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Even though I am the least likely person to know what the everloving heck I'm even into but WHY NOT

1. what’s your gender? 
Cis Female

2. what are your pronouns?
She/Her, although They/Them is fine as well

3. is your family accepting?
They're just as confused as I am but I'm sure when I finally figure it out they'll be okay with it

4. what do you wish you could tell your past self?
My dude that weirdness towards romance, that's being Ace, yes that's a real thing. No I have no idea what level of Ace I am we'll figure that out later

5. what is your sexuality?
I'm just gonna say cautiously Demisexual Biromantic to keep my options open, although I do seem to be into girls more than guys in terms of how pretty they look. I haven't actually dated anyone (the one time I did wasn't quite real like....I distinctly remember my thought process going "this is what couples do right??? Kissing????? Cool I can kiss now???" and I was otherwise uninterested in the guy but too nervous to end it for a good while cause I was even WORSE at inter-personal stuff) yeah basically get back to me after I've actually become close enough friends with an actual physical person to determine what my interests are

6. favorite color?
Lots of colors, particularly Red Violet/Pink, colors more on the warm side in general. Or just LOUD.

7. sun gay or moon gay?

8. when did you find out your sexuality?
Maybe I was developing characters for Guardian Ghost, like near the end of college (so like 2012-ish?) and I figured out what Asexuality was and I was just like "well shit that sounds exactly like me"
beforehand I was just like "Yeah I'm probably straight?????? Sure?????"

9. how was your day?
I had a Hell Migraine yesterday so the fact that nothing's happening so far is great, good sign that I'll be free of migraines for an interval.

10. do you have any gay friends?
All of my online friends are anything but straight

11. what’s your favorite hobby?

12. who’s the best gay icon in your opinion?
I.....I don't know that many actors my dude, or celebrities in general. I tend to ignore most of that

13. which pride flags do you like the most design/color wise?
The Ace flags are fantastic, I love the purple. The Gay, Trans, and Lesbian ones are neat too. Also the Bisexual and the Aromantic and Agender and.....basically all the ones I've researched for my characters basically, and they're all Not Straight so yeah.

14. are you openly out?
Yes and no.

15. are you comfortable with yourself?
More or less, there are minor aspects that are annoying but I can live with them

16. bottom or top?
No idea my dude, haven't been with anyone

17. femme or butch?
Definitely tilt towards Butch but if I had more opportunities to go out places I'd probably try out femme stuff too

18. do you bind?
I've considered trying it but I also get paranoid when I feel like I can't breathe as easily (which happens normally cause I do forget to breathe sometimes) so I'll probably pass

19. do you shave?
Unless my legs/armpits are going to be exposed on a regular basis I don't touch either

20. if you could date anyone you wanted, who would it be?
Never really dwelled on that. I mean I seem to be into the really blonde girls with the eyeliner and STARK RED LIPS (maybe not that last part) in the really cute dresses (or in a black tanktop/short thing like that girl was pretty), or the one time I saw a black girl with the salmon/coral colored dress and it complemented her SO WELL LIKE HOLY SHIT, or another girl with short and weird colored hair and glasses (she looked like a Color Swapped version of me??).
And also the lanky guys in glasses that I've seen (which I may have only responded to cause they look like my Guardian Ghost boys so that might not be legitimate)
Course, this could all be aesthetics and I might not have a physical attraction to either side (or maybe I do I mean I question the hell out of every feeling cause AM I GAY OR ARE THEY JUST REALLY COOL LOOKING??)

21. do you have a partner (s)?

22. describe your partner (s)?

23. have you ever dated anyone of the same sex?
Nope, although I will have to try it if the opportunity presents itself, to see if the Physically Uncomfortable thing I had with the guy carries over. Confirm if I'm totally Ace or if I'm actually gay.

24. anyone of another sex?
One time, although again, I don't feel like that counted. We barely knew eachother outside of college (or even visited for that matter), barely lasted two weeks and the last few days I avoided him until finally confronting him. (He was fine with it but the whole time I was physically uncomfortable cause it was WEIRD EVERYTHING WAS WEIRD)
Just like with the Same Sex situation above, I'd like to try again with someone else, whenever the opportunity presents itself, and I'm actually friends with this person beforehand

25. pastel gay or goth gay?
I'm gonna say Pastel

26. favorite dad in dream daddies?
......none of them really??

