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Party ponies

By cattoy10
Soooooooo, yeah. Great episode. Awesome episode, great songs and animation. Everything was just epic! I think it's my favourite episode of season 4 so far.
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It may be my second fav mlp episode of all time XD
I have a weakness for strong characters and i think Alhorse has one of the 
strongest character builds (esoucally given his amount of screen time in the episode) Espcially since I can relate to cheese in a way that i wont get into 
that's a tottaly different discussion
This was a very well thought out and well written ep
and I HOPE AND PRAY TO CELESTIA They eather bing him back or Create a story
just as amazing for another character who we see more often and can have realtions with.

as for this fanart, Idk I just reall think that the lines have  perfect ballance between sharp, smooth and curved.
The manes are fantastic and the ligthing is Head on!
keep up the fantastic work!
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*Screaming intensifies* BEST THING EVAR!
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All I got to say about this episode is...CHEESE x PINKIE FOREVERRAAA pinkie pie icon              < Pretend there's a cheese sandwich emote right here i couldn't find one cx
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The Cutest Cheese Ever this is the only one i can think of DX
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All night (all night) all night (all night) All every night (all every night)! Hold Tight (hold tight) Hold hold tight!
Go anyway you want it just the way you feel it anyway you want it whoa whoa!
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They make the bestest party pony pairs ever! :D 
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I love the their manes are intertwining! Cheese and Pinkie are perfect together. :D
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Beautiful portrait of the pair of party ponies extraordinaire.

So far one of the best episodes of the entire serie.
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I've never been a fan of MLP ships, but this is perfect!
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there ment for eatchother <3!
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after rewatching the episode. I noticed suttle well hidden possible
chemestry between cheese and pinkie. especailly during his confession song and the final 
scene XD

But hey! i can be tottaly misreading it since im bad at social ques XDDD
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They're* meant*


And Thank You.

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This is great! The hair looks so realistic and the glistening effect on the eyes is perfect.
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Ok look this picture is awful>:( ........JUST KIDDING XD l love the way you have draw pinkie pie and cheese!!So 3D!!
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For a second there, I was pretty scared, but thank you :D
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xaxa tha's why l write it's awful but then......L LOVE IT!!TO SCARE YOU A LITTLE^_^  you're welcome!<3
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dude...... you just now started? i started shipping this the moment i saw da episode! BEST SHIPPING EEEEEEEEEEEEVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
enderloxiscute's avatar
Ive been shipping but I cant find the right bases for her at times
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