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Welcome to another installment of Emotional Emoticons! This week's emoticons have all been found with the search term of candy.

:candyplease: by sutapets :candyplease: by sutapets says just what it says on the label. It's an adorable face, and how can you say no to those eyes?

:GiveMeYourCandy: by MenInASuitcase :GiveMeYourCandy: by MenInASuitcase is cute, and that little guy seems to be pretty hungry. I'd watch my candy stash if I were you.

m and m's glomp by MenInASuitcase m and m's glomp by MenInASuitcase is an adorable variation on the glomp emoticon that we all know, and it's got chocolate, too! :hungry:

Candy by Mr-Jaunty Candy by Mr-Jaunty I love the scaling effects in this emoticon, and the way that the subject is handled is excellent.

valentines emotes - preview by flameinheaven valentines emotes - preview by flameinheaven is adorable, and by going to the link in the description, you can get the emoticons to use in time for Valentine's Day next week!

:myntinoid: by Helen-Baq :myntinoid: by Helen-Baq is a very adorable (and yummy!) variation of the paranoid emoticon. Maybe it's paranoid that someone's going to eat it...

Chew it by Droneguard Chew it by Droneguard See, this is one of the reasons that I don't blow bubbles with bubble gum.

Lick mah cane by de-Mote Lick mah cane by de-Mote is an awesome way to depict licking without animation.

Emoticon News

Next week, the All you Need Is Love emoticon contest starts! Click on the bold words to see more! :eager::la::eager::la::eager:

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wow, thanks for the feature! :D

Amazing selection!
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:drool: I want candy now....

Really adorable selection. :nod: