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Kailari Again
I decided that I wanted to draw my octomer-dragon again, but this time in a more dragon like pose. (or more manta ray like)

Here is her other picture. -> Kailari

Kailari belongs to me, Cattensu
I should have drawn this big boy last night once I realized I was not going to get any sleep thinks to a very annoying cold I have. But anyways, here is Flarus.

Flarus was a character I came up with for a story that I had that was a retelling of the Legend of Spyro. This story fallowed the typo in the GBA version of The Eternal Night which states (I believe at least twice) that Spyro and Cynder are siblings. I for some reason actually prefer them in a brother sister relationship in those games. But anyways Flarus was what I imagined their father to look like.

But now Flarus is just one of my many dragon characters.

Here is his original picture. -> Flarus

Flarus belongs to me Cattensu
This little one is making a very much long over due (like 18 years) comeback. This is Rosea, she is Jake little sister. I came up with her, not long after Jake, but I only drew her like one time, and sadly, I no longer have the original pictures that I drew of them back in 2000 when I was 10.
But I do remember that it featured Jake flying, and his sister hanging from a ledge looking at him, as he tries to convince her to fly.  

I did try to remake her a few years back in 2012 which is where Kella. But as much as I like Kella, she just dose not work with Jake in a sibling capacity. Partly because they just do not look alike. So I decided to try to make Jake's sister again. But keep Kella all the same as her own character.

Now, I strangely can not completely remember what I originally named her, or if I named her at all. But Rose keep coming to mind when I try to remember. (though that might be me thinking of a different sister character of mine who's name is Rosie.) So, I decided to go with Rosea. 
I do however remember what she looked like. She was a pink dragon with blue eyes, purple wings, and a heart shaped tail tip.

And no, she was not inspired by Ember from the Spyro games. This little one came to be 4 years before A Hero's Tail came out, and Ember introduced. And I didn't even play my first Spyro game until 2003 when I got Enter the Dragonfly form Blockbuster.  So her similarities are coincidence. And I could have change them, but I did not want too. 

Rosea belongs to me Cattensu
Here is another dragon of mine that has never really seen the light of day. Lottie. I created her in 2011 during my massive Spyro craze. She was to be the villain of my own Spyro story. The one that had Char in it. But I only ever drew her once. Her original design can be found here. -> Sketch Dump 19 
She looked quite deferent in her early days, compered to what she looks like here. Originally, she was like a small T-Rex with tiny wings. Now she is more the love child of a Dragon and an Iguanodon.

I had trouble with Lottie's character back when I created her. I wanted her to be a bad guy, but could not really think of a really good reason for her dislike of the dragons, other then the fact that the had nice big useful wings, and she did not. Which is not a good reason really. It is a very Spyro villain reason, but still not a good one.  So I eventually pushed her to the side, and soon the story fall apart.  
But I liked Lottie failed bad guy or not, and I figured since I am working on drawing all of my dragons. I might as well included her. Who knows, I might find some use for her now, outside of that debunked story.

Lottie belongs to me Cattensu 
Well I guess it is Naomie's turn to get an update. I didn't really change her that much from her original design, it is mostly how she is drawn, and her body shape. 
Here is her old drawing for example of how she has changed. And how much I have actually improved over the years. (though I failed with that back right leg of hers. She is supposed to be standing on her tiptoes with that foot there.)

Naomie is one of those characters I like, but rarely draw. Those in her case it is because as cute as she is, she brings up bad memories, for the day, and night that I drew that old picture linked above. For I drew that the same day my dad had is heart attack. I stayed up late waiting to here new of how he was doing, and I drew Naomie while waiting. Doing so kept my mind busy, and emotionally stable. But since then I kind of associate her with that day 8 years ago. Thankfully my dad is fine today. and for the most part healthy. But still, I have trouble separating her from those feelings of fear, and worry.

Character wise? Sadly Naomie is lacking in that area. I could never work out a story, or really even a personality for her in the I believe 2 years before she became a creature of dread to me. I am pretty sure she came about in 2007-2008, it might have been 2009? I will have to see if I can dig up her original drawing, and see if I dated it.

She was some what inspired by Haku from Spirited Away design wise. With the definite difference in that she has always been a very short bodied dragon.  Seriously, this picture here, shows here the longest she has ever been. And she is still rather short compared to some.

I really do like how she came out here, and might try working her into a story, or at least giving her some character in the future. I do like her facial expression here. She looks like such a derp.
I truth be told, thought about changing her coloration. But I got lazy, and just lightened her up a bit.

Naomie belongs to me, Cattensu
I am aiming to complete the national Pokedex in gen 7.
I have all 493 of the 4th gen National Dex. But I got lazy after completing that dex and didn't bother with gen 5 and onward. I am actually surprised that I need less the 100 Pokemon to have them all. And most are pretty easy to get. So it shouldn't take me very long to complete it. And have all 807 pokemon. With two mythical exceptions. ^^;

So, I need 59 Pokemon. 

