Emotional Emoticons 20

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Welcome to another installment of Emotional Emoticons! This week I'm featuring emoticons that can be found by searching either "wave" or "hi".

Tard Welcome by Griffinite Tard Welcome by Griffinite is cute in the way that the tard's waving. It makes me want to squeeze it! :aww:

:waving: by Synfull :waving: by Synfull is a very cute small wave. I also like the shading.

:excited: by CookiemagiK :excited: by CookiemagiK is a great emoticon, and was recently added to the Emoticon Legend as :squee:.

syn wave by Syns-Stuff (an alternate account of Synfull) is, in my opinion, a classic example of her work.

:omghai: by Synfull :omghai: by Synfull is a cute little emoticon that helps show your enthusiasm when you see someone!

:wave: by dxd :wave: by dxd is a neat variation of the current :wave:.

:headphone: by madb0y :headphone: by madb0y is a cool emote. I wonder what he's listening to.

:zikesfanclub: by nillemotes :zikesfanclub: by nillemotes (an alternate account of zachriel) shows how much we in the emoticon community like zikes! OMG THERE HE IS! :squee:

Whai hai thar :hai: by Jeriko-X Whai hai thar :hai: by Jeriko-X Come on, who hasn't used this emoticon in the chat rooms? :giggle:


Well, one more.

:sadbai: by elicoronel16 :sadbai: by elicoronel16 is a positively adorable emoticon waving goodbye.

And on that note, I end my 20th edition of Emotional Emoticons.

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even though i don't come on here, thanks for the feature! it's also nice to know people still use it in chat, also.
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You're very welcome! :la:
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