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wolf but its just this tiny dog instead

I was gonna make a wolf.
I did not make a wolf.

Also YAY PJ's not dead! Hi y'all, long time no see (:
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FINAALLYYYYY SOMEONE WHO HAS SHOWN THE SIBERIAN HUSKY SIDE OF THIS BREEEEEEDDDDD! (Speaking as someone who has owned Dachshunds her entire life and gets mildly offended by the cute overly friendly portrayal of this breed).

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I am intimidated by a tiny dog
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my friend has a dog named Frankie

but hes one of those grey bearded bois

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seeing dachshund characters makes me SO HAPPY

she's a feisty lil lass! I love her +7+ def a typical dox hehe

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The character traits are definitely what a dachshund would be like!