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♡ Wendy and Kathryn ♡
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
#3heart [F2U] by Alsuha #3heart [F2U] by Alsuha #3heart [F2U] by Alsuha #3heart [F2U] by Alsuha #3heart [F2U] by Alsuha

ʷᵉᶰᵈʸ ᵃᶰᵈ ᵏᵃᵗʰʳʸᶰ | ᶤˢᶠʲ ☢

#3heart [F2U] by Alsuha #3heart [F2U] by Alsuha #3heart [F2U] by Alsuha #3heart [F2U] by Alsuha #3heart [F2U] by Alsuha
Hello, welcome to my Deviantart page!
We play io games with the names Mackenzie, Commander, boinsoin, and Oganesson.

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Journal History


- Flerovium (INTJ)

Isn't good at small talk, hates stupid assumptions, and considers her sister Lead to be one of her biggest role models besides the plumber's crack she possesses.

- Silicon (INTJ)

Is not slutty like her sister Carbon, likes the internet/computers, good at analyzing information, and is kind of a loner.

- Krypton (INTP)

Claims to be the smartest Noble Gas, but ruined her voice by singing like shit (she thinks it's not her fault though).

- Kesha (ENTP)

Was an egotistical brat with the Monster High ghouls but as she distanced herself away from them (especially Lagoona), she realized that she is actually quite knowledgeable and only counts Mackenzie as her best friend.

- Nickel (ENTP)

Says that she is proud of being a part of a privileged majority with enough money to survive, but also wasted a precious month on trying to troll the Monster High ghouls.

- Nitrogen (INFJ)

Is seen as enigmatic towards the majority of the Elements but not dumb or unintelligent, because they know that she can see right through you, catch lies, and know your deepest emotions.

- Livermorium (INFJ)

She can be critical at her worst, and once got kicked out of a bar for yelling about how she thinks Darmstadtium is cheating on her with Sulfur, even though she's mainly assuming.

- Palladium (xNFP)

She is Platinum's sister, and is the one that stands out as being the nicest although she is childish for her age, snobby, and can yell in your face too.

- Antimony (ENFP)

Is scatterbrained and a blabbermouth, but thought that she was an introvert because she 'hated' people.


- Arsenic (ISTJ)

She is extremely past oriented and wishes that things were like the way before, has hard hugs, plus frequently chats with Antimony when she wants to talk with someone.

- Argon (ISTJ)

Almost the oldest Noble Gas, he is stoic but pretends to be concerned for his sister Oganesson (truth reveals soon when Kesha realizes that he is just mocking her issues).

- Rhodium (ISTJ)

Claims to be a logical precious metal but then sues gossip writers for writing a bit of criticism about her.

- Oxygen (ISFJ)

As a very popular and well liked Life Essential, she can easily be a target for jealousy and petty insults but even with that she still tries to keep her reputation in good condition and makes others underestimate her fiery temper.

- Xenon (ISFJ)

As an unhealthy ISFJ, Xenon says that she's nice but then insults others for the name of defending the Noble Gases.

- Silver (ISFJ)

Speaks with a flat voice and also cleaned up her reputation by deleting boob videos on Instagram.

- Gold (ESTJ)

As the wealthy leader of the Element Gang, she is secretive about a plethora of things which includes her actual age in order to protect her reputation.

- Mackenzie (ESTJ)

She is hardworking and best friends with Kesha, although like Kesha she was arrogant and egotistical until she stopped in late 2016 when she stopped having contact with Ghoulia.

- Platinum (ESTJ)

Rich and great at handling money but can be very stuck-up and arrogant, not caring about the people below her or her family's preciousness ranking.

- Chlorine (ESTJ)

Perceived as a good person and 'trying to care' by the Alkali Metals and most of the Halogens but is a close-minded, clean-freak, asshole towards everyone else.

- Helium (ESFJ)

Fell down in likability after she got exposed for being pompous and having a fake persona, but is currently trying to change for the better.

- Bromine (ISTP)

Is extremely picky with food but always tries to hide her habits so that no other Halogens yell at her, preferring stuff with brominated vegetable oil.

- Radon (ISTP)

Always loves and supports his sister Oganesson but sometimes enables her too, Argon wishes that he'll be more strict.

- Oganesson (ISTP)

She is the odd one out of the Noble Gases since she is a synthetic element but learns how to stand up for herself after getting bullied for her bad backstory and mental illness.

- Francium (ISTP)

Broke up with Astatine in 2017 and now shows his true colours, that he's actually a contemptible Alkali Metal who's definitely too crazy.

- Phosphorus (ESTP)

Is quite different from her sister Nitrogen as she is a lot more in the moment and people-oriented, plus struggles with anger management issues like Oganesson.

- Praseodymium (ESTP)

Not relevant, so she is an attention whore and constantly does risky things for the sake of it.

- Fluorine (ESTP)

Is a very earthy, raunchy slut who is constantly bonding, touching herself and thinking whether her teeth are clean or not.

- Astatine (ISFP)

Very sensitive and is constantly picked on by Chlorine for it, it is highly likely that she is a highly sensitive person (HSP), plus she broke up with Francium in 2017.

- Carbon (ISFP)

Is the molecular slut on the table that cares about the life of others, but even when she's very kind she can also be self-absorbed.

- Hydrogen (ESFP)

Is very hyper and sexual and is usually very optimistic and full of energy.

- Anthony (ESFP)

Stupid guy who can't keep a relationship and has went with, tried to go with, or flirted with Kesha, Mouscedes King, Luna Mothews, Carbon, Nitrogen, etc.

- Dashiee (ESFP)

Another stupid guy who can't keep a relationship and has went with, tried to go with, or flirted with Gooliope, Sanguine, Mackenzie, Californium, etc.

- Polonium (ESFP)

An adult who acts like a troubled teen and is jealous of her popular and beautiful sister Oxygen. 

- Sulfur (ESFP)

Is best friends and in a relationship with Phosphorus plus she tries to act like an asshole but really is sensitive towards a lot of things. 
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