27. tell me a random fact about yourself?
I have like 4 plants on my windowsill and I kinda want more, this one cactus I have is only seedlings and I want it to get BIGGER. I named it Larry.

28. do you own any pride flags/merch?
I've MADE pride stuff, but most of the things I've bought are all Ace-centric

29. have you ever been to a pride parade?
Nope, I'm not even 100% sure what I identify as so I'd feel uncomfortable just going to one (not even sure where any are nearby anyway)

30. any advice to someone who isn’t out or who is exploring themselves?
No worries, take your time. I'm also still figuring myself out, very slowly.
There was this one Medium person that was like "Yeah you're not gonna find someone until you're 40" and while they may have been making stuff up on the fly, it sounds about right that it would take me that long to figure my shit out, and they kept things neutral, I appreciate that
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I'm working on the next few pages of Fighting Dreamers CH4 today, I'm really aiming to get the page for this week done but I have no work tomorrow so I'll probably power through more of them. At the very least I'll stream some 3D modeling after the target page is done
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I'm gonna have to skip the Guardian Ghost update this week, and carry it over or maybe just go on hiatus for both series. All this prep for Terrificon and having to plow through longer work shifts is destroying my creative drive and my page development is suffering more than usual.
I'd rather wait until I can actually focus on getting a more coherent narrative going (rather than going a page at a time at weekly intervals, which messes things up) and that might not be until after the con. And forcing myself to get pages done when my mind is so scattered is what messed up CH7 last time, and I really don't want to end up in a similar scenario this time.
I'm really sorry, I'm just incredibly unfocused and conflicted this month. It'll blow over eventually but until then updates are gonna be weird.
As always I will let you guys know of any developments.
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....for now

Since I have a con coming up in August, and I'm also in the process of drawing out a prettier version of Fighting Dreamers to pitch to some comic company in the near future, I'll be dropping Guardian Ghost down to Every Other Tuesday until I've caught up with the workload.

Fighting Dreamers should be up the opposite Wednesday to Guardian Ghost's updates, so there will at least be a comic on a weekly basis for those of you that follow both. (at least until CH3 ends but that's a process in itself so that will be a bit)

Thanks for reading, thanks again for the guest art, and I'll give you a heads up if things change around drastically.
In the meantime, if you're in the Connecticut area August 18th-20th, check out my booth at Terrificon! It's in Mohegan Sun Casino and they're still open for tickets!…

(once I've rested my wrist a bit I'll get right on drawing some quick stuff for the guest artists, just message me on Smackjeeves/Tumblr/Discord/Skype/Tapastic/My Email if you participated and have a character you want a quick drawing of!)
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First off let's see how we did for 2016

  • Continue updating (and improving on) Guardian Ghost and Fighting Dreamers (done, as always!)
  • (Maybe try and update a bit faster but also don't kill yourself trying to update that fast, your current updating system could fail at any time)
  • Promote your Patreon more, or at least commissions
  • Make some more designs on Society 6 and Redbubble
  • Continue with crafts and comic stuff on  Etsy
  • Meet some people IRL or at least attempt to make IRL friends so you can have potential connections for future apartment searching, and also PEOPLE TO DRAG YOU OUT OF THE HOUSE SOMETIMES
  • DON'T SPEND SO MUCH MONEY, SAVE THAT SHIT MORE (sort of did okay then went crazy this past couple of months, maybe dial the fuck back now)
  • Stay at your current job unless shit really hits the fan or they kick you out (fully intending on this still)

So now to set up some goals for myself for 2017, outside of the continued improvement of GG/FD and the self-promo stuff, those are always a given. I think these seem pretty attainable. Wish me luck!

