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Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality

The covers of the first three volumes of Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality, a fanfic written by Eliezer Yudkowsky.

My edition contains the illustrations by Dinosaurusgede
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KurapikaISaBOY's avatar
Where can I find the original final copy and not the links or chopped up parts? Thank you :)
I didn't make it because I didn't need it :)
KurapikaISaBOY's avatar
Do you have a final copy in which there is one file to be printed instantly with all the chapters for a volume and the accompanying pictures?
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Is it actually possible to buy the books in this format? Or no, because it's Fanfic based on Rowling's works?
It isn't, for the reason you stated
Deviantorcetics's avatar
Hello !

Can I use the cover of the first book (just the and and the global color scheme) as the cover of a PDF for HPMOR ? (I plan to share the PDF so I want your authorization before doing anything).

Great books BTW :D !
Yes please, I release all of my works under CC-by-sa-3.0
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Thanks a lot ! You'll find on the subreddits /r/hpmor and /r/fanfiction once I finished to upload it. :)
mcandre's avatar
Thanks for posting, this is awesome!

Could you upload covers for the 4th, 5th, and 6th volumes as well?
I am going to upload the cover for volume 4. In my original division, this should have been the last, I'm considering adding other two, later on.
Yes, please! I'm currently printing out 6x9 versions of these using the LyX files you shared (thanks!), and would *love* to show off covers for volumes 4-6 to match these gorgeous ones for 1-3.

Any chance we can look forward to seeing them in the near future?
I tried to compile the pdfs but I kept getting errors. If anyone is able to get LyX to work for them, please tell me or post the pdfs. Thanks!
I got LyX working. I just needed to find all the fonts I was missing. It did not come out completely right though. The font size might be off for some things and headings and pictures messed in some cases.

 Below is a link to the pdfs I made as well as the fonts I downloaded to get it working.…

If anyone has tips to get LyX to spit it out better, please let me know.
Generalbox's avatar
Is there any way i could get a copy of the covers for my ebook reader
i can handle setting it up i just need the image files
can you please link a pdf of this do i can have my own copys made
I can make the pdfs for the books, but the covers are currently unavailable to me.
Step 1: Make this.
Step 2: Contact Yudkowsky.
Step 3: Contact Rowling.
Step 4: Sell Copies.
Step 5: ????
Step 6: Profit.
Step 1: Done
Step 2: He knows (I think)
Step 3: Her lawyers clearly stated that no profit can be made with derivatives of the IP.
Step 4: Doesn't exist for the above reason.
Is there a way of making the "LyX" files into a PDF? I can't get "LyX" software installws on my computer.
Yes, it is possibile, but in that case you would be stuck to the settings (page dimension, fonts and so on) I used for my edition.

What operating system have you got? It is strange LyX does not work.
I have Windows 7. I would like to get the files into PDF.
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