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Werner Werman x Tiny!Debtor!Reader
You were wandering around some sort of... well it was obviously a house but just who's house was it exactly?
You were so confused, you didn't know how on earth you got here and honestly you wouldn't mind if you weren't... Small... No, I mean like really small, tiny in fact! You... didn't want to really question it.
You just kept wandering around in hopes you'd find someone... Well... Unless it was a giant or something, that's one thing you hoped you wouldn't find at all.
You looked over and saw a... hole in the wall, you were slightly curious but worried, what if something was inside? ...Then again you didn't know where you even were, that no good devil could be lurking if your not careful!
Yes, you could unfortunately remember that much... You had wandered into the casino and found yourself face-to-face with the devil, needless to say you just barely escaped and now your worried that he's going to pop up and take your soul.
Maybe... that hole would be a good hiding spot! If nothing wa
:iconpurpleguyfan101:PurpleGuyFan101 9 6
Inventor and Artist|Werner Werman x Reader
"Hey, Werner? You wanna see what I came up with?"
"Oh boy, vould I!!" The German rat raced over to your desk, stopping beside you as he placed a hand on the table and gazed at your drawing. His eyes widened in awe at the concept you came up with for a new tank. "Wow...zhis is absolutely wunderbar, [y/n]!" He praised you, his tail swaying excitedly.
"Th-Thanks," you blushed slightly, not being use to earning praise for your artistic abilities. It's always been something you felt self-conscious about, although ever since you started working with Werner, it was safe to say that your doubts gradually dwindled as time went on.
"You are zhe best artist I've ever had zhe honor of meeting." He patted your shoulder, before giving you a suspicious look. "Are you sure you didn't sell your soul to zhat slimy, no-good Devil-?"
"No, Werner, I promise," you chuckled. "My skills came from years and years of practice...just like your skill for inventing things took you lots of practice."
He nodded conf
:iconclanwarrior:ClanWarrior 55 15
Number One Fan|Beppi the Clown x Reader
"U-Um..excuse me? Mr. Beppi?"
Blinking several times in surprise, the red and blue clown spun around to see you. "Oh! Why that would be me, of course~!" Beppi chuckled, a wide grin adorning his features as he clasped his hands together. "How are you today, friend? Did you come to my show? Did you enjoy it?"
You meekly nodded in response, smiling back at him. "I'm doing good...and yes I did see and enjoy the show. I love all of your performances."
"Awhh it's always nice to hear such sweet things come from a sweet person such as yourself!" He swooned. Although as he stared at you, his yellow eyes flickered with recognition. "Say...aren't you that [y/n] who volunteered at my last show?"
"Yep. That's me."
"Oh how wonderful it is to meet you again~!" Beppi hugged you for a few brief moments before he pulled away. If you didn't think his grin could get any would be wrong. "I presume you are my "Number One Fan"?"
"I guess," you shrugged. Then you shakily took out a notepad and a
:iconclanwarrior:ClanWarrior 66 25
Welcome Aboard!|Phantom Express x Ghost!Reader
"Hello? Is anybody here? I'm so...lonely..."
It's only been a few days...a few nights..since you've died. And even now, you were merely just a wandering spirit, roaming a dark and quiet forest all by yourself, calling out to someone....only to hear your own echo in return.
The sad thing was that you don't even remember how you passed or why you're unable to be at rest. It seemed as though you were forever doomed to live in this forest.
Eventually, you came across something that you've never seen before: old, rusty railroad tracks. Curious about them, you floated a little bit closer, wondering why it was only now that you were seeing them...
But it didn't take too long for the realization to hit you....the realization that these tracks belonged to-
A loud whistle startled you out of your thoughts, and you glanced up to see a purple, grey, and blue train emerge from the cavern a few miles away, approaching you at high speed.
Those glowing yellow eyes that pierced through the darkness and
:iconclanwarrior:ClanWarrior 95 39
Protective|Cagney Carnation x Flower!Reader
You see, you were a simple flower--living in a simple garden with a much, much bigger flower. But you weren't intimidated by him at all.
In fact, Cagney was in a way like a big brother to you or a father, as he raised you and cared for you ever since the day you first sprouted. He did have quite the protective nature, too, given how young you were, but occasionally he'd let you visit the Root Pack if you promised to be back before sunset.
