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Everyday I'm Healin'

I have not submitted a flash animation in quite a while!

What better way to start then to make one of my TF2 Medic's load out. I call him Kasimir. :heart:

Dancing to the Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO

I'm doing art commissions to save up for an unusual Blighted Beak. The information can be found here. [link]

Steam ID- Dr.Teutophobia
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Just, this.
Pure genious
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Lol I'm glad you enjoy it
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I want that to be my medic.
40% complete.
I have blighted beak.
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THAT will never be your Medic, because that is my medic ;P

But you can still wear the same stuff :giggle:
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how u made this wich program?
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Great work! Now I need some money so I can pay you to draw my scout "Rainbow Ash"
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Rainbows?!?!?!? Does you Scout cry whenever he looks in a mirror? Lol j/k.
Sure let me know when/if you still want me to make you something.
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EPIC. WIIIIN. :iconepicwinplz:
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Burgers all around!
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Greatest anything ever!! XD
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is missing geisha boy, is not best medic D:
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That hat is ugly imo, I only wore it once.
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geisha boy + blighted beak = never going back

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Even before I realized it was a flash with Parth Rock Anthem, I sung the title as 'Every day I'm shufflin' as, 'Every day I'm healin' you..."


I liek!

Looks awesome, I assume this is what you were working on all afternoon while I was pwning as a medic......
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