  • SELL AT A GODDAMN CON seriously that Small Business License was bought for a reason FUCKING USE IT. FILE THOSE MONTHLY REPORTS, BE AN ADULT!!!!!
  • Look into other jobs besides Dunkin, get away from constantly being shoved into other shifts because people keep calling out, something with a consistent schedule and not ones that could shift at a moment's notice. Possibly still Retail but maybe one with less risk of things deteriorating when more than one person calls out. (maybe wait until the Two Year Mark to really start digging though)
  • Again, try and at least connect with Real Life people, online friends are great but everyone you know just trivializes that shit. At least someone who's into similar stuff (something that SELLING AT CONS WILL HELP WITH CAUSE YOU'LL MEET OTHER VENDORS AND CON-GOERS)
  • PRINT. MORE. OF.YOUR.COMICS. it'll be good for selling later on. Even if they're just proof copies, that's another pre-set order to print in bulk later
  • Calm down with directing the topic to yourself in conversations, yes that is a Aspie thing but for fucks sake other people have interesting stuff to say just let them talk and find an organic way to get into the conversation rather than just jumping in with your viewpoint out of nowhere
  • Figure out how to do 3D modeling and get some 3D prints made of characters! FIGHTING DREAMERS FIGURES DUDE, THAT'S GONNA BE SOME RAD SHIT WHEN I FIGURE IT OUT
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LET\S FINISH SOME PAGES the goal is one page but two would also be great

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I'll be going to Connecticon on Saturday and I'll either be in a Casual Splatoon cosplay or wearing a purple chicken head mask again...or maybe I could be that dancing pumpkin dude..THAT'S A THING TO CONSIDER..HM (I'll post a picture of what I'll go as the night before probably)
ANYWAY feel free to say hi to me, it'll be really cool to see some of you in person! Even if I'm really awkward and stammering in person :D
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I usually post them on my Art Blog but I've gathered some of the better ones on my Tapastic So now you can read them all at once!

Check them out for the shenanigans that are varying levels of canon :D
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OKAY let's see how many of these I've accomplished first

  • Go to some sort of con, CTcon, Hartford ComicCon, some lower caliber one, at least participate in one, don't even have to sell anything, WEAR THE CHICKEN MASK [DONE, CTCON 2015 WAS FUN]
  • *if you do sell things, go for Fighting Dreamers, that series is easier to sell and CH2 should be done by May/July, along with your crafty things
  • Make more crafts on  Etsy
  • Continue to update Fighting Dreamers and Guardian Ghost</s> [DONE]
  • Get a promotion at work [YEAH NO lost the first job, got a newer job]
  • Save up enough money to be able to at least rent an apartment with a roommate (or be in the process of finding a place) by this time next year [haHAHAHA FUCK THAT]

So let's make a more realistic list for 2016 shall we?

  • Continue updating (and improving on) Guardian Ghost and Fighting Dreamers
  • (Maybe try and update a bit faster but also don't kill yourself trying to update that fast, your current updating system could fail at any time)
  • Promote your Patreon more, or at least commissions
  • Make some more designs on Society 6 and Redbubble
  • Continue with crafts and comic stuff on  Etsy
  • Meet some people IRL or at least attempt to make IRL friends so you can have potential connections for future apartment searching, and also PEOPLE TO DRAG YOU OUT OF THE HOUSE SOMETIMES
  • Stay at your current job unless shit really hits the fan or they kick you out
  • ***and if you lose this job in the next year then that's okay, that's even better experience backing you up for the next one...MAYBE SOMETHING FRIGGIN ART RELATED

THAT SHOULD COVER IT! Let's see how this goes down!

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Check it out! Now you can help me buy some physical copies of books and maybe Plushies later :D…

Any help is appreciated, even if you just skim through my comics on Taqpastic with Adblock turned off (I have little ads on there that give me bits of a dollar) that'll be a nice casual way to help out
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Yeah I'm gonna try getting commissions on there eventually, the layout's a little weird but I'll get used to it.

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I know I ask for these a lot, but I am in serious need of help with keeping up with updates for Fighting Dreamers and Guardian Ghost. And since only 3 people participated in the 3-4 times I've opened them up, I'm willing to offer some incentive!


