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I'm a female artist who draws cats in her free time, but is also learning how to draw wolves. I'm a vegetarian, and don't approve of eating meat, but won't flinch away if you wave it in my face. My favorite color is red, my fursona's name is Catrican and I'm going into High School as a Freshman this year.
.: All About Catrican :.

Well, hello! It seems that you have stumbled onto my wonderful page! And you are reading my wonderful Journal! Well, thanks for taking the time to get an interest in my art! I'm a girl, I'll tell you that. I live in North America, close to Canada (eh?). I'm right now just out of some kind of grade...and I just finished a major part of my education. I have 3 pets at the moment.

A cat named Gulliver is my favorite pet, he is very lazy and likes to sleep. He's black with a white belly and a white spot in between his eyes, and has white paws and deep-set dark green eyes. I have another cat named Maximillion, who is a scardy cat, all because he was abused as a kitten. He's Gulliver's brother, and he has a brownish-gray coat with faint dark brown tabby stripes and a white belly, white paws and dark blue eyes. He's always yowling for his brother, and they're both Main Coons, so their frickin' huge, and like to sleep on top of your feet in the middle of Summer. I also have a Guinea Pig named Shampoo, and he's dark chocolate brown with black eyes, and he's HUGE, and is always standing still and squeaking at you. He used to have a brother named Conditioner, but he died.

My dad is a photographer, but is not for hire outside of family occasions. He just got a new digital camera for his birthday. He's always joking and making me laugh, but also likes to make puns so bad that you just kick him, then he says ow, and continues to laugh at his own joke. My mom is a little bit more subtle. She laughs whenever she is nervous, and so if you try and take something seriously, she'll break out in laughter, which is very annoying. She's really nice, has no fashion sense, and I constantly want to murder her, with love.

I, though, am very short. Not dwarf short, but about my mom's height. I like getting expensive things, and hate that my computer refuses to load half the sites I go on, but it's amazing at drawing on the computer, being a Dell Precision. I have a red iPod, and a red LG Shine that I got off of E-bay. I have two best friends, one is Kami who thinks she's god, and one is Ero, someone who is so pure, I had to explain what guys thoughts are like when they look at her. I, on the other hand, are a shota-loving otaku who pairs up male Anime characters, and reads Warriors which inspired me to draw cats. I love Cheetos, and can never eat too much, and I am Vegetarian, because the thought of eating a cow that was slaughtered is slightly...disturbing. I like murder mysteries, blood and violence, and my worst fear is dying a slow and painful death. I was born in July, so...yep. Sometimes I flatter myself and others, just for fun, and I love to draw and read, listen to Japanese music, etc.

.: My Stand-still Life :.

Sorry for not updating! My computer suddenly hates DA, so I need to use my friend's laptop. X3
School stared a few months ago, tell the truth...I'm not doing so well. I'm not so good at Biology as I thought I would be. But, I did make a lot of friends, and now belong to sort of a 'fanfiction writing, otaku, geeky, book-reading' possie.
I'm also working on some new plots for Pokemon RPs, so keep tuned for me to upload some pics of my characters in it.

.: Upcoming Things - September 2009 :.

- Bo, bo, bo. I'll update this later. ;3 -

.: To-Do List :.

Learn how to draw -

Running horse
Horse from the front
Neighing horse
Rearing horse
Kicking horse

Bird in flight

.: Works in Progress :.

ChickenSmoothie -

Fanart for the Kii / Xii project.

.: Friends :.

:iconhotfuzzrules: :iconrexyisashark:

.: People I Admire :.

:iconhotfuzzrules: :iconnatsumewolf: :iconinvadertigerstar: :iconla-malkavian: :iconrexyisashark:
  • Listening to: Lugia's Song
  • Reading: Speak
  • Watching: Noein / Sengoku Basara / Kannon
  • Playing: Pokemon Emerald
  • Eating: Hershey Kisses
  • Drinking: All-Natural Fruit Soda


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