CLOSED - CONTEST! Make your cat a Superstar.

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Deviation Actions

:w00t: Hi, dear Members!  

I have very great news ! The Group is really back! The Folders will be created soon and to celebrate it, CatsFans is organising a Super Contest!:

Make your cat a Superstar!

The new Group's mascot!

We'll be asking you the best picture of your cat that you have ever took, the cutest, the most beautiful! Then, the best one will be choosen to create the new avatar of CatsFans...

To participate you have to:

:bulletpink: Be a Member.
:bulletpink: Submit only one photograph.
:bulletpink: The deviation can be old or new.
:bulletpink: The deviation must mention "Deviation for CatsFans Contest 'Make your cat a superstar' and the CatsFans's icon in the description.
:bulletpink: The deviation will be automatically approved to the Contest Folder, so choose it well.
:bulletpink: If the deviation that you want submit is already in the Group, you can remove and resubmit it in the Contest Folder.
:bulletpink: You have to submit your entry in this Folder: Make your cat a Superstar.

:bulletred: Deadline : Closed

:bulletorange: :bulletyellow: PRIZES :bulletyellow: :bulletorange:

:date: CatsFans needs prizes for this Contest.
Donations are very welcome! If you can give a Journal feature, Llamas or Points, mention it in a comment! :hug:

:trophy: First Place :trophy:

The picture will be the new avatar of CatsFans.

EleaLaFleur gives a Journal feature.
LoByteSo gives 50 points and a Llama badge.

:trophy: Second place :trophy:

EleaLaFleur gives a Journal feature.
LoByteSo gives 30 points and a Llama badge.

:trophy: Third place :trophy:

EleaLaFleur gives a Journal feature.
LoByteSo gives 20 points and a Llama badge.

:heart: Thanks to follow us, we love you and your kitties! :heart:
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niekje-chan's avatar
Is the winner chosen already? :S :S :S
Konarika's avatar
Is this ever going to be finished? ^^'
GabiAngelo's avatar
So... where's the result? Nuu 
CosmicKitten89's avatar
Oh no!  I'm too late?
LoByteSo's avatar
... 5 years later...
Lars-Seelenfresser's avatar
I'm gonna participate! c:
but I'm not in the group..i have joined..but i must wait for the ok xD
sorry for the bad english ^^"
EleaLaFleur's avatar
Welcolme ! :hug: And good luck ;) 
ForeverMuffin's avatar
I'm gonna participate!!! This sounds like fun :33
Alkhumeia's avatar
:D nice I'll enter this contest
Milena-Zaremba's avatar
I hope the deadline won't be tomorrow, I have some things to do but would really like to upload a photo of my kitty soon C:
EleaLaFleur's avatar
The deadline is not fixed yet, we'll waiting to have enough pictures to fix it. So mo worries, take your time to do the best pic ;) 
LoByteSo's avatar
I will give points to the winners:
- first place: 50 points + llama
- second place: 30 points + llama
- third place 20: points + llama

EleaLaFleur's avatar
LoByteSo's avatar
LoByteSo's avatar
Good luck to every body and also to the group! :-)
Malkalady's avatar
Same, thought I was a member :D
SJArt117's avatar
Ooooh I'd love to enter! ^^

But for some reason, although I was a member, i can't rejoin! Please can you invite me to members? =3
EleaLaFleur's avatar
I just sent you an invit ;) 
SJArt117's avatar
Wooo! Thanks a lot!
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