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LE'sAitN-Plushies by AMX-269 LE'sAitN-Plushies :iconamx-269:AMX-269 6 18
Lil' Eddy's Adventure in the Neverhood
Epilogue: Now, on to Bigger and Better Things
The story you have just read is true. Names have been changed to protect the innocent...well, not really.
Also, it happened months ago. It happened in February, and it's...what, like, the first of June, already? Geez, I sure take a long time to tell a story, don't I?
Anyway, a lot has happened since then: AMX got my arm fixed up (which gave me the scar), her winter blues are gone now that we have eighty-degree weather again, and Klaymen an I are still best friends. We still hang out almost every day, and it's never a dull moment here.
Even now, as I talk and Klaymen types what I say, Mikata is watching us. And Telly is asking, "Mr. Eddy, are you guys done writing the story of your wonderful adventure yet?"
We will be in a few minutes. Which is a good thing, I suppose. Klaymen and I want to find another adventure to tackle. Now that this is over, we can move onto bigger and better things.
Plus, I
:iconamx-269:AMX-269 4 7
LE'sAitN-Chapter 7
Lil' Eddy's Adventure in the Neverhood
Chapter 7: Now I Know how Monica Seles Feels
Before I go on, I suppose I should tell you this: if you know the backstory of Monica Seles, the title of this chapter should make more sense. AMX thought of the title herself; nifty, huh?
Anyway, back to the story. It's only fair since I left you at a cliffhanger back there.
Now...where was I?
Klaymen and I slowly entered the room in the castle which held Hoborg, and hopefully, his crown.
We cautiously looked around. The room appeared to be empty.
"Where do you think he is?" I whispered to Klaymen.
But before Klaymen could answer me, someone else did.
Someone popped out in front of us, making Klaymen and me jump. I was a lot more freaked out, because I knew who it was. And I didn't like it.
"Oh, I'm sorry," said Klogg, putting the same claws he had used to attack me on Klaymen's shoulders. "Did I...frighten you?"
Well, what do you think, buddy?
"My name is Klogg."
Oh, like we d
:iconamx-269:AMX-269 4 2
LE'sAitN-Chapter 6
Lil' Eddy's Adventure in the Neverhood
Chapter 6: A Story of Creation, Betrayal, and...Why Does he Look Familiar?
"Well, some castle THIS is," I said, looking around the room Klaymen and I had entered a few moments ago. "It's just a big empty room!"
Well...I take that back. It was sort of a big empty room. There was a lot of junk laying around in it; whoever took over this castle seemed extremely busy.
Klaymen had just reentered from a nearby balcony; he was holding a pin. Hey, you never know when a pin will come in handy.
"Well, I, for one, don't see anything here that can help us," I said. " offense. Maybe we should check another part of the castle?"
Klaymen nodded, then turned toward a red door on the other end of the room. When we got closer, I realized it was an elevator.
We both got in and began to go up to the next floor of the castle. While we were in there, I realized something: the elevator music in the Neverhood is just as bad as the kind back home.
:iconamx-269:AMX-269 3 5
LE'sAitN-Chapter 5
Lil' Eddy's Adventure in the Neverhood
Chapter 5: Attack of the 50-foot Robot...with Two Neverhoodians and a Plushie
When Klaymen and I exited the transporter, I saw that we were in a part of the Neverhood that neither of us had seen before.
We were walking past this structure called "Cathead Mountain," according to a sign (nice name, huh?), when all of a sudden, we heard something:
"Klaymen, up here!"
I had never heard the voice before, but at least it sounded a lot more friendlier than the one I had encountered in the cave.
Klaymen and I turned back to Cathead Mountain and looked up to find the source of the new voice.
There was a window near the top of the mountain, and someone was sticking their head out of it. He looked a little like Klaymen, only his "skin" was yellow, and his torso was blue; plus, he had a hoop on his head and a goofy grin on his face.
The new person waved down to us, and Klaymen waved back.
"Who is that?" I asked.
Klaymen bent down and wrote something on
:iconamx-269:AMX-269 3 2
LE'sAitN-Chapter 4
Lil' Eddy's Adventure in the Neverhood
Chapter 4: A Supposed Case of Assault
"Are you done yet?" I asked Klaymen (granted, for about the seventh time).
As a response, Klaymen shot me a look that once again told me to be patient.
