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I was looking around at different journals from the emoticon-making community, and I saw that there was a lot of comments about how it's not like it used to be. Now I don't particularly consider myself to be a long-time-ago-emoticon-making deviant, but I do remember that when I first started making emoticons, the emote community was a lot more close-knit than it is now. Also, when I first joined, there were little to no miscats in the emoticon gallery, but that has changed for the (much) worse since then. I've seen Miley Cyrus animated GIFs in the gallery, and they really bugged me. They bugged me so much that if you were to play the song "Party in the USA" within my earshot, I'd be likely to try to disable whatever it was that was playing it. :B

Anywho, that's my perspective on how the Emoticon Community is.

:bulletred::bulletorange::bulletyellow:Things to try:bulletgreen::bulletblue::bulletpurple:

- Suggest a DD to ^mintyy :deviation:

- Host a contest at #EmoticonOpus :eager:

- Pimp some current contests :ekud:

- Join in an open project :community:

- Meet some emoticonists in #WeEmote :handshake:

- Suggest an idea at SuggestAnEmote :idea:

- Comment on a new emote :blahblah:

- Wish an emoticonist a happy birthday :cake:

- Welcome and support a new emoticonist :winner:

- Promote a useful journal (:cough:)

- Suggest a feature topic :lightbulb:

- Send in a 'did you know...' fact for a So i heard u liek emotes?? :slow:

- Write your own journal to promote stickytape and positivity :D

- Educate people on what belongs in our gallery :nod:

- Suggest a topic for Emotional Emoticons :woohoo:

- Suggest something else for this list :la:

copied unashamedly from Synfull's journal

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:dummy: I sees lardgrinn! My favorite! :eager: Love idea for your cursor. :nod:
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I like the cursor :paranoid:
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Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaandhowaboutnow? :D
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Lolz, I copied it too :XD:

Yea, the emote gallery is, as `Synfull said it, in shit state. They need to make one of the really big public announcements that goes to everyone about what is and what isn't pixel art, emoticons, and (non)isometric.

Hell, I saw a painting in the emote gallery. :iconwthplz:
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