You've also met Cuphead and Mugman, two brothers who would often visit Cagney while he taught them about various plants and how to properly take care of one. At first you were a bit shy to talk to them, but as it turns out they were pretty nice and would often chat with you, too. Cuphead did jokingly invite you to the Devil's Casino, only to get a massive scolding from the orange and yellow flower.
All in all, though, you've made quite a few friends in Inkwell Isle One, although your friendship with Cagney was the strongest out of all of them.
:iconclanwarrior:ClanWarrior 138 49
The Casino Life|King Dice x Minion!Reader
"Oi! Gather around ya nitwits!"
King Dice whistled for his Casino minions, who all looked over at their boss in confusion.
"Um..I think we're already gathered around, Mr. King Dice," Mangosteen commented, glancing around the table to see all of his friends accounted for.
"Well, that's a good thing then," King Dice huffed as he walked over to them. And as he did so, that was when they noticed somebody in the palm of his hand that resembled a/an [object] "Cause we got ourselves a new member of the gang! Everybody meet [y/n]."
Setting you down on the table, you opened your eyes, which widened as you saw nine unfamiliar faces, who came in various shapes and sizes, surrounding you. They all resembled objects you'd normally see in a bar or in gambling.
You were a tad bit anxious about working for King Dice, but it was the only option you had left and the only way that the Devil would allow you to repay your debt. And given your size, you knew better than to challenge him.
But seeing that you
:iconclanwarrior:ClanWarrior 99 34
7 Minutes in Heaven: Choji X Reader
There are no warnings so far that I can think of other than talking about weight.
It had been some time since you had pushed your hand into the bucket and pulled out the number of your fate, though so far it hadn’t been called. Other numbers ranging all over the scale had been called out and ninjas, commoners, and lords all alike smiling as they entered the closet with glee.
Some people existed arm and arm others cool and composed and then there was the last group that existed with disgust on their faces.
‘I just hope I’m not in the last group.’ You thought with a sigh as you leaned against the wood. It was your last week in Konoha as you were a traveling merchant for a large sweets company your family owned.
A distant buzzing sound drew your gaze to a group over in a corner. A boy in a large green coat the hood pulled up sat next to a girl who was wearing a large coat as well in white and purple, she kneeled near a boy who was laying on the floor in full unifor
:iconkooritora:KooriTora 46 4
Moonlight Orochimaru x Reader
      Another dreadfully boring day came and went without the slightest hint of excitement. The heart-pounding days of missions, fighting and near death experience were far in your past and would likely never be seen again. This, of course, wasn't because you wanted those days gone, but because you had no choice but to leave them behind. At first you didn't mind too terribly, it was actually nice being allowed to relax. After a month or so of being idle, however, you began to suspect your worth was dwindling. Though Orochimaru never said anything about you being a burden, you couldn't help but feel that way. You couldn't even remember the last time you did something truly helpful, and that bothered you quite a lot.
With these thoughts repeating in your mind, over and over again, you pushed yourself out of bed and walked around the hideout feeling depressed, conflicted and angry. “Maybe it would be better if I just left. I'm not doing any good being here anyway.
:iconvampiregodesnyx:VampireGodesNyx 172 22
Even in Death Orochimaru X Reader
       It wasn't like Orochimaru to participate in a war. He had never seemed interested in the politics or disputes that went along with them. He'd done a great deal just to avoid war. Now, he was risking starting one, all for a single scroll. You out from your hiding place at the dozens of men protecting a single small building. Each one was in heavy armor and equip with several weapons. Whatever jutsu that scroll contained, must be incredibly powerful. “I really think we should call for backup, there's no way we can get rid of this many people.”
Kabuto answered you with a snort. “That may be true, but we aren't supposed to get rid of them, we're supposed to avoid them.”
“Kabuto, there's no reason to get testy, she's right. Whether we're avoiding them, or disposing of them doesn't matter. No matter what we chose to do, it's going to prove difficult.” Orochimaru surveyed the land that would soon become a battlefield. “It's
:iconvampiregodesnyx:VampireGodesNyx 202 27
Aburame Shino x Reader - I know you
(E/c) orbs opened to, once again, face the world.
"She finally woke up!" a voice echoed in her buzzing ears; no matter how much she tried, all she could identify with her confused eyes was a blurred purple figure.
"Are you alright?" a new voice, coming from her right side, from a pink blur came, causing the girl to turn her head and nod lightly.