*Sigh*...I probably shouldn't be complaining. Ever since we had set foot on the other side of the Neverhood, puzzle after puzzle had been thrown at us.
Well...more at Klaymen than me. But hey, can you blame me? I mean, as a plushie, I don't really have much of a brain. At least...not one with enough patience to solve all those insane puzzles.
I'm pretty sure Klaymen's not too crazy about all the puzzles, either. I mean, it took him forever to figure out that puzzle with the mouse and the cheese (they disappeared with this projector thing; we don't know where they went). And now, he seemed to be struggling with this puzzle which was basically a big memory game.
That's probably why I'm not taking a whole lot of time to elaborate on these events. I m
:iconamx-269:AMX-269 3 8
LE'sAitN-Chapter 3
Lil’ Eddy’s Adventure in the Neverhood
Chapter 3: Radios, Beakers…and a Dude named Bobby
“You know,” I said to Klaymen, “I’ve wanted to go to a lot of places in my life, and I gotta tell ya…the bottom of a lake in a world made entirely of Klay wasn’t one of my first choices.”
It was true. Klaymen and I were currently standing on ground that was previously filled with water; at least, before we had drained it with a cannon.
“So, where do we go next?” I asked Klaymen.
Klaymen began to walk toward the middle of the lake, so I followed him. When we got closer, I realized there was a giant hole in the ground, surrounded by a bunch of signs which basically said, DO NOT JUMP IN.
So, of course, Klaymen was about to do the exact opposite as the signs said!
“Whoa, there, big guy,” I said, grabbing Klaymen’s arm. “Your writing is good, but apparently your reading is horrible.” I pointed to the signs.
:iconamx-269:AMX-269 4 6
LE'sAitN-Chapter 2
Lil’ Eddy’s Adventure in the Neverhood
Chapter 2: Danger-Beware of Bug-Releasing Strings
When we exited the building which contained the TNT dummy, we realized that the Weasel had…disappeared is the only way to describe it.
“Well…that was exciting,” I said. “What’s next?”
Klaymen looked to his right, so I looked to the right, too. There was a small house in the direction we were looking, with what looked like pipes from an organ on it. Also…there appeared to be a Triceratops head next to the house.
Klaymen started walking over to the house, with me following him (come on, what’d you expect me to do?). He stopped in front of the Triceratops head, so I did, too. It was then I realized that there was a small button in the ground. Klaymen stepped on it, and a small test tube filled with water popped out of the ground. Klaymen took the test tube.
Then we walked over to the house. There was a door with a button next to it. Being t
:iconamx-269:AMX-269 3 2
LE'sAitN-Chapter 1
Lil’ Eddy’s Adventure in the Neverhood
Chapter 1: All Around the Mulberry Bush…
I was surprised when everything suddenly became dark after all that light. Maybe it was something in the air…? Maybe? Eh, at that point, I didn’t care.
So imagine my surprise when I suddenly felt somebody shaking my shoulder. At some point, I must have closed my eyes, because it was still dark.
“Uhh…Nothing in there, guys…” I muttered, thinking it was Mikata or Telly. “Just a bunch of light tricks…”
But when I opened my eyes, I didn’t see the big, black eyes of Mikata or Telly. Instead, I was looking into two black eyes that looked like vertical slits!
I was understandably startled; apparently, so was my mysterious visitor. As I jumped up into a standing position (had I sat down?), so did he. That was when I was able to get a good look at him.
This guy was something to look at. At first, I thought he was some ki
:iconamx-269:AMX-269 4 6
Lil' Eddy-Neverhood-Prologue
Author’s Note: For those of you who aren’t familiar with me, my name is AMX, and I write fanfiction. I usually write for, but at the moment, I’ve decided to take a hiatus on my other stories to work on this one for DeviantArt (to learn the whole story, check out my journal). Anyway, to go with my new obsession with The Neverhood, I’ve come up with this story idea: what if Lil’ Eddy (one of my DA OC’s) was part of all that madness? And that’s pretty much how this story was born. This whole story will be in Lil’ Eddy’s point of view, by the way. So, without further ado, I present Lil’ Eddy’s Adventure in the Neverhood! Happy reading! ;)-AMX
Prologue: I’m Lil’ Eddy, and this is my life
You know…it’s funny. Now that I look back on the incident, the whole thing seems like a dream. But I have proof that is real. I have Klaymen, of course. He’s been around. And if that doesn
:iconamx-269:AMX-269 5 8
EEnE's NBC-chapter 9
Back in Halloween Town, everything was almost ready. Eddy and Double D were watching Sally put the finishing touches on Jack’s “Sandy Claws” outfit. As they watched, Eddy and Double D agreed on one thing: Jack didn’t look a thing like Santa Claus.