Swampert (I actually have a Swampert, I just need to transfer him over from my OR game)

Pignite(easy, just need to evolve one of my Tepig.)

Unfezant male (I guess it is time to hit the 5th gen games. Luckily I have them all. Tranquill is found on route 12 in Black and White. It evolves at level 32.)

Unfezent female (I use to have one, I know I did. But she has gone missing. I most go looking for her. Or I will likely just evolve one like I am going to do with the male.)

Palpitoad (I could evolve one, or just go hunting for one on route 8 in B&W.)

Leavany (I am going to have to do some hunting for Swadloon on route 6 in B&W. Then I evolve it with friendship.)

Whirlipede (this actually bites a bit. I had two, and then I deleted them along with the two shinies, and a few other helpful Pokemon when I restarted my OR game. Luckily it's first stage is easy to find in X, or I could try catching a Whirlpede in the Pinwheel Forest in B&W)

Whimsicott (Need to get a Sun stone to use on a Cottonee.)

Basculin Blue (Lostlorn Forest, rippling water in Black.)

Darumaka (I can get one through breeding.)

Carraosta (evolves at level 37)

Archeops (also evolves at level 37. I will need to breed them to get the first stages again.)

Cinccino (I need a shiny stone)

Dousion (evolves at level 32.)

Swanna (I can catch one of these in the wild in Ultra Moon. In the red ultra wormhole.)

Vanillish (evolves at level 35.)

Vanilluxe (evolves at level 47.)

Jellicent female (need to level my female Frillish up to level 40.)

Galvantula (evolves at level 36)

Klink (more breeding)

Klang (need to level one of my two new Kilnk to level 38 to evolve it.)

Eelektrik (level to 39)

Haxous (more breeding, and leveling. Or I could try to get a Fraxure in the wild. I believe they can be found on Victory Road in Black and White.)

Cryogonal (found in Twist Mountain in B&W or B2&W2)

Braixen (evolves at level 16)

Flethinder (evolves at level 17)

Spewpa (evolves at level 9) 

Pyroar male (can catch one in Ultra Moon in Poni Plains.)

Pyroar female (can catch one in Ultra Moon in Poni Plains. And it will be easier then getting the male unless I just get lucky, and find a male right off the bat.)

Doublade (evolves at level 35.)

Aegislash (Evolves when a Dusk Stone is used on it.)

Binacle (I can breed for this one)

Clauncher (I can also breed for this one.)

Tyrantrum (I have one on X I just need to transfer Baby over.)

Bergmite (I can breed for this one too.)

Volcanion (this one will be a pain to get since it is a Mythical Pokemon that I missed the promo for.)

Rowlet (If I use wonder trade long enough, one or more will show up. Or I could just breed for it.)

Dartrix>/strike> (then I can evolve one to get this guy at level 17.)

Brionne (I can breed for it.)

Trumbeak (I can catch one on route 5 or 8.)

Crabominable (evolve it by leveling on Mount Lanakila.)

Oricorio red, Oricorio pink and Oricorio purple (can breed to get three Oricorio, and then use the nectar to change them.)

Toxapex (evolves at level 38.)

Dewpider (can easily catch one at Brooklet Hills.)

Lurantis (evolves at level 34 during the day.)

Stufful (breeding will be just as easy as catching one in the wild.)

Tsareena (going to have to evolve my Steenee, then evolve my bounsweet. and then breed to get another bounsweet.)

Wimpod (have one un Ultra Sun, just need to transfer it.)

Paloosand (evolves at level 42.)

Silvally (Going to have to get friendly with one of my three Type: Nulls.)

Bruxish (Found on route 13, 14, or 15 while fishing.)

Drampa (I had one, but he seems to have vanished along with my Kingdra, and female Unfezant. Anyways I will need to catch a new one on Mount Lanakila.)

Hakamo-o (evolves at level 35.)

Cosmoem (this one will be a bit of a challenge to get, I need to see if I can get Comsmog in Ultra Moon. If I can, then I can just evolve.)

Magearna (another Mythical that I missed the promo for)

Naganadel (I need to play through the rest of Ultra Sun and then evolve the one I get in that game. Evolves by leveling while knowing the move Dragon Pulse.)

Blacephalon (need to catch it in Ultra Sun, in Poni Grove.)

I figured a list will be the easiest way to keep track of them all, as well as how to get them.


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You tustve been o ver the moon for the new Spyro trailer ^^
Cattensu Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2018  Student General Artist
I am thrilled that they are finally making a remastered version of the classics. I do not have a system to play them on. But it is Spyro, so I will still be getting a copy when it come out, and will pick up a used PS4 when I can. ^^
pokediginut Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2018  Student Writer
The thing I love the most has been the response. The internet has been absolutely elated that Syro is getting remade. Even people at my 2 jobs who I weren't even aware were gamers were like "OMH Spyro i back" its so cool to see people so happy over our little dragon ^^
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