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This may be my most in-depth ponymote yet. Multicolored mane, a cutie mark with more than one pixel to depict something, and WINGS.

Hand pixeled, and the reference I used was [link] . You like the parade of ponies? :giggle:

This is my little cousin's favorite pony. This one's for you, Lille!

YOU SAW NOTHING. :paranoid::shifty:
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Its very small, and the legs look kinda weird. maybe fix that sometime? The face, wings, mane and, tail, also look weird. The cutie mark could also look better. There is also no back mane, It also looks like there is only one wing. try making it more 3d? I suggest try remaking this, maybe also make it animated? Just suggestions. I hope you consider this. I'm sorry if you didn't like this Critique, I tried my best not to be offensive to you, I understand if you don't accept this Critique. Again, I tried my best not to be offensive.
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So awesome, Rainbow so cool/Cute:love::love::heart:, love it.

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Rainbow Flyer this is cute! Dashie all the waaaay!
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Aww, thank you! A little secret, though: I made Fluttershy first. In fact, the emoticon of Fluttershy was my first MLP fan art. :giggle:
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hey,i used this and AJ.
Here's the stamp.^^:[link]
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AWEEESOOOME! How do I use it? :D
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rainbow dash is the best pony in ponyville fav your pic
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Wee Little Pony! :thumb282577330: :+favlove:
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This and MANY of the other emotes featured here: [link]
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