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#BNHA  #KIRIBAKU  #BAKUSHIMA  #KIRIKACCHAKO Bakugo bi panic was reaching it’s limits. He was sitting in his room and trying very hard not to just explode the phone he was holding in his hands. Ten minutes ago he send two text message to his classmates. One to Uraraka and one to Kirishima. And so it didn't take him long to figure out why he feel so comfortable around readhead or why Cheeks teasing doesn’t bother him same way Dunceface’s does. He knows why whenever they give him the compliment it was making him genuinely happy and when others do same it only piss him off as if they try to challenge him. He knows, alright? He

Value of Love


Value of Love

#BNHA  #MOMO_YAOYOROZU  #OCHAKO_URARAKA   #SFW Door of Yaoyorozu mansion closed behind them. - I will walk you to gate. Momo offered quickly, leading the way. Ochaco follow, but her face definitely didn’t show much enthusiasm. - They think I just want to scam you. - W-what?! O-of course not! Momo try to defend her parents, but she quickly bite her own lips under the dejected expression of her girlfriend. /It’s true that this dinner could go better./ After second dish it more resemble interrogation then conversation. With Uraraka being main crime boss suspect and Yaoyorozu parents chiefs of the police on duty to take her to justic

Ch.1 Sunrise flowers of favours


Ch.1 Sunrise flowers of favours

  The quiet sobbing was coming from young prince Bakugo room. It was very much extraordinary as nine years old prince never cry, even when he was just a baby. Still no one dared to ask or go in. The castle staff knows all too well not to invade the personal space of future heir to the throne.  It wasn’t that they were told to keep their distance. They were all simply scared af.  Young prince wasn’t even a teen, yet not a single person in the kingdom and beyond was to go over without hearing at least one disturbing story about him.  With his impulsive temper, way over his age intelligence and superior attitude combined with des
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I don't post much, I am terribly slow at replying and I tend to be sarcastically mean.

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#UPDATE Hi Everyone! >w< Hope You are doing okey~~! I am not much active due to many stuff going on, but also the fact that I can't mange with Eclipse >.> Will still post here and definitely respond to Your notes! Thu I am also active on Twitty if
#FIC      First of all:   Thank You my dear Tinker, :iconTraumgaenger: and to You too, :iconjadekettu:!! I wouldn't be able to finish it without You!!     And now, here is my take on bnha krbk Fantasy AU:   It's unnecessarily long and I doubt You wil...
#JAR     I forgot to post it here. I filled the bnha jar meme 0w0~  Am considering doing other characters, it was an interesting challenge and I could actually do it in between work unlike normal doodles >.>

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SilverDreamCatHobbyist General Artist
thanks for your support
Oh Hell, it's so Adorable and totally make me smile! 0w0~
Thank You!! >w<
RolyculHobbyist Digital Artist

I missed you! How's it going? Sorry for disappearing, a lot has happened but I plan to get back into drawing

Hey! 0w0~
Miss You too, Sunshine! >w<
I'm good, all fine x3
Honestly no need to apologize, glad You back! x3
Hope most of "a lot" were good stuff! Or at least with good ending! >.>
Those are Greta news!! More Arts are always welcome!! >w<
RolyculHobbyist Digital Artist

I'm happy to hear you are doing fine! I missed you so much!!

It's been scary these past few days

Yes, things got better at the end. Well, most things did.

I'll try to make more art, I want to do a lot of redrawing ^^

Hehe, You haven't been around or a while >.<

Sound semi positive, but I will take it on good coin , as long as You are better C:

Cool!! Can't wait to see them!! ^w^~