"What's your name?" came the second voice once again.
"My... name...?" a hoarse voice raised from the girl's sore throat. "My... name... I-I don't know..."
Blue met green in a frown as (e/c) finally focused.
"Well, I am Ino and that is Sakura!" announced the previously purple blur, now identified as a blonde girl.
"Ino and Sakura..." slowly repeated the girl, laid down on the now clear hospital room. "It's nice to meet you...!"
"Hmm... are you thirsty or hungry?" questioned the pink-haired girl, known as Sakura.
"I'm... thirsty, yes...!" nodded the pacient.
"We'll go get you a glass of water!" Ino announced, obtaining a mere nod in response.
:iconsophie-frost:Sophie-Frost 9 1
Shino x Reader - The frail Akimichi (Naruto)
The day was pleasant, maybe a little too hot, the sun was high in the sky and there were no clouds whatsoever in sight; it was a typical and peaceful summer day in the village of Konoha.
But, as people happily and calmly strolled around in the streets while carrying on their daily lives, one ninja in particular, in a particular training field, seemed fairly worried and on edge.
“What’s gotten you like that?” Shikamaru’s familiar voice suddenly echoed, catching the chubby ninja’s attention.
Slightly shifting under his bestfriend’s, who was merely standing in front of him, disturbed gaze and Ino’s, who was silently sitting by a large tree that casted its cool shade over her form, similar one, Chouji muttered:
“I’m worried about (f/n)… Our parents are away from Konoha for the week, and I left her by herself to do the housework so I could come train with you.”
Releasing a heavy sigh, Shikamaru lazily scratched the back of hi
:iconsophie-frost:Sophie-Frost 21 6
Pucca - TobexPucca by ziki-zai Pucca - TobexPucca :iconziki-zai:ziki-zai 189 14 CLOWN X CHIEF - Do I look better now? - Part 4 by cracket CLOWN X CHIEF - Do I look better now? - Part 4 :iconcracket:cracket 168 22
Servant ~ Buggy x Reader *OneShot*

Request for :iconzartstudios13: I hope you like it.
     "Get moving clown." You huff pushing him forward. He growls in slight annoyance, glaring at you. 
      "You dare push a warlord!?" He growls. Your brow twitches and you flick him in the nose. He whines and covers his nose teary eyed. 
      "Listen Buggy, we both know that title was a fluke, don't try my patience clown," You grip his collar bringing him nose to nose with you. He blinks and blushes lightly. 
      "Yes ma'am..." He squeaks. You smirk with a hum and release him. 
      "Good boy. Now get lost this is my territory." You rumble. He grits his teeth eye twitching.
      "Your territory!? Why you flashy woman!!" He bursts turning on you. You simply flick his nose again. He moves to cover his nose and you slam him into the ground. 
      "Flashy Huh? I mig
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 113 18
Not Funny ~ Buggy x Reader *Extra*

*Years Later*
      "Hurry! The whole ship must be clean for our guest!" He gasps, going around and polishing the railing. His crew does the same, rather perplexed by their Captain's sudden urgency to clean everything.
       "What guest captain Buggy?" Cabaji asks.
       "Only the most beautiful pirate in all the seas!" Buggy gushes with a slight heart explosion.
       "Boa Hancock?" Mohji gasps in surprise.
       "That woman is nothing compared to ___!" Buggy snaps as a mist surrounds the ship.
       "Hm? What about me?" You ask from the top railing. The crew freezes and gaps at you.
       "When did she-"
       "I didn't say anything ___!" Buggy blushes lightly. You smile at that, hopping off the railing and landing in front of him.
       "You haven't changed much Bugg
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 88 10
Not Funny pt4~ Buggy x Reader *Final*

               You blink at the sea king that rushed at you.  Twisting out of the way, you grab hold of it's whisker, making it pull you up out of the water. You let go and land next to Buggy as Rayleigh strikes the sea king, sending it flying backwards. 
               "You're okay!" Buggy gasps, suddenly hugging you. 
               "Heh, of course I am, unlike you the sea loves me," You chuckle, wrapping an arm around his neck as he pulls back. A blush comes to his cheeks and he scoffs. 
                "It's not like I was worried," He snorts. You smirk and pull him closer. 
                "Sure, Buggy," You mutter, pinching his cheek lightly before releasing him. He rubs his cheek looking at you shyly. 
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 77 10




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