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Presenting: Community Volunteers
Over the years, we've been proud to offer the opportunity to volunteer with deviantART. We believe that our volunteers play a crucial role in helping our community develop and grow in positive ways.  
The Gallery Moderator (previously known as Gallery Director) and Message Network Admin (MN@) teams have become a much loved and appreciated role, with many volunteers proudly detailing their experience in applications to enter into successful careers with companies who all recognise the value of volunteering in such a vibrant and eclectic community. Did you know that some of our now full time Staff were once volunteers? fourteenthstar, Moonbeam13, Pachunka, aunjuli, y2jenn, damphyr, Tachy-on, dxd and Ikue all volunteered in various roles -- and we are all very proud of that fact!
Over the past few months, we've been taking a close look at the volunteer experience -- what's worked, what hasn't worked a
:iconmoonbeam13:Moonbeam13 228 587
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Going to a devmeet today!
See ya'll later :wave:

^ That is all.
:iconindae:Indae 1 67
Static Emoticons by converse-kidd-stamps Static Emoticons :iconconverse-kidd-stamps:converse-kidd-stamps 243 40 mini excited by CookiemagiK mini excited :iconcookiemagik:CookiemagiK 854 362

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DDs I like. :)

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:whisper: it's RANDOMIZED! :la:

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Derpy Hooves by Iopichio Derpy Hooves :iconiopichio:Iopichio 1,577 77 I Derped on Jeopardy, baby. by Birdco I Derped on Jeopardy, baby. :iconbirdco:Birdco 97 30 MLPFIM Smiling Derpy Hooves custom toy by omgwtflols MLPFIM Smiling Derpy Hooves custom toy :iconomgwtflols:omgwtflols 38 7 Nightmare Night Derpy Hooves by PrettyKitty Nightmare Night Derpy Hooves :iconprettykitty:PrettyKitty 295 87 Derpy toy real by malerfique Derpy toy real :iconmalerfique:malerfique 53 41
Story-Poem: The Muffin Queen
The Muffin Queen
Like yeast in dough, I rose up high.
But soon, I ceased to fly.
Soon I was caked in my own demise.
Baked into this pastry disguise.
But thou hath set me free.
With a bite, munch, crunch. 1, 2, 3.
I hath been set free, but thou hath consumed me.
Not 1 but 2.
Mine own eyes seeing only what be in front of thee.
My simple plea?
To escape from this catacomb that surrounds me.
Oh, Silly mare.
With your eyes drooping and your heart beating.
Your bags filled with letters and your mind in gutters.
Wings of grey.
A mane like sunshine.
Tis' be very colors of that which be mine.
Derpy: Hey now missy your making my head hurt.
Muffin Queen (MQ): What be this strangest voice…canst thou heareth me?
Derpy: Well yea, been hearing about every single thing you've just monologue'd.
*Derpy Appears*
MQ: Oh it be you grey mare…
What purpose dost thou have for being here?
Derpy: What are you doing here?
Last time I checked this was my muffin…I mean my mind!
MQ: Your min
:iconcompletechaos21:CompleteChaos21 107 17
Technical Derpyculties Vector by Inkwell-Pony Technical Derpyculties Vector :iconinkwell-pony:Inkwell-Pony 2,257 242 Pumpkin Cake Emote by Tails-155 Pumpkin Cake Emote :icontails-155:Tails-155 11 3 Pound Cake Emote by Tails-155 Pound Cake Emote :icontails-155:Tails-155 12 0
Scootaloo's Personal Diary - Entry 153-62
Entry 153:
Well, at first I thought Ocean Breeze was going to be a one-time meet, but I guess I was wrong. Apple Bloom has fallen head over hooves for him, and I think he has done the same for her. I feel like I should say what I know about him, now. I am going to talk with Ocean Breeze's parents today, just because I'm curious.
Ocean Breeze is a cream colored unicorn with a two-tone Wonderbolts-blue mane (the darker of the two shades is EXACTLY the Wonderbolts color. I envy him so much!) His family owns a fairly successful furniture business that has tables and chairs all across Equestria! They're really nice, too. The stuff from my old house was all stuff their company made, Maple Woods (Ocean Breeze's father) designed the table downstairs, himself!
Maple Woods is the lead designer of the Equinapolis Furniture Company. He is like the Rarity of furniture. He knows how to design the most beautiful furniture of all sorts. I actually think the bookshelves at dad's house are made by his c
:icontails-155:Tails-155 5 0
Scootaloo's Personal Diary - Entry 163-9
Entry 163:
[Tucked into the page is a written apology to the class.]
Apology Letter To The Class:
To everyone at Ponyville Elementary School, especially Miss Cheerilee,
I am sorry for causing such a big mess, yesterday. I should have controlled myself better. Sometimes when someone hurts or upsets a friend of mine, I act before I think. I will try to control myself better in the future, and I hope nopony sees me any worse today than they did in the past. Once again, I am sorry.

