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True Bravery


download please

"Bravery is being the only one who knows you're afraid."
-Franklin P. Jones

I made this for the bravery contest. Yea I highly doubt that I will win. But hey. I tried. x3 This was a good challenge for me. I have never used so much stock before. xD Meh. Oh yea and in case you didn't know, red is a very brave color. ;P I looked it up. And that's why I made the blindfold a deep red. I was originally going to cover it with blood stains but.... xD

horse :: ~BillTokioHotel
cliff :: =night-fate-stock
shark :: ~LG-Design
stingray :: ~mossi889
fish :: ~An-Image
blindfold :: *intergalacticstock
underwater :: ~winkstock
waves ::
splash :: *FrostBo
sky :: =night-fate-stock

phew I think I got all of them.... if you don't think I did, let me know!

other info
tools of the trade :: Wacom Bamboo Craft, Photoshop Elements 8
time wasted spent :: 8+ hours :faint:
layers :: too many

Copyright Notice
All works are copyrighted to me aka 9avenue. My work may not be reproduced, copied, edited, published, transmitted or uploaded in any way without my written permission. My work does not belong to the public. My work is not stock. Any violation will result in copyright law punishment. Thanks! :3
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Gorgeous. Just.gorgeous.
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Thank you so much. :happycry:
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It's so...perfect. Wow. Do you think you'd make people a "manipulation" like this? I could pay all my points I have left (about 10) if you could. This is so perfect. I am STUNNED. Wow.
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How many points do you have left over? I actually quit making manipulations for the public, but lately I've been wanting to try one again. Usually I charge about 40 points, but I'll make a huge discount and make one for however many points you have left. :meow: Of course then I couldn't do a complex one. (Something like this would be complex.) And thank you so much! If you are interested, then note me!
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I have 20 points left (: thanks a ton
Barrelracer4321's avatar
I got more I have 89 points would that be enough for a complex?
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