That's right, for everyone who sends in a guest comic, I will draw one of your characters LIKE THIS…

And a friendly reminder that these comics could literally be at any level of completion, from rough sketches to quickly drawn ridiculous stuff, to serious fully colored and shaded stuff! I'll take anything! Just keep these things in mind:
  • Make sure at least the words are legible, and you can get a gist of what's happening
  • It should at least relate to the main story's canon, based on what comic you're submitting for (like it could be in the comic's universe but your own OCs)
  • Don't make it excessively NSFW (especially FD, which is targeted to a younger audience than GG)

All you need to do is email me at with these things

  • The finished comic
  • Your art pages (part of the fun in this is CROSS PROMOTION! :D)
  • A character you would like drawn

Message me either at the same email or through here if you have any questions! :D

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I got slammed with shifts starting at 6:30 AM every weekday this week, and that makes it very hard to immediately start work on pages the instant I get home when I end up crashing an hour later. Guardian Ghost only got this week's update because of the plot being a little more planned out and it was easier to get finished.

I'll get working on Fighting Dreamers later this week (probably Friday when I get out at 10:30 rather than 2:30) and there should be an update as early as Saturday/Sunday or as late as the following Wednesday. Sorry for the delay! ^^;
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Only because I can't seem to focus on anything tonight (if I am pre-migraine I swear to god) and these questions are pretty fun :D

1.How long have you been on DeviantArt?
--6 years (7 sometime in January) , I've been on here since I was around 17-18. 

2.What does your username mean?
-- Well I'm wicked into cats and I can be a bit of a fanatic (or maniac) about them or anything else I'm super passionate about. 8 is my lucky number, and while I probably didn't need the X in there, I made that username on one site and liked it so much that I decided to keep it in there. (that and I had this logo idea where the "8x" would go sideways and make a cat face, maybe I should bring that back...)

3.Describe yourself in three words.
-- Super Passionate Cartoonist

4.Are you left or right handed?
-- LEFTY!! :D

5.What was your first deviation?
-- This frame of Sandy from an animated (more of an animatic) thing I did senior year Sandy's dillema
I've also redrawn it a couple times Sandy's Dilemma 1yr later

Sandy's Dillema -2nd update- (man I gotta try doing this again when this date comes around again)

6.What is your favourite type of art to create?
--Super stylized stuff in digital, or crazy looking flowery/vine things traditionally (or digitally). Lots of lines

7.If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?
--Definitely realism. It would work great for mastering any other style AND it's really neat to see my super-simplistic characters like that. Especially the Fighting Dreamers and their specific cat breeds changing up how they would look.

8.What was your first favourite?
-- Oh god I had to dig through my favs to find this Tiny Grow

9.What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?
-- Realistic-but-kinda-stylized stuff or REALLY CRAZY STYLIZED STUFF WITH AWESOME PROPORTIONS AND LINES AND ANGLES and maybe cats...or really REALLY nice colors.

10.Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?
-- I don't really have one, I think that I find one and get obsessed over them and then OH DAMN THERE'S ANOTHER ONE so I kinda just love anyone who fits my faving criteria (which is pretty lax tbh)

11.If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?
-- Pretty much most of the people I met through OCTs/roleplaying, too bad they're either a state away or ALL THE WAY IN FRIGGIN CALIFORNIA and I barely leave my house, let alone my state.

12.How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?
-- I don't have anyone in particular, but I know lots of my style shifts and improvements came from some mentioning something that could be fixed. And all the people I met shifted my attitude from someone that was super obnoxious and probably unable to take critique, to being a lot more open to that kind of stuff and still kinda obnoxious but only in tiny bursts when it's okay.

I wouldn't be who I am today without all of you! ^u^

13.What are your preferred tools to create art?
-- Fire Alpaca and my tablet, or various markers on canvas. And colored pens on paper for just sketching.

14.What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?
-- Probably....whenever I have to do something? So pretty much anywhere?

