Jake stretched them down, and there was a girl with (h/c) on the ground. Her dress was torn all around, but it looked older than that woman. "Who's this chick?" Finn touched her back,
:iconwildgirl509:wildgirl509 12 13
Fionna And Her Fiance. (Part 1)
Male!Reader x Fionna
[F/N]= First name
[C/O]= Companion name
Ah, what a peaceful day in the land of Aaa. You were just chilling in your house playing games with your long time companion who was a small talking (Insert Animal) by the name of [C/O]. You and him were playing a video game and you two cleared the final wave of zombies.
"Oh man. Do you think we can do it this time?" [C/O] asked with a nervous look on his face.
"I don't even know man!" You said with a excited yet nervous look on your face. You two were trying to beat this zombie game you bought from a legit game dealer. The final boss was zombie wearing a black trench coat and fedora. He crashed through a window and landed in front of you two. He drew out two swords. He had a half skeletal face while his other side had grey skin and soulless eyes.
"Can't believe that this guy is the final boss." [C/O] said in a
:iconneonshadow89:neonshadow89 87 20
Perfectly Human [Samus Aran x Male!Reader]
The tall [h/c] male with his warm [e/c] wasn't too sure how this had ended like this. He had invited the female to a drink because he always had been curious about the strong yet kind blonde. Unsure of how to react about the fact she had gotten herself drunk he wasn't aware she had did so to keep up her 'tough'-image, unknown how little she could hold her liquor. So she had one weakness after all.
“Miss...Samus...? Err, are you really alright?” the young man with shaggy yet stylish [h/c] questioned, after all it didn't happen often, no it never happened that anybody could see the more or less famous Samus Aran like this. “O-Of c-c-course I am-” the female brought out with only one hiccup between, after all she still could control herself even if drunk. With a sigh the male lifted her up, a task that wasn't as easy as it would seem too.
Despite looking slender and much more feminine than one would assume from given information the blonde was quite heavy, p
:iconnephilim-king:Nephilim-King 165 28
Mature content
Charlotte Perospero x Reader [Tell Me Again] :iconmiku-chanxox:miku-chanxox 6 6
Double D (Edd) x reader
Here you were currently sitting underneath a nice shady tree in your front yard with Double D, Glaring at the blue eyed male who was trying hard to hide the smile that wanted to show on his face as he, to your surprise began repeating everything you said.
Double D didn’t know why he was doing this exactly all that added up was that you were upset and the silence between you two was so tense and awkward that the first word you finally uttered.
“So?” You thought nothing of it that it was just a coincidence and so you spoke up again.
“Sorry you speak first.” You said to him and again he said repeated your words.
"Sorry you speak first." You stared at Edward, your [e/c] hues meeting his blue ones and they slowly narrowed as you spoke up again.
“Are…Are you doing this on purpose?” You asked and you had your answer when he repeated your words once more.
“Are…Are you doing this one purpose?” This time he made
:iconkawaiibear1:Kawaiibear1 9 4
Scott Lang X Reader: Luis's Tip
It has been some time since Scott had been out in the dating game. With everything that had happened in the past couple of years, biggest becoming Ant-Man, he really did not have time to date. 
His best friend Luis have been bugging him lately about this girl, but Scott ignored it saying he was not interested. Lately though the idea of having someone special in his life and someone Cassie can look up to had grown stronger. 
Walking into his old apartment he shared with the boys, he saw them playing some video games and eating some pizza. Luis saw him from the corner of his eye, "Yo Scotty what's up man?"
Scott opened his Coke and drank it down for a bit. Then he spoke calmly, "Tell about that girl."
That stopped everything.
Luis looked at him with a raised eyebrow. "What?"
"Tell me about that girl you were talking about the other day."
Luis paused the game and threw the controller down happily. "Oh yeah Scotty finally going back in the game. This is awesome man!" He shove his
:iconroguephoenix15:RoguePhoenix15 15 3
(GOTG) x Quill! Reader
I can still remember it clearly.
The pale, empty, pasty-white walls. The intoxicating smell of chemicals mixed with a hint of death. The combination of fear and anxiety sitting awkwardly in my stomach. And the constant sound of high pitched beeps confirming that my mothers body was betraying her.
Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. BEEEEEEPPPPPP.

I was rushed out of the blinding hospitable room back into the dark hallway by my Grandfather as my mom died. I was so scared. I felt utterly useless. I turned to the only person left with me, my twin brother, Peter. But I all I caught of him was his backpack rushing out the side doors; naturally I ran after him.
"Peter? she really-?" My voice was shaking, after all, I was only a kid.
"Yeah....she-she's-" Suddenly a light engulfed us in the night and we began to be lifted into the air. The only thought running through my mind at the moment was, Please don't let me die. I want to live and do
:iconfangirlsunite314:FanGirlsUnite314 44 8
Gamora x Female Reader
Gamora x Female Reader
Words: 834
Warnings: mild language, knife mention, threats.
