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Redclaw's Legacy Chapter 7Red woke in her den once more. Her head was ringing, she shook it trying to clear it and figure out what was going on that had caused her abrupt return to wakefulness. However a sharp pain on her neck caused her to freeze, she slowly turned to look as best she could. Only to see blood seeping down her side, trailing from the shallow scratch marks on her shoulder and flank. More blood welled from a wound on her neck she couldn't see. The Ever Forest came flooding back, the strange brown tom that had attacked her. With her memories came pain, she'd had battle training once before but nothing had prepared her for this. She tried to rise to her feet, but her whole body felt shaky and she slumped back down again.The noise alerted Tussle who was sleeping nearby, he blinked open his eyes, yawning sleepily before they widened in alarm as he spotted Red. "What happened!" His shocked yowl woke the other den mates, and suddenly her brother Ember was at her side, after a quick panicked glance he started licking at her wounds to calm the bleeding. Red was relieved as it helped ease the stiffness and pain slightly. Slash came into view, blinking stunned before seemingly snapping out of it with a shake."I'll get a healer." He yelped before racing out of the den. The sudden movement around him seemed to pull Tussle into action, who stepped forwards and helped Ember clean the wounds. Red sunk back into her nest trying not to whimper in pain, trying to understand what happened. The brown tom had attacked her, but that was a dream, how was she now awake and injured. Before she could think much on it, Slash returned followed by Flurry who was carrying a small bundle of herbs, the two hurried over to Red, Flurry placed the herbs down at the side of the nest."Back up, give me space." She hissed sharply before looking Red over, sniffing and poking at the scratches. Once she had finished assessing the wounds, she grabbed some sharp smelling leaves from her herb bundle and chewed them up before licking them into Red's cuts. Red flattened her ears and tried not to curl her lip at the sting, once Flurry had spread the poultice over her injuries she began carefully covering them with cobwebs. The other apprentices watched wide eyes, Ember in particular seemed spooked, his hair sticking up on end. As Flurry stepped back the entrance to the den ruffled once more as Juniper came in, leading Char and Digs behind her."Oh good, you've sorted the injury. Does she need to move to our den?" Juniper mewed sharply, barely glancing at Red before focusing on Flurry."No, the scratches are big but shallow. The bite on her neck will need another poultice tomorrow to prevent infection but Red is young, strong and she'll be fine with a little rest." Flurry flicked her tail dismissively, the two healers seeming unfazed by the Red's sudden injuries."Good, I will inform Envy that Red is to rest today. I believe her intention was for you to continue your lessons in our clan history, which will be unaffected by your injuries. Juniper if you could see Red received some prey and water. Flurry I thank you for your assistance with her injuries." The two healers nodded at Char before moving to follow his word, leaving the den without a glance back. "Digs will take the other apprentices, their day has waited long enough" Digs stepped forward, eyes narrowed sternly at the apprentices who all turned to look nervously at him."Come little warriors, you've slacked off long enough. A little blood is something you all must get used to, and some battle training today will be sure to help with that." His eyes gleamed as he herded the apprentices out of the den, Ember shooting one last worried glance back at Red before disappearing with the others. Red couldn't help but feel it was becoming a regular occurrence, to watch her denmates leave without her. She slumped back into her nest dejectedly, her ears pricking at the faint chuckle in response. Char padded over to stand beside her, alone in the den now he gently licked the top of her head soothingly."You're all right little one, the wounds are not as bad as they feel. It hurts so much because you have no pain to compare it to, but you have a true warrior's fire, I've seen it in you since the moment you were born. The first time you opened your eyes they blazed and I knew you were going to be better than all of us." Char purred softly, nuzzling his muzzle gently against Red's. She felt warmed by his words and allowed herself to relax, Char always seemed so strict and fierce in his duties as deputy but since they were little he's always shown this secret little softness for her and Ember. At the sound of footsteps outside the entrance Char pulled away and turned to face Envy as she entered the den."Thank you Char, I can handle this from here." With a dismissive flick of her tail she sent Char out of the den, who politely nodded to the two she cats before heading off to continue his duties as clan deputy. Envy turned back to Red, walking over and giving her an intense appraisal, before sitting beside her nest. "So your first trip to the Ever Forest was a rough one, what happened after we left you? Join a bit too advanced battle session?" Her voice lifted on a purr at the end as though amused by the situation. Red straightened up as best she could to face her mother, ignoring the way it made her wounds sting."Another cat attacked me. I was about to follow you all when he jumped on me from the side, he pinned me down and bit me. He seemed to hate me, but I didn't know him." Red tried to think what the cat had said to her, something about Redclan being weak or did he say Redclaw? She puzzled over the faded memory for a moment before Envy drew her attention back with a soft hiss. "Sorry, I woke up when he bit me. I don't really know what he wanted.""What did this cat look like?" Envy's mew was light but there was an intense look in her eyes. Red frowned to focus on details."He was big and dark brown, he had lots of scars, including a big one down his muzzle. I think his eyes were green." Red shook her head unable to remember more before looking at Envy, surprised to see her tail lashing and lips curled in disgust."When we first formed Redclan there were some fools who stood against us, echoes of Bloodclan who thought they could dictate as Scourge one did. Bark was one such fool, he died fighting Redclan, he failed then but it seems he is too mousebrained even in death to know when he is beaten!" Rising, Envy slapped