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Wire crochet glove

I love to experiment.
This is not perfect, but after finishing it a few months ago I didn't quite feel like going for another one yet.
It's crocheted from colored copper wire.

Pictures showing how flexible the fingers are [link]
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Wow! Verdammt Kreativ!

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Wow, I've never thought of doing something like this! :-O How does it feel on the skin? It really looks amazing. :D
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My mind goes weird ways sometimes :lmao:
It feels very sturdy and obviously not as smooth as chainmaille would, but kind of good once it's on. I like the creep factor :D
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It may not look perfect to you, but I know how difficult it is to get even tension crocheting wire. This looks pretty freakin' good to me! :faint:
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Thank you, also for the fave! :hug:
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You're very welcome! I just took a look through your other work. Wow!
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Great work!!! :clap:
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Cute work!

In the featured folder nº 3 in Special-Groups. (Best works!).

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Wow, wire crochet mitten! How firm it is? Can one move ones fingers or is it too stiff?
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I took pictures to show you :) [link]
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That's insane. Just...insane!

I bet it feels really neat to put on, doesn't it?

You're nuts. I'm in awe...and you're nuts!
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It's hard to describe. I always feel as if I'm dressing up for a joust ...

Thank you, and by the way, one of my middle names is NUTSO! :lmao:
If you want to see the fingers bend as well, here you go [link]
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Oops, that should be really, not breally!
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Wow, this is breally, really good! It must have been very difficult to do, particularly to make it fit literally like a glove! Great job!
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Thank you! :D
I had to try it on in between a lot to make sure it fit (not that I'd know where to wear it, it's not as if I'm some kind of Michael Jackson, a knight or even a butcher :lmao:).
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