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I’m a freelance graphic designer and production artist doing business as Catspaw DTP LLC in Silicon Valley, California.

My career started in the late 1980s, before the Web existed, during the waning days of hot wax and paste-up boards. At first I worked on monthly magazines, and they along with books remain my favorite projects. These days, however, I’m more likely to be working on marketing collateral, packaging, or instruction sheets and booklets.

This gallery displays personal projects and provides an outlet for my sense of whimsy. A sampling of past professional work can be found at my business Web site.

On the list of stock magic items in D&D fifth edition, wondrous items, as a category, outnumber all other types put together! That’s . . . bad organizational practice, very like “other” or “miscellaneous” being more than half of a pie chart. As a possible remedy, I split up wondrous items into new, more useful and manageable, types a DM can use, added them to the list, and generated a new document. Necessarily, of course, this required a fair amount of reformatting and abbreviating, but I believe all the truncations should be obvious in context. (If not, please let me know.) Other folks may disagree with my choices, and may want to lump and split items differently—in which case I encourage them to draw up their own novel item types. However, I do recommend following the apparent precedent established by the extant types, categorizing items by what they normally appear to be. By the numbers There are 378 total items on the stock list. Of these, 196 or 52% are wondrous items, and the
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What next?

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So what other quick-reference game aids would folks like to see for D&D fifth edition? Might as well continue the streak!
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The other day I got a most unusual e-mail message from a French collector of video games. He’s looking for information about box-cover artists of various games from the early 1990s, and pinged me because I was art director of Computer Gaming World magazine . . . thirty years ago! I told him I didn’t have any information of that sort, but he was welcome to send the box images he mentioned, and I would see what I could dig up. He did, and I looked them over. Some looked familiar, some didn’t, but as I expected I had nothing. And so I thought I’d reach out to see what I could turn up. Rather than bombard people with image files, however, I compiled a text list of the fifteen games, which follows. Battle Bugs (Sierra) Captain Blood (Infogrames/Mindscape Inc) Cruise for a Corpse (US Gold) Flashback: The Quest for Identity (SSI) Incredible Machine, The (Sierra) Incredible Machine 2, The (Sierra) Jungle Strike (Electronic Arts) King’s Quest VII (Sierra) Mechwarrior (Activision) MegaRace
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Thank you most kindly for the watch, I appreciate it greatly!:aww:

Deviant Watch

Hello! Thank you for watching o/

I lost an archive drive, and had to replace my Sun & Moon data so I can make more sets.

I remember your gallery having a link to someone's in-development computer version, too. But I can't find it.

Was I mistaken? Or was it removed? And if it is there, may I ask where I should look for it?|

(I tried a Google search, but Pokemon-related entries crowded out anything that may have led anywhere.)

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So instead you’re trying to piggyback on other people’s accounts to advertise your project? That’s a form of freeloading, especially since you dropped this message without even a by-your-leave. My attention was elsewhere, or I would have addressed this sooner. Congratulations; you got your free advertising for a week or two. But I can’t let it continue.

All right. That wasn't my intention anyway, and I'm sorry I upset you.

I've gotten the same interpretation from Baron-Engel, (who I legitimately irritated with other things.) However, I was simply extending individual invitations... because I couldn't figure out how to spread the word.

I promise: it was a clumsy attempt to attract your attention, in hope my idea would appeal to you. Nothing more.

I was browsing mlp and came across the tabletop games which look cool, love the artwork too!