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Happy Halloween (Comic)


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LEGO Scootaloo

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LEGO Scootaloo

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:dead: - Discord Emote

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Journal skin - Flying frog [instalator]

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Perfect Man Gaston


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Emotional Emoticons 19

Welcome to another installment of Emotional Emoticons! It's really warm outside where I am, and I'd like nothing more than to dip in a pool and have some iced tea. But first, I'll show you the features for this week's issue, which were all found with the search terms of Summer and Hot. :thumb213219495: Sand castle building by Synfull ( just wows me with the amount of time put into making the sand castle, and :grump: doesn't look to pleased, but does he ever? :giggle: :thumb177178863: :thumb177178717: Pool Party Collab  by BlissfullySarcastic ( and Synfull ( makes me want to jump in the pool and cool off. CANNONBAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLL

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Fall Wallpaper

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Synthea page 194


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A little evil 31

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KH: Halloween Town 3


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Yarn Purl (Free Sketch)

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MLP Spike felt keyring


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Too Many Pinkies!!!

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Purple Chick Peep


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Jodi Sitting on a Bar Chair 1


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You Are a Girl - GoF Comic


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Blank Face Emoticon T-Shirt (Men's)

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DA suggestion: pop-up information

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The Witch's Life

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Seniority: Recognizing Community Excellence

The Seniority program, a long-standing honor rewarding deviants for their contributions to the community, is being revamped. Read this team update to learn more about the program and what's to come! Twitter Facebook What is Seniority? Seniority has been a cornerstone of DeviantArt since its early years, given to deviants who have made their mark in one way or another—in many cases it was given to deviants who were recognizable contributors within their respective communities, in some cases it was given out of gratitude to former volunteers and staff members, and in a few cases it came tied with the Deviousness Award. Regardless of t

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Emote DD RoundUp: October

Daily Deviations RoundUp :thumb326237922: by NerdyGeekyArt ( All hail the emote king, with his wonderfully pixelled sword and banner! Such a luxurious mustache, too! This deviant's gallery is so full of such wonderful and creative emotes, as well as a variety of other mediums. :thumb286325573: by Quolia (, suggested by IceXDragon ( This deviation has tons of delicious detail to make your mouth water. The strawberries on top of an in the cake are just so wonderfully pixelled! :thumb306687085: by sneakyPancake (, suggested by IceXDragon ( In the words of the suggester, "The lighting and the shadows coming from the two lov

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Mspaint Emote Project


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The City

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World Autism Awareness Day - April 2nd

Autism Awareness

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Neverhood 20th


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Simba Semi-Realism

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A Modest Day In The Cave

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PE: How to Animate in Gimp

How to Animate in Gimp Gimp is a free photo editing software that you can download at You can use it for a lot of different things like photo manipulations, drawing, pixel art, etc. Today though, we will be covering the topic of animation!:la: Note that this tutorial will only show the basics of Gimp animation. How to make the frames, how to save it and the such.:nod: So let's get started!:la: Start by making the subject. I just used a random black ball, but the subject can be as simple or as complex as you want, depending on what you're making. Make sure you switch over to the layers tab. Tip: If you do not already have the layer


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Gif Roll'd

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Wallpaper Rarity

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Why Do You Insist On Photographing Me?


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Flutter Shy Gala Dress

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Derpy Scarf

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