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so i've been backed up with school work,,, and made the bad decision of watching too many animes for my own good
and now i want to make a ton of accs

the list for this season is:
bungou stray dogs season 2
dream festival!
izetta: the last witch
touken ranbu - hanamaru
cheating craft
natsume yujin-cho 5
yuri!!! on ice

out of all of these i am very tempted to make,,, like 6 accs
viktor (yuri!!! on ice)
beethoven (classicaloid)
mi liu (bloodivores)
natsume (natsume yujin-cho 5)
trickster (kobayashi yoshio)
juugo (nanbaka)

i almost have a type this season almost 4/6 of them have white hair help
i mentioned i'd post a pic of the spood puppy
so,, here is a picture

Sherlock and Me by Superhglg
where has the mun been???

to sum it up: broken deviantart on laptops, broken laptops, terrible wifi, school and new puppy prep-


but i will definitely post a picture of sherlock when i see him tomorrow !!
he's not going home with me until 9 weeks (bc certain reasons and ye) but i wanted to see him so much that i'll be seeing him in the morning !!

fUN FACT THO: we weren't allowed to choose our pup, the breeder picked him for us after picking the one she was keeping for shows. thankfully though, sherlock was the pup i loved to death when i first saw him and we got him !! literally so chill and loving ????
edit: the school laptop is pretty terrible and is very slow and likes to disconnect from my wifi- so my replies will still prob be slow

i also made/revived a few accs whoops

:iconattractive-light: and :iconba-dxmp:
otome game light god and kazuma's unofficial twin bro

yO i wanna put this out there so it doesn't seem like i'm ignoring anyone !!

BUT my computer decided to suddenly break down so i'm using a school laptop i'm bringing home now

so i'll be able to answer things now but prob not as fast since i'm still getting used to this laptop and all that fun stuff whoops
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Mystic Messenger Starter Sentence

  • “Is KFC the one that sells cookies?”
  • “That trust fund kid is dating his cat.”
  • “I don’t get fan letters like you do. I only get checks.”
  • “If my life is already a potato salad without mayo, then I should at least have soy sauce!”
  • “Why are you dressed as a nun?”
  • “To express my devotion to God. Like a virgin.”
  • “They gave me a soda and I drank it and then I fell asleep around nine and when I woke up, the house was really dirty and empty.”
  • “What do people do at a fraternity house?”
  • “Wet hair, sweat drops rolling down his muscles…”
  • “It’s a photo of me; why is it framed?”
  • “My reflection is so beautiful I can’t turn my eyes away.”
  • “I want to lick ______’s abs. omgomg.”
  • “Promiscuous Jalapeño Topping.”
  • “Jalapeño, weren’t you one of Pickle’s veggies?!”
  • “What’s fried chicken?”
  • “Yo yo, homie Joe.”
  • “So excited to see the boss’ angry face.”
  • “I’m single… Just in case you don’t know.”
  • “But gay people have their own aura.”
  • “You mean a heartfelt piece of trash.”
  • “What does effing mean…?”
  • “Cause, I’m a slim lady, yes I’m the real lady, all you other slim ladies are just malnourished.”
  • “Making an investment and becoming a fairy godmother is quite different.”
  • “Yes ma’am.”
  • “DADDY has entered.”
  • “Daddy…?”
  • “It’s like u can’t tell apart the longcat from the nyan cat.”
  • “I understand normal people worrying about me getting kidnapped because of my looks. Since God made a mistake when creating me and made me too beautiful and delicate.”
  • “Steaming sweat drops fall like grapes. But all worth it.”
  • “It was a hopeless sausage fest until now.”
  • “Wow! A servant you can control for free!”
  • “Why do we need pizza bread when we have pizza?”
  • “If you don’t get up… I’m… I’m gonna talk like a bad boy.”
  • “They should be honored to be my slaves. They are probably tears of joy.”
  • “I don’t pretend to be cool. I am cool.”
  • “Good bye for meow.”
  • “To be honest, I’m using an app that only lets me say programmed things.”
  • “I’ll just stay quiet like a sinner.”
  • “LOLOL? League of Loneliness of Life?”
  • “LOLOL? Ludicrous Otaku and Lego Otaku’s life?”
  • “Anyways, I am offended.”
  • “The driver drove. That’s why I’m still alive.”
  • “1. No, because you are short.”
  • “G A Y.”
  • “I’m gonna work hard and die fast. Have no desire to live long lol.”
  • “Feel more pain meow.”
  • “Spread the great world of Nintendo!”
  • “Lalalala~ Nyan cat and the cat cat are banana cats~”
  • “Don’t worry about me. The car’s not well but I am.”
  • “The other actor in the musical ‘the Jalapeño Topping was Pretty Spicy’ was gay.”
  • “I want to see you take a shower…”
  • “Pick some proper books. I usually read shojo manga.”