All You Need Is Love!

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:heart:The Contest

Valentine's Day is coming up soon, and We've (me and mintyy ) come up with a contest to celebrate the fact. The contest is called "All You Need is Love", and the requirements are pretty simple.

You just need to make an emoticon depicting love in some form or fashion, and submit it to Contests :pointr: 2010 :pointr: All You Need Is Love, and you can submit either static or animated emoticons.

This contest will run from February 14 (Valentine's Day) to March 17, so that gives you almost 1 whole month to get your entries in! (The word entries being used here means that you can enter as many times as you want. :dummy: ) :eager:

:heart: Judges

:iconcatluvr2: :iconmintyy:

:heart: Prizes

  • This snazzy shirt in red for first, second, and third place,
  • 3 months subscription for third place,
  • 6 months subscription for second place,
  • and 1 year subscription for first place! :woohoo:

We're looking forward to getting your entry, and remember: The more original the entry, the better! :heart:
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when will we know who won?
mintyy's avatar
We are in the middle of judging.End this week the winners will be annouced :la:
Colorcatcher's avatar
I have a question, when exactly does the contest end?
catluvr2's avatar
It ends today.
XxReemiesxX's avatar
Yay! It ends in two days!:eager:
Check out my entry[link] :la:
h3y-Jud3's avatar
Wait, how do you enter?
JamesDonnelly's avatar
I like this contest. I'd never made an emoticon before and it was really fun to do.
So uh... Thanks! :)
GodsOnVacation's avatar
It looks liek alot of the submissions arn't even pixle stuff? did I read it wrong or are they mistaken?
mintyy's avatar
They got moved.We only accept emoticon submissions. :)
GodsOnVacation's avatar
lol well thanks fo the speedy responce :P

yeah I don't have anything make for this 2 days to golol
mintyy's avatar
Sorry sweetie, I did not poosted this news so I was not looking everyday at it :<
GodsOnVacation's avatar
uhh ok then good luck everyone
FlorianReich's avatar
entered now!
stamps with emotes are also allowed or don't they?
GodsOnVacation's avatar
its there any way i could involve guns in my subbmition? lol
kdso's avatar
but I have exams starting from 3rd march and ending on 22nd!
megaminokenkon's avatar
can we lik submit more than one deviation?
FreyaBigg's avatar
how come there are loads of non emote entries? :?
catluvr2's avatar
I guess it's because it's a contest that has a similar theme to another one that deviantART's running. I'm trying to keep the number of non-emote entries down.
FreyaBigg's avatar
Ah-ha! :P XD yeah D: it must be hard because there seems to be a lot ><
ByPriorArrangement's avatar
I re-made my entry [link] and submitted through the link on this page :boogie:

:confused: I'm a bit confused, there are a lot 'Show the Love Contest' entries in that folder. Should I rename my entry for this contest to 'All You Need is Love' :?
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