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When Angels are not available.
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harry potter spells 2
Second Year spells;
(All First Year spells plus - )
Ardor Glacio! (Flame-Freezing Charm) ;
- - Causes fire to become harmless to those caught in it.
Avis! ;
- - Conjures birds
Colloportus! ;
- - Applies a magical lock on a door. Can only be lifted by the Alohamora spell
Furnunculus! ;
- - Gives the target boils
Homemun Revelio! ;
- - Reveals human presence in the vicinity of the caster.
Immobulis! ;
- - Freezes objects where they are.
Locomotor! ;
- - Causes the named object to 'float' and move around at the caster's will. (Locomotor [object])
Mobiliarbus! ;
- - Moves objects (generally plants)
Oculus Reparo! ;
- - Repairs glass
Orchideous! ;
- - Makes flowers come out of the bearer's wand
Pluma pondus! (Featherweight Charm) ;
- - Makes something lightweight.
Quietus! ;
- - Makes voice quieter
Rictusempra! ;
- - Tickles victim and they laugh uncontrollably as a result.
Snufflifors! ;
- - Transfigures small books into mice
Tarantallegra! ;
- - Makes victim’s legs move uncontrollabl
:iconhikarukicksass:Hikarukicksass 11 0
Harry Potter, 4th year spells
Fourth Year spells;
(All First, Second and Third Year spells plus -)
Ablegatio! (The Banishing Charm) ;
- - Causes the targeted object to be thrown away from the caster.
Alarte Ascendare! ;
- - Spell which causes something to shoot up into the air
Aparecium! ;
- - Makes invisible ink and general invisable things [to some extent] appear
Cultivate Abeo! (Colour-changing charm) ;
- - Changes an object’s color
Declino alica! (Hex Deflection) ;
- - Deflects spells. Similar to a Shield Charm, but the spell doesn't rebound
Densaugeo! ;
- - Makes the victims teeth enlarge
Diffindo! ;
- - Rips objects in half
Fera Verto! ;
- - The spell transforms an animal into a water goblet
Protego! ;
- - Shields the wand bearer from minor spells, charms, and hexes
Reducto! ;
- - The Reductor Curse blasts solid objects out of the way
Relashio! ;
- - Used to shoot sparks out or used underwater to shoot hot bursts of water
Risus hilaris! (Cheering Charm) ;
- - Victim becomes happy and contented [clumsines
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Chibi Cat Portirats
Want your cat immortalized in a cute stylized form? Then you’re in luck!

Yessir, for only $10 (or 1000 points) you’ll get a flat full color version of your beloved feline, I just need some things first

  • A picture of your cat (preferably something that I can get a decent idea of how they look)
  • Your cat’s name and personality, and possibly breed (if they’re a purebreed or definitely had parents that were a specific breed, it’ll help with their appearance)
  • Are they alive or not? (Deceased cats will get little halos and a bit of a glow but look the same otherwise, like Sandy does on the right)
  • Any other important details that I might miss in the picture? (like scars or a specific collar something like that)

And this cat can either be yours, or a relative/friend’s cat, and once you get your commission you can do whatever you want with it except claiming it as your own or selling it after buying it from me, that’s just not nice.

Extra Chibi cat (1000 point option)
This is to add an extra cat to the 1000/$10 Chibi Cat Portrait option
Chibi Cats (with BG and shading)
Same as the previous cat one, just with more details and a little more refined
Fighting Dreamers-styled cat (comic coloring style)
Same idea as the Chibi Cats, only now your cat (or cat OC) can be worked into the Fighting Dreamers universe! And this version features the more simplistic coloring style used in-comic

On top of the personality and appearance stuff, you'll also need
-- Some unnatural fur color for their Dreamer forms (anything except the specific shade of purple used for GhostKitten)
-- A color scheme for their goggles/accessories
-- Some sort of power combination ( that we can brainstorm if you're stuck, this may help with ideas… )
-- And finally the weapon type and Team Position (again, if you're stuck I'm happy to help with figuring things out :D)
Extra Chibi/FD cat (the 1500 point option)
Add an extra cat to the 1500/$15 Chibi Cat/FD comic-styled cat commission

LET\S FINISH SOME PAGES the goal is one page but two would also be great

  • Eating: mini pizza bagels
  • Drinking: TEAAAA
Guardian Ghost UPDATE!

A bit of an announcement on top of Max's 22nd birthday!

Check it out on SMACKJEEVES… (there's TWO PAGES)
FD- Anthro Refs
I've been doing a lot of Draw the Squad things, all of which are human based, so I figured I would make references of the cats in their more humanized appearances for my own convenience
And then I got to Sandy/Patches and realized there was a big gap so I got their respective siblings involved too (or the second of 3 in Patches' case)
Morgan, Francis, and Misty don't get drawn much either so they joined the party
FD- Draw the Squad (11-20)
More Draw The Squad stuff I did on Tumblr since the last compilation I did

Check out my Draw the Squad tag on my Tumblr for more context in these…
Even though I am the least likely person to know what the everloving heck I'm even into but WHY NOT

1. what’s your gender? 
Cis Female

2. what are your pronouns?
She/Her, although They/Them is fine as well

3. is your family accepting?
They're just as confused as I am but I'm sure when I finally figure it out they'll be okay with it

4. what do you wish you could tell your past self?
My dude that weirdness towards romance, that's being Ace, yes that's a real thing. No I have no idea what level of Ace I am we'll figure that out later

5. what is your sexuality?
I'm just gonna say cautiously Demisexual Biromantic to keep my options open, although I do seem to be into girls more than guys in terms of how pretty they look. I haven't actually dated anyone (the one time I did wasn't quite real like....I distinctly remember my thought process going "this is what couples do right??? Kissing????? Cool I can kiss now???" and I was otherwise uninterested in the guy but too nervous to end it for a good while cause I was even WORSE at inter-personal stuff) yeah basically get back to me after I've actually become close enough friends with an actual physical person to determine what my interests are

6. favorite color?
Lots of colors, particularly Red Violet/Pink, colors more on the warm side in general. Or just LOUD.