15.What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?
--All the people I met through OCTs and all the chatting and art swaps we did (and still do). Along with some longtime friends I met through roleplaying warrior cat stuff. I love all of you guys :D


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Y'know in case DA goes down and you guys can't find me anywhere
(this is also a good indication as to what I'm NOT on and if you see me in a particular site that isn't listed here, give me a heads up and I'll confirm it)

Tapastic (Guardian Ghost/Fighting Dreamers are here, and it might be just there later)
Smackjeeves (GG/FD are mirrored from here)…
Tumblr Art Blog
Society 6
Youtube (main)…
YT (vlog stuff, MannyKatRambles)…
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I have a trip coming up for next week, and while I will have wifi there, I decided against bringing my laptop so I wouldn't get super distracted from family events. But that means I won't be able to update my comics while I'm up there!
 So once again I'm asking for guest comics for either Fighting Dreamers or Guardian Ghost

Thursday evening (the 16th) is the deadline, since we'll be getting up wicked early Friday morning for our 12 hour car trip, so no time to check/update before we leave. It's a little short notice but the comic could be just lineart (or sketchy lineart) and I'd be fine with it. As long as you follow the base stuff

  • Keep as close to canon as you can, even in AUs (unless your intention is to go totally off the wall crazy on purpose then by all means go for it)
  • MAKE SURE IT'S SAFE FOR WORK, especially FD, it's intended to be just PG-13 at it's worst.
  • (that means if GG has any vaguely NSFW stuff then you better do a PG-13 styled cut and just skip over stuff that would be rated R+)
  • Please make sure that everything is legible, and somewhat easy to understand.
  • The final size for the pages should be 926 pixels wide (for FD guest comics) or 826 pixels wide (for GG guest comics)
  • Page limit is around 3-5 pages, any longer and it would be a mini comic. But try and keep it shorter if you can.

And if you're stuck on what to draw, you can check out my Art Blog on Tumblr, which usually has AU shenanigans that you can elaborate on. If you're still stuck, then consider these prompts:

  • The FD cats jumping into your own series
  • Max and his constant struggles with sleep deprivation
  • GhostKat doing increasingly crazy monster-esque things and Stewie not even noticing
  • The GGgang in the All Alive AU doing normal teenage things

And don't forget to check out the last round of guest comics! (Thanks again guys! :D)

Either message me through here, or email me at if you have your guest comic ready (or any questions) just remember to put a link to your profile on Tumblr/DA, along with any art blogs or webcomics you might have.

Remember, it doesn't have to be super-fantastic art, as long as things are mostly clear and legible I'll still go for it, but try and put in as much quality as you can anyway ^u^

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EDIT: LAST DAY GUYS! If you want to get in for next week then GET YOUR COMICS IN SOMETIME TODAY (preferably before midnight)

I have a trip coming up where I will be unable to get on the internet for at least a week. And while I usually bulk up on pages and use Tapastic and Smackjeeves’ scheduling system to make sure they’re updated on time, I don’t quite trust myself in terms of actually getting a buffer built (I usually hit a bit of a slump around the same time this trip starts)

That’s where you guys come in

Even if I still manage to make the pages in time, I’d still like to make this week interesting for everyone while I’m out. So I’m opening up guest comics for both Guardian Ghost and Fighting Dreamers!

Here are some guidelines for the comics

  1. Keep it safe for work, especially Fighting Dreamers (which is in the PG/maybe PG-13 range) so no crazy violence that would scar kids for life (monster violence is fine) or really heavy cursing, or other stuff that you wouldn’t want a 10+ year old kid reading (think how Steven Universe portrays some of the darker/seriously frightening things while still being considered okay for kids)
  2. yes I know Dave curses quite a bit in GG but keep in mind that it’s PG-13 swearing. GG’s a little more lenient on the “don’t freak kids out” thing since it’s meant for a somewhat older audience (it’s a little more like Gravity Falls where you can portray scary/serious stuff just don’t go full on Poltergiest or Slasher type horror)
  3. Final page sizes (width wise) should be 826 pixels (for GG) or 926px (for FD) with the heights scaled down accordingly
  4. For GG, you can go with the canon storyline or play around with some of the AUs (like the All Alive AU, where no one is dead and aged like they are in-series, just being normal teenagers) as long as everyone is in-character and not going off the rails OOC, even if the AU calls for it (like Max being super chill about relationships despite being Aro/Ace in canon. Even if his asexuality’s swapped out with something else he is going to be anxious and questioning things the entire time)
  5. (unless you have an AU idea that can play with turning his anxiety off or something, if you can make it work I’m up for it)
  6. For FD, since there isn’t much revealed about the inner workings of the Buffer Zone right now, you can play around with the main 3 being in universes and fighting off monsters and interacting with the denizens that inhabit it. The universes could literally be anything. Like a society of sentient bats that live in a planet-sized cave system, or giant bee creatures in a huge hive. Maybe even a cameo of your own series and the setting involved there.
  7. Heck, it could even be the main 3 interacting with eachother and/or other cats that have been shown so far. As long as everyone’s in character (or in character as possible)
  8. If you have any questions, message me through here or at my email, you can also submit your comic this way

The deadline for this batch is JUNE 19TH, any later and I won’t get to do anything with it until the 27th.

