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Stamp: I shouldn't even have to explain this...

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This was inspired by what one idiot on dA said. I shall not name them.

Apparently if you eat McDonalds you are labeled as: Obese, fat, greedy, etc.




If you eat TOO MUCH McDonalds, or eat it on a regular basis, then you could be fat, obese, etc. and that isn't always the case. But is is bad for you.

Look, I eat McDonalds. But not very often. Does that make me fat? I actually think I have a pretty decent weight for my age.
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I never eat there.

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Yea this is true

I sometimes eat there and I'm a little less than the average weight for my height
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tultsi93Hobbyist Artist
I'm obese and I hate McDonalds hamburgers. I don't even eat at McDonalds often.
xXC00LKlDSXx's avatar
xXC00LKlDSXxHobbyist Digital Artist
I eat McDonald's once or twice (sometimes thrice) a month and I don't look thin or fat ._.
Madeleine-Me0ws's avatar
Madeleine-Me0wsHobbyist Digital Artist
I don't really eat there often but the only thing I actually like are the Mcnuggets and the fries. But eating those has no effect on me I'm still the same weight after eating it than I was before.
xXC00LKlDSXx's avatar
xXC00LKlDSXxHobbyist Digital Artist
Same (well I do like McFlurry's, but still)
tultsi93's avatar
tultsi93Hobbyist Artist
Their nuggets and fries are delicious.
Amanda4778's avatar
I go to McDonalds’ a lot and I’m average weight.
Willy276's avatar
It's just a myth, doesn't it?
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Neptunia-xHobbyist General Artist
i eat at McDonald's and yes, i'm chubby, but that is because i eated too much candy when i was young, well, i dont like candy anymore and McDonald's still doesnt affect me!
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flaminqobonesHobbyist General Artist
Sometimes I eat at McDonald's or other fast food restaurants from time to time because making food isn't always possible.
But I'm not obese or anything. Sure, I am slightly chubby, but that's probably not because I eat fast food.
You'd need to only eat fast food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day for months before you actually develop health problems, as far as I'm concerned. Having fast food occasionally isn't bad, provided you still eat other foods..
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DominotheSkollHobbyist Traditional Artist
I prefer white castles when it comes to burgers
Stardustmagic666's avatar
Stardustmagic666Hobbyist Digital Artist
I only like their ice cream, it's the only ice cream place in my town.   XD
savanahfirefox's avatar
savanahfirefoxHobbyist Digital Artist
I mean
I eat McDonalds
but I'm not fat or obese
I'm just a little chubby

I have to walk a half mile to get mcdonalds everytime I do so eh 0-0
MelodySilverpaw's avatar
MelodySilverpawHobbyist Writer
Especially when you only eat a few fries.  >w<
ColossalStinker's avatar
ColossalStinkerHobbyist Digital Artist
I prefer KFC, but the point still stands. :)
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AnniethespiderHobbyist Digital Artist
This made me laugh.
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ImtheauraStudent General Artist
I ate it for a while and I didn't get fat so wth
spaced-out-knight's avatar
spaced-out-knightHobbyist General Artist
I eat McDonald's so often, yet I'm a twig.
Desiray101's avatar
Desiray101Hobbyist Digital Artist
yeah i eat mcdonalds, does no effect on me, yet..
SilverBeastLaguz's avatar
SilverBeastLaguzHobbyist Writer
I've eaten at McDonalds for years and I've never been obese.
Sonicfan19912's avatar
Wendy's is better imo
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MadiShinxStudent Filmographer
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Supercoco142Hobbyist Digital Artist
I LOVE Mcdonalds, and I'm a perfectly tall and thin guy.
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