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Journal Entry: Sat Nov 27, 2010, 6:34 AM
  • Listening to: Northern Stranglethorn jungle noises
  • Reading: omens
  • Playing: World of Warcraft
  • Eating: buttered noodles with minced garlic
  • Drinking: fresh brewed green tea & honey

Studio Lighting the Nude Workshop - May 22 in PA

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 13, 2010, 9:50 AM
  • Listening to: purring
  • Reading: omens
  • Drinking: H20

because cats come back

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 17, 2010, 6:16 AM
  • Listening to: purring
  • Reading: omens
  • Drinking: H20
my likeness is appearing in the July issue of Heavy Metal Magazine, by way of Anthony Palumbo's "Three of Cups" tarot card painting. :boogie:

the issue is currently hitting the newsstands!

  • Listening to: galloping kittens
  • Reading: omens
  • Drinking: H20
last night was the opening of Olaf :iconorsphoto: and Scott's :iconsilverystars: show "Contrasts" at the Monsoon Gallery in Bethlehem, PA.

excellent night! the place was packed with people. champagne was flowing! I saw lots of friends and made some new ones. in the most surreal moment of the evening, Olaf walked over to me and said that the mayor of Bethlehem wanted to have his picture taken with us in front of Olaf's "Steel Nudes" shots. nice guy, the mayor. I felt a bit strange posing with him in front of a naked photo of me, though. of course I requested a copy of the shot be emailed to me. :D

for anyone interested in checking out the exhibit, it's running through March 31. here's the address: Monsoon Gallery, 11 East 3rd Street Bethlehem, PA 18015
  • Listening to: my kitty singing :)
  • Reading: omens
  • Drinking: H20
in less than a week, high speed internet will finally reach my neck of the cornfields, and I will be able to retire the brigade of chipmunks that currently power up my internet connection. I hope to be on here a wee bit more often after that. :boing:
  • Listening to: the time clock ticking
  • Reading: omens
  • Drinking: H20
in utero
in Vermont
in '73
inhaling on snowy morning
in February
in view of Lake Champlain

in limbo
in foster care
incapable of knowing
in whose arms I fed for 3 weeks

included as family
embraced as daughter and sister
in Jersey
until '78

in West Virginia
in forest
in stream
enchanted by nature's song
until '81

in Pennsylvania
in transition


in balance
in grace
in tune

into my own

  • Listening to: the purring of Romeo on my lap
  • Drinking: H20
two weeks ago, my beloved cat, Gabriel, passed away.

:heart: :heart:

I walk a delicate path between numbness and despair . . .

ten years together . . . he was the jester of the house, always playful, a touch clumsy, smart with his paws, he liked to climb up people and smoosh his nose into their ears (out of love, of course). he never let a crumb go to waste, he liked to sing at night (Dan likened his "singing voice" to that of a demented Appalachian girl wandering through the dark.) he was quick to purr, always happy to have his tummy rubbed, he loved his catnip, and he knew how to make me laugh.

he came to me as a stray (as with all my cats, he chose to find me). he was my happy, little man.

the other cats wonder where he has gone, and I am missing a piece of my heart . . .

  • Drinking: tears
I am a mixed breed French-Canadian/Scots-Irish/Blackfoot female, raised by a family of Slovenian/Polish/Czech people who are descended from circus folk. I kid you not.

I am here to delight your artistic taste buds with my unabashed Nori-ness. I am a raven haired, well-balanced, bendy type creature. my pleasure and my purpose is to work with creative minds in order to bring vision into being. I am a model, always willing to portray self and shades of self.

my every day adventures away from view include wrestling with domestic felines, canines, and house rabbits. for fun, I like to hula hoop naked. I am the quiet type, and an irrepressible goofball. I'm mischievous. I enjoy a challenge. when I grow up I want to be a scientist, and so I'm working toward a degree in Biology. as of September 22, 2007, I am happily married to my own true love. life is good. :)

it is important for me to mention that I am quite comfortable in my own skin and would never wear anyone else's - I never wear leather or fur products.

  • Listening to: the pipes tapping as the heat comes on
  • Watching: snow falling
  • Drinking: water
I blame mjranum for luring me back here. truly, if the finger of blame is to be pointed at anyone, it would be him.

I've neglected my Deviant Art pages for so long that they practically knocked me over and chewed my face off when I logged in tonight. once I promised to spend more time here (and after I wiped the slobber off), the deviant beast settled back with a comfortable purr.