7. sun gay or moon gay?

8. when did you find out your sexuality?
Maybe I was developing characters for Guardian Ghost, like near the end of college (so like 2012-ish?) and I figured out what Asexuality was and I was just like "well shit that sounds exactly like me"
beforehand I was just like "Yeah I'm probably straight?????? Sure?????"

9. how was your day?
I had a Hell Migraine yesterday so the fact that nothing's happening so far is great, good sign that I'll be free of migraines for an interval.

10. do you have any gay friends?
All of my online friends are anything but straight

11. what’s your favorite hobby?

12. who’s the best gay icon in your opinion?
I.....I don't know that many actors my dude, or celebrities in general. I tend to ignore most of that

13. which pride flags do you like the most design/color wise?
The Ace flags are fantastic, I love the purple. The Gay, Trans, and Lesbian ones are neat too. Also the Bisexual and the Aromantic and Agender and.....basically all the ones I've researched for my characters basically, and they're all Not Straight so yeah.

14. are you openly out?
Yes and no.

15. are you comfortable with yourself?
More or less, there are minor aspects that are annoying but I can live with them

16. bottom or top?
No idea my dude, haven't been with anyone

17. femme or butch?
Definitely tilt towards Butch but if I had more opportunities to go out places I'd probably try out femme stuff too

18. do you bind?
I've considered trying it but I also get paranoid when I feel like I can't breathe as easily (which happens normally cause I do forget to breathe sometimes) so I'll probably pass

19. do you shave?
Unless my legs/armpits are going to be exposed on a regular basis I don't touch either

20. if you could date anyone you wanted, who would it be?
Never really dwelled on that. I mean I seem to be into the really blonde girls with the eyeliner and STARK RED LIPS (maybe not that last part) in the really cute dresses (or in a black tanktop/short thing like that girl was pretty), or the one time I saw a black girl with the salmon/coral colored dress and it complemented her SO WELL LIKE HOLY SHIT, or another girl with short and weird colored hair and glasses (she looked like a Color Swapped version of me??).
And also the lanky guys in glasses that I've seen (which I may have only responded to cause they look like my Guardian Ghost boys so that might not be legitimate)
Course, this could all be aesthetics and I might not have a physical attraction to either side (or maybe I do I mean I question the hell out of every feeling cause AM I GAY OR ARE THEY JUST REALLY COOL LOOKING??)

21. do you have a partner (s)?

22. describe your partner (s)?

23. have you ever dated anyone of the same sex?
Nope, although I will have to try it if the opportunity presents itself, to see if the Physically Uncomfortable thing I had with the guy carries over. Confirm if I'm totally Ace or if I'm actually gay.

24. anyone of another sex?
One time, although again, I don't feel like that counted. We barely knew eachother outside of college (or even visited for that matter), barely lasted two weeks and the last few days I avoided him until finally confronting him. (He was fine with it but the whole time I was physically uncomfortable cause it was WEIRD EVERYTHING WAS WEIRD)
Just like with the Same Sex situation above, I'd like to try again with someone else, whenever the opportunity presents itself, and I'm actually friends with this person beforehand

25. pastel gay or goth gay?
I'm gonna say Pastel

26. favorite dad in dream daddies?
......none of them really??

27. tell me a random fact about yourself?
I have like 4 plants on my windowsill and I kinda want more, this one cactus I have is only seedlings and I want it to get BIGGER. I named it Larry.

28. do you own any pride flags/merch?
I've MADE pride stuff, but most of the things I've bought are all Ace-centric

29. have you ever been to a pride parade?
Nope, I'm not even 100% sure what I identify as so I'd feel uncomfortable just going to one (not even sure where any are nearby anyway)

30. any advice to someone who isn’t out or who is exploring themselves?
No worries, take your time. I'm also still figuring myself out, very slowly.
There was this one Medium person that was like "Yeah you're not gonna find someone until you're 40" and while they may have been making stuff up on the fly, it sounds about right that it would take me that long to figure my shit out, and they kept things neutral, I appreciate that
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I am a crazy cat cartoonist that occasionally animates! I also have a couple webcomics going and some awesome places to buy things :D

Tapastic (Guardian Ghost/Fighting Dreamers are here, and it might be just there later)
Smackjeeves (GG/FD are mirrored from here)…
Tumblr Art Blog
Society 6
Youtube (main)…
YT (vlog stuff, MannyKatRambles)…

My plz accounts: :iconclarenceclarapokeplz: :iconclarayayplz: :iconclarenceyayplz: :iconcatwtfplz: :icontgbsadtwitchplz:



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