her tail down once more. Snarling at the air and digging her claws in like she was readying for a fight. "Tomorrow we pick up your battle training, the next time you encounter Bark in the Ever Forest you will win!" With a final hiss, Envy stalked out of the den. Leaving Red wide eyed behind her, her mother wanted her to go back and fight the large tom who had attacked her? But how she was so small, what could she possibly do to beat him or even match him. Red wished that strange blue she-cat was here once more, she seemed to know so much, perhaps she would know what to do now. Stretching in her den, she tried to rise to her paws once more, after a few shaky attempts she was able to stand, her shoulder screamed in protest but she pushed through the pain; determined to not fail her mother or her clan. As she glanced down she saw several small grooves in the earth beside her nest, perfect sharp lines where her mother’s claws had cut through the earth. Placing her paw over the indents, Red flexed her own claws, watching as they left nothing but the tiniest spot in the dirt, and her stomach sank once more. It just didn't make sense in her head, looking down at her tiny red paws, how was she to be some great prophecies leader? How was she supposed to be a strong fierce warrior, what if everyone was wrong. She was too small to hunt a rabbit by herself; how could she be expected to fight a full grown warrior. The blue she-cat had said that in the other clans they didn’t become apprentices until they were six moons old, Red wasn’t even four moons old yet. She had barely begun her group training before they had been bumped up to apprentices, was it true that she shouldn’t even be an apprentice yet?Shaking her head, Red realised that nothing would be gained by sitting here and puzzling, she had questions and someone in this clan was going to answer them. Red stepped towards the entrance, almost bumping into Juniper as she returned to the den carrying a thrush. Red quickly stepped back out of the way as Juniper put the thrush down and narrowed her eyes at Red, moving to block the entrance she scowled.“I distinctly recall you being told to rest for today and continue your training tomorrow, I’m sure Envy will return soon to proceed with your lesson. Now eat up and return to your den, we don’t have time to redress your wounds should you reopen them by messing about like a kit.” Juniper scolded, flattening her ears in disapproval; she waited and watched as Red settled to eat the thrush before turning and leaving. Red watched as she left before frowning, she couldn’t just sit here all day, there was still so much she needed to know. Glancing down at the thrush she’d barely nibbled, she flicked her paw at a lone feather causing it to float in the air and land on her nose, the funny smell to the bird caused her to sneeze, it smelled like it was freshly caught. Juniper must have got it straight from the morning hunting patrol as they returned to camp, for a moment Red felt guilty at the consideration Juniper had given her despite her prickly disposition. However she quickly shook off the guilt, before carefully rolling on top of her food, causing it to squish and become considerably less appetising, Red also felt the cobwebs across her side shift, as she almost dislodged it as she rolled onto her back, smearing the blood and scent of the thrush across her fur. Hoping it would be enough.Standing once more, Red stepped over the now squished and broken bird, she crept to the entrance of the apprentice den and peeked outside. Glancing round, she noted that luckily the clearing was mostly empty, she saw Juniper’s tail disappear into the healer's den. Red quietly snuck out of her den, sticking to the edge of camp she silently made her way towards the entrance tunnel, listening closely for her clanmates so she could hide and avoid detection should anyone appear. Reaching the entrance she froze, on the outside of the camp Red could just make out Cora’s russet striped pelt sat just on the far side of the entrance tunnel, keeping watch. For a moment Red panicked, unsure of what to do, backing up she stumbled, jerking her head round in case anyone had heard, she came eye to eye with Husky emerging from the dirtplace. Seeing her Husky frowned, her eyes scanning the pathed up wounds, she looked towards the apprentice den, before flicking her eyes towards the leader’s den; sniffing the air it was clear Envy and Red Rain were just inside. Husky turned back to Red who was frozen, terrified of the trouble she was in. However Husky blinked warmly and stepped further into the shadows on the edge of camp, gently pulling Red with her, she lowered her muzzle until red could feel her breath on her ears.“You know Sky used to tell me stories of his apprentice days, of how he and Brick would get themselves into so much trouble, sneaking out of camp, although no one ever learned that they got out under the broken fence in the dirtplace tunnel.” Husky whispered into Red’s ear, leaning back to look her in the eyes once more, before winking. Husky straightened and trotted calmly across the camp back towards the nursery, clumsily and noisily due to her swollen belly. Blinking surprised, Red acted before her chance was gone and used the noise Husky was making to dart into the dirtplace, heading to the fence at the back she nosed along the edges before finding a spot where the twoleg vines were bent and twisted out of shape. Leaving a gap just big enough for an apprentice. Red wiggled out, glancing round delighted at having escaped from the camp without being caught. She glanced back and smiled, thinking of Sky having used the same exit to sneak out, she wondered how many apprentices of Redclan had since come through here. Scenting the air to make sure no one else was around, Red hurried on her way, following the route around camp she had taken just yesterday, until she came once more to Fallow’s den.Red had so many questions, and she hoped Fallow might have the answers.
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Hey y'all! Alex here. I'm here to share something that @JulianSchratter brought to my attention. DeviantART made this tutorial on drawing a cat, and, for every entry, there will be a sum of money donated to Humane Society. This is super cool, and I thought it could interest this community a ton. I plan to make an entry soon, I just got to take some stuff out of day first because I'm busy with work and studies. Check it out, it could be very cool!
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