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Side story: Oops.

Princess Twilight Sparkle tapped on the doorjamb. “Spike?”          “Yeah?” The dragon looked up from one of his cherished comic books.          “Starlight and I will be going into town in a little while. Could you take care of a few things for me while I’m out?”          “Sure, Twilight! After all, I’m your number-one assistant, right?”          Twilight giggled. “Right. Anyway, I’ve made a list.” A sheet, not overly long for once, floated to him, surrounded with her characteristic magenta glow of levitation.          He reached up and pulled it out of the air
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I’m a freelance graphic designer and production artist doing business as Catspaw DTP LLC in Silicon Valley, California.

My career started in the late 1980s, before the Web existed, during the waning days of hot wax and paste-up boards. At first I worked on monthly magazines, and they along with books remain my favorite projects. These days, however, I’m more likely to be working on marketing collateral, packaging, or instruction sheets and booklets.

This gallery displays personal projects and provides an outlet for my sense of whimsy. A more formal portfolio of past work can be found at my professional Web site, a link to which is below.

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For once I have something vaguely approaching a budget, so I’m exploring the possibility of commissioning artwork related to Twin Canterlots. Following is a list of specific items I have in mind. Primary interest: turnaround sheets Each of these would include multiple full-body views—generally front, back, and side, optionally with an additional figure in an alternate outfit—along with a bust and the usual ancillary material, such as colors and cutie mark if any. I am open to the possibility of combining multiple list entries into a single sheet, if that is feasible (for example, a show-style sheet of a character in both human and pony forms). In addition, I would want to secure permission to incorporate elements of the sheet(s) in frontispiece or “cover” art for existing and new stories on Fimfiction (and cross-posted here on Deviantart), including due credit for the artist. In priority order: Sheet for Cookie Pusher in show style Sheet for Rose Brass in show style Sheet for Cookie
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Not unless and until there is a viable alternative—but if that happens, I definitely would consider doing so. In my view, boycotting Deviantart will hurt the artists depending on it for contact with potential clients far more than leaving will hurt the company.
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Protest art

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If you don’t like Eclipse, you are welcome to use a banner I’ve created for people to slap on their profile page as “cover art”; I’m using it myself.
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Hello! Thank you for watching o/

I lost an archive drive, and had to replace my Sun & Moon data so I can make more sets.

I remember your gallery having a link to someone's in-development computer version, too. But I can't find it.

Was I mistaken? Or was it removed? And if it is there, may I ask where I should look for it?|

(I tried a Google search, but Pokemon-related entries crowded out anything that may have led anywhere.)

So instead you’re trying to piggyback on other people’s accounts to advertise your project? That’s a form of freeloading, especially since you dropped this message without even a by-your-leave. My attention was elsewhere, or I would have addressed this sooner. Congratulations; you got your free advertising for a week or two. But I can’t let it continue.

All right. That wasn't my intention anyway, and I'm sorry I upset you.

I've gotten the same interpretation from Baron-Engel, (who I legitimately irritated with other things.) However, I was simply extending individual invitations... because I couldn't figure out how to spread the word.

I promise: it was a clumsy attempt to attract your attention, in hope my idea would appeal to you. Nothing more.

I was browsing mlp and came across the tabletop games which look cool, love the artwork too!
Thanks very much!