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Hoo boy.

Let's see now...

I've :+fav:ed at least 5 MLP deviations, added and used a MLP journal skin, held a MLP themed poll, and now this.

Am I a lost cause yet? :giggle:

Hand pixeled, and I used as the mane reference. Oh, and for the tail, too. :icontrollestiaplz:


Fluttershy and MLP:FiM are copyright Hasbro.

Tried submitting to fan art, it said no GIFs allowed. :saddummy:
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So awesome and CUUUUTE:love::love:, Fluttershy best pony girl, hehehe.

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soo tiny ..soo CUTEE !! <3
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Would you consider making this a base? 

Or do you take requests for ponies?

Btw, Flutters is my favorite pony :3
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It's funny that you ask; I used this to make my own base! You can use it if you want, here it is:    Just credit me if you use it; I'll know if you do. ;)
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Oh my goodness! This is absolutely adorable. Do you think you could make more of these?
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I think I could, as long as I remember how to do them. I have a bunch of them done by someone else in my favorites [link] , but I'm planning on doing Bon Bon, Octavia, Discord, and maybe some others.
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That would be ... :iconrdsoawesomeplz: ... so awesome!
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Actually, I just had a look at your gallery...
Soooo, disregard the last sentence of that last comment.
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Contact DA and beg them to make this an official emoticon!
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They won't, it's a copyrighted character.
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why did you not let this in my group? ;A;
catluvr2's avatar
What? It was withdrawn by someone else, I didn't see the request! :B
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oh. well, i own that group, so how would someone else withdraw it?
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how would you use this ness?
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