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finally updated 29 nnov 2018 with a new id picture


Name. callisto j. praxidike
Nickname. nova
Class/Tier. midtier patrol

Gender. nonbinary
Pronoun. they/he
Sexuality. Uhhhh despite him having pride art as a demisexual panromantic i am unsure (but like for the most part hes not strictly attracted to one gender)
Age. 21
Sector. 11
Job. police kinda thing
Height. 5’11

Personality. well meaning kinda self centered, like hes not selfless but isnt conceited and helps ppl when he wants. lazy kid
History. soon
Likes. space, aqualins, candy, mysteries/theories, sleeping ofc
Dislikes. having to follow orders, realistic organs/gore,
Other. tba

Relationships. rn
-farosh owned by me : partner mayb
-peryite owned by me : coworker/mutual
more tba always

Type of rp preferred. i dont rp im sorry
TOTAL PIXELS CURRENTLY/// 5600 something


nova/art (c) me
his design and species (c) oujikyuu/aerolin-assembly

sorry for being dead btw
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