I don't care what Diamond Tiara thinks of me, she didn't need to do that to Featherweight. Featherweight brought his plushie to school in his saddlebags (which I thought was so sweet and adorable...) Diamond Tiara saw it on the way outside for recess, and brought it out onto the playground for everypony to see, and for them to make fun of him. Some of the ponies pointed and laughed, and he got pretty embarrassed. Then she threw it in a mud puddle.
I have to stay after school today. After Diamond Tiara did
:icontails-155:Tails-155 4 0
Happy Day After Hearts and Hooves Day! by grilledcat Happy Day After Hearts and Hooves Day! :icongrilledcat:grilledcat 97 21 MLP Valentines by Musapan MLP Valentines :iconmusapan:Musapan 1,087 232 Vinyl Scratch Emote by Tails-155 Vinyl Scratch Emote :icontails-155:Tails-155 29 2 Lyra Heartstrings Emote by Tails-155 Lyra Heartstrings Emote :icontails-155:Tails-155 32 0


Well, first of all, let me start off by saying that it was a pleasure to test this. Now that that's out of the way, let me continue by ...

I enjoy your photo very much, and I love the way that you caught the glass star with the light shining through it. I think that it woul...

This emoticon caught my eye the first time I saw it. When I first saw the thumbnail for it, I wondered what the point behind it was. Th...

I really appreciate your use of yellow in your stamp, it promotes positive feedback. I'm also liking the way that you use anti-aliasing...

Webcam and such

Smooth dashboard

DD Guidelines and Commissions

Please send your EMOTICON DD suggestions to Moonbeam13 until a new volunteer shows up!


:bulletwhite: Not started
:bulletblack: Started a bit (just cast on to about 1/3 done)
:bulletpurple: Halfway or thereabouts (1/3 to 2/3 done)
:bulletblue: Almost done (2/3 to just need to bind off)
:bulletgreen: Finished (duh!)
:bulletred: On hold
:emailsend: Sent off, expect in the mail soonish!

:emailsend:hazlenutx2 Two child scarves
:emailsend:welfareleech A maroon and gray striped scarf
:emailsend:Aquariem A rust and teal striped scarf
:emailsend: Someone I know irl Two child scarves

Want to commission me? Read this.

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Quote #22401
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:iconcatluvr2: catluvr2 quotes Dec 24, 2010, 3:25:44 PM

1:46:48 PM <hikaricloud> :fail: ?
1:46:54 PM <hikaricloud> now that's ironic.
box thanks to DEVlANT

:iconcatluvr2-studio: I Host devMEETS by catluvr2

Thank you!

Thank you for your :+fav:(s), the :+devwatch: and/or the !


All Natural 04 by tatehemlock
Mature content
All Natural 04 :icontatehemlock:tatehemlock 743 70
Melody 02 by tatehemlock
Mature content
Melody 02 :icontatehemlock:tatehemlock 706 65
Mug: Senior's Tick by YukiMizuno Mug: Senior's Tick :iconyukimizuno:YukiMizuno 13 29 Yarn by DeTea Yarn :icondetea:DeTea 14 5 Botanical Yarn by wolfepaw Botanical Yarn :iconwolfepaw:wolfepaw 17 9 Yarn by xrazorblade-beautyx Yarn :iconxrazorblade-beautyx:xrazorblade-beautyx 7 2 Fairytale about a Yarn tree by Katie-Watersell Fairytale about a Yarn tree :iconkatie-watersell:Katie-Watersell 517 43 Escher tessellation Rams by Hop41 Escher tessellation Rams :iconhop41:Hop41 1,288 195 Walking away by DimensionSeven Walking away :icondimensionseven:DimensionSeven 116 31 Pretty Kitty by catluvr2 Pretty Kitty :iconcatluvr2:catluvr2 9 3 deviantART Mug - White by elusive deviantART Mug - White :iconelusive:elusive 24 46 Timothy by Scellanis Timothy :iconscellanis:Scellanis 182 66
I want these or may have already bought them and forgotten to take them off of my wishlist.




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Is this thing still on?


catluvr2's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Hi all! I'm catluvr2. :P I enjoy making emotes, drawing pencil sketches, even oil painting.
I've been wanting to be able to write a little bit about myself for a while now, but now that I can, I can't think of what to write! :keiross:
I really like cheese, and I've been known to eat 10 slices at one time. (hey, I was young, foolish, and hungry. Give me a break.)
So yeah, that's me in a nutshell.


Give me points? :la::points::la:

Current Age: 33
Current Residence: Maine, USA
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Large men's for shirts, but Men's XL hoodies. *hint* Dark and minimal, too. Not that it matters any more, since devWear is no longer available, but still.
Print preference: Nothing too large, I can't really hang anything on the wall.
Favorite genre of music: Oldies (50s, 60s, and 70s)

"Normal is a false hope created by imperfect boring people." A quote from a border guard I go to church with.


Page/Journal bullets/decorative bits
Decorative bits for journals and/or page decorations.
Pony Pencil Pictures
Give me a situation that you want me to draw MLP characters in (nothing NSFW, please), and I'll work on it. I may use the Wiki pages as a reference, as I did in the first example. I don't have a scanner, so I'll do my best with my camera.
I'm willing to do some proofreading for you, when you pay me, link me to the work in your, and I'll comment on it with what needs to be fixed. Simple as that.
deviantART icons
If you want a deviantART avatar, let me know and we'll discuss what you want in your avatar.
also shout :shifty:

Do you like dogs or cats better? 

21 deviants said Cats
7 deviants said Cats


08:41:42 <Clank-Robot> SiriusJoker: Am I a chimpanzee with a type writer? Only when it matters.



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