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okay so i impulsively deactivated my account for like 2 days because I'm having a time, but anyways, i'm chill (i'm hanging out at a back up account idk if i'll be back here or not)
im not a girl
love u be safe kiddos
okay so here's the news: my computer's suffered considerate water damage and is slowly dying and i'm save for a new one th
  • my screen's display is skewed and (i'm already colour blind) so colours are even more skewed and honestly, considering i primarily use my computer for art this kills the man (me)
  • my usb ports are faulty (which makes it a pain in the ass when it combs to flash drives, where i save the majority of my files, because i can't save much to my actual computer it'll lag and i could lose it to easily)
  • the model of lenovo i have is, a piece of shit quite frankly. the sound card is faulty and frequently i have no sound at all/it glitches and sometimes, like screams. which is as terrifying as it sounds
  • trackpad issues, sometimes it just ceases working, normally im okay because i have my tablet but more recently my tablet becomes unresponsive as well and my entire computer freezes and crashes out of the blue
my parents used the entirety of our insurance claim on a new couch so i'm basically left to try and raise funding for a new computer myself!
so!! :

please consider commissioning me!

i have an updated price list here and things are negotiable!! i'll draw whatever you want, as long as it's not porn (i'm a minor)
i'm also still offering single character/waist up drawings for a discountd price of $15 !

my email and pay pal is, please contact me either here on dA, my tumblr or via email if you're interested!

thanku for ur time and i'd really appreciate if you guys could help spread this : " ) i don't know how much longer this computer will last.
HEY im offering $15 single character/waist-up/simple bgs bc i need money for school clothes B) hmu if ur interested

here's some examples:
piper by catshops  not a part of these walls anymore by catshops

actually that is false this fact is not fun at all. action script 3 is not fun at all i coded half this fucking game myself before i realized flash had code snippets available for my use i am so mad
my son pvledog is in need of some help please check out there journal and commissions if u can, they're a real neat artist and it's deff worth it B) ==> <da:thumb id="544563743"/>
im developing psychic powers or something and prdicting future events via my dreams, this is some fucked up fringe shit what the hell
i just finished editing the next chapter of and the dim streets they haunt, it's 17 pages and i made a cover page for the comic ill start posting them maybe tomorrow i hope ur ready for a shit ton of comics
okay so some of u might know this but i'm dyslexic and my spellings like shit because of it, i also don't know my left from right and don't ask me to do math
most of the time things are chill because google chrome has a built in spell check, but any art i do involving words, does not, you can't spell check your art so

if u ever notice i make a spelling error in my art work i would appreciate if you'd let me know, i won't see it as rude or anything and it would rly help me out thank u

have a great day
first a q: what shit should i draw more of. are there any specific ocs people like and would want to see more of. please talk to me bc i strive on attention

now life updates:
  • it's been summer for like 2 weeks yehaw
  • I'm still gay and now i can get married to whoever i want for tax benefits
  • i got new coloured pencils : ))))))
  • i've spent 200+ on art supplies in the past month hahahahahaAHAHAHAHA
  • i finally have time to work on webcomic stuff i might post some sneak peak stuff here
  • i've remade the cast page for said webcomic like, 3 times now. unbelievable
  • emotionally i've been kinda weird lately but we're working on it. rip
  • im actually talking to to people, like online. yehaw
  • i have summer art assignments for ap art I love to burn
  • i caught 2 frogs the other day and only 1 peed on me : ^)
advice from catshop: brush ur teeth or you'll get them pulled out and you'll suffer like me bc u eat to much damn candy and hate the devil paste

have a good day kids : 3c
channeling my 7th grade self, I can see death
i managed to reply to all 70+ comment stacks, all 300+ comments, dating back to last summer. i done did it
im crying
im gonna reply to all these comments soon thank you everyone who leaves them i rly appreciate then im just a goob and it takes me a bit to work myself up to replying most of the time, i love u all thank you

also: i don't remember making that journal asking people to tweet ellen and ask her to buy me gumballs but Thank you none the less to everyone who did ur gr8
i need eeryone to @ ellen degeneres on twitter for me and Ask ellen to buy me $2 worth (thats 8) gumballs

please buy me 8 gumballs ellen degeneres 
u should check out my commissions bc im a poor doll who likes nice quality art supplies
im gay
  •  u have a tumblr blog where i post a lot of shit and sometimes little doodles i dont post here and oc related things B) i am the most active on my tumblr
  • i also recently got a where im slowly adding in more oc shit
  • also an oc blog (there isn't much here yet, there is a complete list of my stories as well as a protaganist chart and some other stuff!)
  • there's also this news blog for weird things (the actual webcomic blog isn't all set up yet but when it is ill drop a link here to)
  • also i have a nabyn with isn't all to different from my deviantart? except my page is pretty
update time:
  • school is fr*cking terrible but im mostly on top of all my assignments? this is a thing thats never happened before
  • my only friend in school is my art teacher im a dweeb
  • my mom had heart surgery last monday and that went good?
  • im in a drawing class now so expect more traditional shit. like finished and nice traditional shit
  • i still don't like mayonaise
SO i recently made a nabyn! ===>

and i have an extra invite code! so i was wondering if any of my watchers had a extra code for maybe we could trade? B") im willing to throw in a lil drawing to