And if you miss this round that’s fine, I’m always up for guest comic submissions, and there will be another active call for them sometime in July :D

In your message/email, be sure to include

  • An image file of the comic (or a link to it so I can download it)
  • Your name, could either be a nickname or your actual name, along with your username(s)
  • A link to where your comic is hosted
  • Anything else you want to include (like a Deviantart/Tumblr or other profile stuff)
  • Drinking: WATER

I'm working on a couple of Fighting Dreamers pages, but I keep getting distracted! HELP ME KEEP FOCUS! :D
  • Listening to: Youtube favorites/playlists
  • Drinking: tea
Okay since I tend not to actually follow through with making my own version of these I'M GONNA DO AS MANY OF THESE AS I CAN probably 10 that seems like a nice round number

You guys basically know the drill at this point but IF YOU DON'T
1. First 5 (or in my case 10-ish) people who comment will be featured, I'll show off 3 of my favorite Deviations of theirs
2. You got to do a feature journal like this in return, with me in front since that's me tagging you


1. :iconsarahthecat:

-Birthday- Melvin by sarahthecat -Sanctum OCT- Virus and Admin by sarahthecat -Sanctum OCT- Character Merge: Rubins and Shadele by sarahthecat

Oh man she has some rad skills with lineart, so clean and REALLY GOOD ANATOMY
and it's a really nice mix of anime and western and it just looks freaking great the character designs are GREAT

2. :iconoaknoats:

Haaaaaappy (late) 'purr'thday Hassayo by OaknOats Ruko by OaknOats

Lovely expressive style :D
Everyone looks a bit longer and lankier than normal (just a bit) but it works and it still follows anatomy rules

....dang this is making me want to work on my anatomy
3. :iconmelcairorose:

The Violinist by MelCairoRose Walking City OCT: Audition : Part  3 by MelCairoRose A Wilted Rose by MelCairoRose

Hot damn you are really good with colored pencils. And swirls. You could probably do some really good large canvas drawing with just random shapes and colors and it would look SO COOL. (dude I can't wait to see when you get in classes with painting)
And you're getting better at drawing people/humanoids which is always really awesome to see :D
4. :iconeyesofviolet13:

Birthday Present for HallowAngel - Twyla by eyesofviolet13 Scarlet Promo by eyesofviolet13 When They Dance by eyesofviolet13

Everything is so cleaaaan and colorful and you definitely know how to pose people and compose them in a background

5. :icon0skykat0:

I loooove how soft and flowing your style is, and the colors! DAAAMN
I really can't wait to see more of your stuff in animation it would look so lovely:D

(more to come~)
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Alrighty let's see how many how many of these I can finish by this time next year :D

  • Go to some sort of con, CTcon, Hartford ComicCon, some lower caliber one, at least participate in one, don't even have to sell anything, WEAR THE CHICKEN MASK
  • *if you do sell things, go for Fighting Dreamers, that series is easier to sell and CH2 should be done by May/July, along with your crafty things
  • **If not there then on some Free Comic Day thing (since apparently you can sell/promote comics of your own that day)
  • Make more crafts on  Etsy
  • Continue to update Fighting Dreamers and Guardian Ghost
  • *and if I suddenly just decide to end GG, then at least do a storybook looking thing to show the rest of the story
  • **and then do another ghost themed comic with Max/Dave (ghost whisperer thing? idk something with ghosts)
  • Get a promotion at work
  • Save up enough money to be able to at least rent an apartment with a roommate (or be in the process of finding a place) by this time next year

Right then I'm not sure what else to do so I'm just going to stick with these for now :D

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