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The main focus of this group is human, humanoid or anthropomorphic characters who has catlike features, feline attributes. We are looking for good and the best pieces of art with humanoids felines of all kinds: domesticated, wild, large, small and even prehistoric!
We hope you will enjoy your stay in this group!

Just don’t forget to take a quick look at our rules and guidelines;)

Gallery Folders

-Painted commission- Farahn by Ravoilie
Natural and Wild by FeysCat
Bad Omens by HunterBeingHunted
Rengar League of Legends by 1oshuart
People With Cats
Valkyrie Dreams by teiirka
Kes Thinking by mmpratt99
taming of wild beasts by protvscar
Ghost - Base Card Art by Jeena Pepersack by Pernastudios
Superheroes, Heroines, and Villains
The Sheriff and the Cat Burglar by LeoMitchell
Catwoman by Shadowofjustice123
gotham girls 2 by Shadowofjustice123
Black Panther Cyber Initiative by NikoAlecsovich
Japanese Nekos
Neko Yang / Neko Yin! By Cameron Knight! by Estonius
After Dinner Kiss by thormemeson
Family dinner by thormemeson
Shinji Hirako by beniyorunii
Feline Anthro
Ink-Blot-tober 2020 by Cartoonicus
Commission Detective by muhomora
Journey by VarisArt
~ Cotton candy kit ~ by HuntressCuddlez
Cats Acting Like People
Cupid Kitty by Bumbledoodle
Unfamiliar Odds by Lupucs
Pen - Expressions by Lupucs
Pen - Turnaround by Lupucs
Catlike Egyptian Gods
[Lunaverse] Bast by TheZodiacLord
Sekhmet the Egyptian warrior goddess by TheFearMaster

Mature Content

Sekhmet by Goldenwolf
Tefnut ~ Egyptian Gods by Yliade
Fortune favors the bold - Cheetara by Starforgemj
cats on the move by Starforgemj
ThunderCats Trapped in the Pyramid - Commission by LadyKraken
Cheetara - Sketch Card by tonyperna
Cats the Musical
Death cat by MuteAllOnlyMeow
Pragmaticats 1. - Instincts by MistoTheIntrovertCat
The secret life of Pragmatical Cats cover by MistoTheIntrovertCat
Memory by Groucho91
Cat Make-Up
Savannah Kit by Ncreatured
Aurelio the Grimalkin by Ncreatured
Feline Fursuits
Tambako by Qarrezel
Photo Morphs
Modern Felicia by TheFelineAlchemist
Pixel Leon Headshot by Nsyse


Just a small update for group rules and guidelines. Rules are going to stay almost the same but with some small changes.

Quality of work
We want to try and keep standards up so please make sure that if you're submitting work to this group that it is at least of good quality. It means basic grasps of anatomy, use of colours, shading and light, neat and consistent lines etc. If your work was declined because of quality reason it means nothing personal, it simply means that you need to take more practice and train your skills. It’s the way all artist go through.

We DO accept

– anthro felines;
– humanoid characters with catlike features;
– cat-inspired costumes;
– people with feline companion;
– tasteful nudity.

Good examples of what we looking for:

Cat's Eye: Neko Yang  + Neko Yin! By Runshin! by Estonius Anders by LoranDeSore The Art of War by 0laffson Coffee Cat by Silartworks Sekhmet by sandara

No drawing of regular cats
We here are looking for humanoid and anthropomorphic characters of all kind but no common cats. They are amazing but it simply not the focus of this group.

No Porn
Tasteful nudity is acceptable but no explicit sexual stuff.

Finished art only
No linearts and sketches. No messy sketches on the lined paper and quick doodles.

Auctions/Adobtables/YCH and similar content
We do NOT accept things such as Auctions, Adobtables, characters you can purchase, bases etc. If you submit them, they'll be declined.

Submit art to the correct folder
If you don’t follow this rule your piece will be declined.

Admins have the right to decline any artwork they see as unfit for the group.

Anyway, if your work gets declined, you can always ask why, but please, don't be rude about it=)
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Little help here please?
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I tried to submit these;
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Mirage - Character Chronicles by CCB-18  (Catlike Egyptian Gods)
to the group and they expired after waiting a week in review.

Can something please be sorted out?

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We do not accept any screenshot manipulation. Only full drawn art and high quality photos.
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Chatty Death - Tyrannicus by CCB-18

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Hello! Sorry it won't be accepted because there no art of cats. We do not accept simple screenshots placed on the photo.
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One of my entries to this group;

Joe Dalton's Reaction - Thunderkittens (Catch Up) by CCB-18

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