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Chibi Cat Portrait (Commissions) by Catmaniac8x Chibi Cat Portrait (Commissions) by Catmaniac8x

Want your cat immortalized in a cute stylized form? Then you’re in luck! I’m opening up Chibi Cat Portrait commissions!

Yessir, for only $10 you’ll get a flat full color version of your beloved feline, I just need some things first

  • A picture of your cat (preferably something that I can get a decent idea of how they look)
  • Your cat’s name and personality, and possibly breed (if they’re a purebreed or definitely had parents that were a specific breed, it’ll help with their appearance)
  • Are they alive or not? (Deceased cats will get little halos and a bit of a glow but look the same otherwise, like Sandy does)
  • Any other important details that I might miss in the picture? (like scars or a specific collar something like that)
  • Any other cats? (Additional cats are $2 each)
  • Your Email (if you're requesting through notes and not my email)

And this cat can either be yours, or a relative/friend’s cat, or even a cat OC!

Once you get your commission you can do whatever you want with it except claiming it as your own or selling it after buying it from me, that’s just not nice.

Email me at (or note me here, that works too) with your request, and after I've gotten the information I need, I'll throw an invoice at you so you can pay for your commission. Then it'll be anywhere from that same day to a week to finish the commission, which I will send separately once it's finished.

THESE ARE ALSO FOR POINTS! Check out my Point Commissions on my profile page for that :D

SLOTS (buyers can check here for progress)

  1. (:I)
  2. (:D)
  3. (8D)
  4. (:D)
  5. (:I)
Mortemire Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wish this was for points!
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August 25, 2014
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