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UTC CCLXXII - Your Glare

Panels 6 and 7 call back to page XXIX, which were the first panels I ever drew for the series. I actually copied the Turtles on a Kayak poster directly from those pages. (Although I needed to extend the artwork due to the taller frame.)


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RevTrickshot's avatar

is she naked? Understandable given she's covered in wool.

Catomix's avatar

She's wearing a bra. I almost made it a saturated color so it would be obvious to anyone thinking she sleeps in the nude. And yeah, she wouldn't want to wear anything else. That's also a flat sheet, not a comforter, which even in the winter would be overkill for her.

PJSam1998's avatar

Nah, she's wearing a bra. You can tell by the color.

AbNom's avatar

Flint's right about the look. Not so sure about the maintenance all that fluff would require...

Flint's timing was certainly perfect...

So if her hair was growing about two and a half feet in a day (I don't think the rest of the wool growth was ever mentioned) and this happened overnight, she has every right to be concerned.

Catomix's avatar

Her wool had been growing at the natural rate. It was only her hair growth that was accelerated (by Cass' own genetic experimentation prior to Morty's nanobots) and the goatee.

AbNom's avatar

Figured the wool growth was new. I recalled the fast hair growth, but not the reason. The goatee's growth seems sporadic (and not present in the first two panels of this page), but that's ok.

If her wool keeps growing like this and doesn't get sheared, she'll be looking like one of those roaring twenties ivy leaguers in the raccoon coats before the day's over!

Catomix's avatar

Haha, wow, good catch! I'll have to add in the goatee.

Nitrinoxus's avatar

I realize that she'd probably break a rib if I tried it, but given how soft and fluffy cashmere wool is, I honestly kinda want to give Cass a hug right now. I mean, that's grade-A floof right there.

tffan01's avatar

Looks like she's going Rapunzel on us.

wolfman-al's avatar

If she´d sell her wool she could make a mint!

S-White-Pony-Kidwell's avatar

She's absolutely beautiful. I hope she reconsiders her choice of Hair Style.

Lostlocks's avatar

Second this! Flint was right

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