Prompt: An AU where the reader is the twin sister of Peter Quill, who were both taken by Yondu after their mother passed away.
A/N: So many Marvel characters named Peter. What the hell. Also, I winged this whole thing. This isn’t as fluffy as I'd liked it to be, but eh, whatever. Also, I couldn't think of a title so if people have suggestions, go for it.
“(Y/N) (M/N) Quill. Twin sister of Peter Jason Quill, from the planet Terra. She was also taken by the Ravagers.” Of course you were being arrested. You believed it was only a matter of time until it happened, especially travelling with your brother. But you did have a little more faith than that, and wasn't expecting that time to come so soon. You were put into a cell with the other woman who was arrested along with you and Peter. There was a crowd of people all shouting threats of all kinds at her. “No cell’s go
:iconthehorrorjunkie11:TheHorrorJunkie11 13 5
LxReader: In a better place
Misa was worried about [N].
In the past, she had been worried of [N] getting harassed for her…quirks…, among other things, but this had to be the biggest.
[N], her sweet and naïve cousin, she was odd, and she DID act much younger than her age, but… she had always been kind and warm to Misa, to the world around her.
She was always very far-off and distant, as if she was existing and not at the same time, her soft [e/c] orbs always in a different world.
But now, ever since the death of L,
She didn't seem to be existing in this world at all.
[N] was curled up in a ball on top of her comforter on her bed that was adorned with dolls she had sewn herself, all of people she had met, the task force, even Shinigami stared into Misa with button eyes mockingly, saying in a cruel tone with stitched mouths in unison one thing:
'Look what you did, look at your cousin. Wish you hadn't taken that offer now?'
[N] was clutching onto her absolute favorite doll tightly as she pressed h
:iconotakuneko222:otakuneko222 243 215
Only This And Nothing More...3
The funeral was short.
You feigned sorrow, but under your hands, you were silently chuckling.
"[Name]…" You heard a voice call to you from behind.
"Eh?" You said, turning around.
It was L.
You realized something wonderful. 'Now that those two road blocks are gone, I don't have to kill L! But… will he catch me?'
"Hello, [Name]?" He said waving his hand in front of your face.
"O-oh… what is it?"
"I will have Watari drive you to your hotel room."
'Ah…' you thought, remembering that your house was officially blood-stained.
You followed him into the car, sitting close to him.
"I've come to believe Light and Misa WERE the First and Second Kiras."
'So, he did finally figure it out…'
"Why is that?"
"Near the crime scene, there was their usual human heart or two, and 'L' written with blood, but there was a message as well…"
"What was the message?"
He stared into your eyes, searching.
"L, do you know? The Third Kira is the only one standing."
You felt your heartbeat
:iconotakuneko222:otakuneko222 82 245
Only This And Nothing More...2
You mused at his surprise as he mulled over the letters written with blood.
You suppressed a twisted grin, stopping yourself for a moment, and thinking 'Am I going insane?'
You continued to send him gifts, one of your personal favorites was having a convict cut his heart out, and write 'L' with his blood in his final seconds.
You hoped he got your message.
As you began to feel the need to reach out to L, Light grew more and more insane and desperate for you.
"Just find out his name, and KILL him…" He said a bit of anger in his voice.
It was quite fun to mess with him, because he knew that unlike Misa, you would kill him without a second thought.
"I'll need him to approach me, so I don't blow my cover." You said to him.
"You've waited LONG ENOUGH. Do I need to get MISA to do this?!" He snapped at you, you just smirked.
"Oooh, someone's got a temper," You said playfully, causing him to anger.
He just looked at you, eyes filled with fire, and left.
'Is he looking for hi
:iconotakuneko222:otakuneko222 63 70
Only This and Nothing More...
You were the Third Kira, in accomplice with Light and Misa.
You were much smarter than Misa, and as logical and as good as an actor as Light.
You hated the two of them.
'Well, at some point, I'll have to kill Light and Misa. They'll just get in my way…' you thought to yourself.
"[Name]!" Misa called out to you, you turned to look at the hyperactive blonde.
"Where's Light, Misa?" You asked her.
"Here, in a meeting!" She said, starting to lead you somewhere.
"For what?" You realized what 'it' was.
The Kira Investigation Team.
You entered the room, walking by Light, who slipped you a note.
You quickly and discreetly read:
'I need you to figure out L's true name. Misa has no Shinigami eyes, and neither do you, but YOU can get close to him.'
You nodded; mouthing 'Which one of them is L?' he nodded towards an odd fellow, with deep-set eyes and wild raven hair.
"What is your name?" L asked you.
"[Name] [Last Name]." you said soberly.
"Welcome, [Name], he said in response, and the meeting
:iconotakuneko222:otakuneko222 101 69
Mature content
Ferb Fletcher X Reader My Best Friends Brother :iconaroojbasit:AroojBasit 86 133




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