“You don’t look like yourself, Jack,” said Sally, in a last attempt to change her friend’s mind. “Not at all.”
“Isn’t it wonderful?” Jack asked as Sally sewed. “It couldn’t be more wonderful!”
“But you’re the Pumpkin King,” protested Sally, holding up an old picture of Jack.
“Not anymore,” said Jack, taking the picture and snapping it in half on his knee. “And I feel so much better.”
Sally, Double D, and Eddy were shocked at what Jack had just done.
“I hadn’t counted on that one,” Eddy said to Double D. Double D nodded in agreement.
“Jack, I know you think something’s missing,” Sally said as s
:iconamx-269:AMX-269 11 3
EEnE's NBC-chapter 8
“It goes something like this,” Jack was explaining to the musical trio. He then shook a string of jingle bells in his hand. “How about it? Think you can manage?”
The trio tried playing the tune on their instruments. Double D and Eddy, who were watching, winced at how terribly flat it was.
“Fantastic!” said Jack. “Why don’t you all practice on that and we’ll be all set.”
“Next!” called the Mayor.
When Double D saw who was next, his face lit up. “Hi, Sally!” he said cheerfully. But it didn’t work. Sally still had a very worried look on her face.
“Sally?” asked Eddy.
“Sally, I need your help more than anyone’s,” said Jack.
“You certainly do, Jack,” said Sally. “I had the most horrible vision.”
“That’s splendid!” said Jack, triggering a confused look from Eddy.
“No!” said Sally. “It was about your Christmas! There was smoke and fire . . .
:iconamx-269:AMX-269 11 0
EEnE's NBC-chapter 7
Later that day, Double D was watching as everyone formed a line outside the town hall. Jack had finally come out of his house, and he said that his plan involved everyone in Halloween Town. But Double D wasn’t interested in that. He was interested in the fact that Eddy had been seen with Jack.
Double D was finally able to enter the town hall, and sure enough, Eddy was with Jack. Jack was talking to the vampires, so he didn’t notice Double D running over to Eddy.
“Eddy, can I talk to you for a moment?” he quickly asked, pulling his friend aside.
“What’s up, Double D?” asked Eddy.
“Another change in plans, Eddy?” asked Double D.
“What are you talking about?” asked Eddy.
“A few hours ago, you couldn’t even say Jack’s name without spitting in the dirt,” said Double D. “Now you’re helping him with this absurd plan of his?”
“Jealous?” asked Eddy.
“No, I’m not jealous!” said Doub
:iconamx-269:AMX-269 14 0
EEnE's NBC-chapter 6
“Eddy, please stop!”
“Jack’s going to be mad!”
Eddy paid no attention to his friend. He simply picked up another Christmas ball he had taken from Jack’s tree and threw it down the alley the two friends were in. When it hit the wall at the far end of the alley, it broke with a loud POP!
“Eddy, this is so wrong!” said Double D. “Someone’s sure to discover your act of vandalism.”
“Ah, the way the people act in this town, they’ll probably thank me,” said Eddy, picking up another ball. “I’M GONNA KILL THAT CREEP!” he yelled as he threw the ball.
“Ed or Jack?” asked Double D. “Because since Jack’s a skeleton, technically he’s already dead . . . ”
“I’ll kill whoever gets in my way first!” Eddy interrupted. “I knew this was a bad idea! I knew Jack really didn’t know about Christmas!”
“Eddy, please calm down,”
:iconamx-269:AMX-269 13 0
EEnE's NBC-chapter 5
“You know, we just left, but I already miss Christmas Town,” Jack was saying to Eddy and Double D.
“Why?” asked Eddy. “You’re bringing most of it back with you.”
Jack had Eddy and Double D help him go around Christmas Town, filling a huge sack with things to take back to Halloween Town. However, when they were done collecting things, they realized that the sack was too heavy for them to carry. So Jack had resorted to tying the sack to the back of a nearby snowmobile.
Now they were riding back home, with Jack driving (even though the snowmobile was too small for him, so his knees were up by his head), Eddy and Double D riding on the top of the sack, and Zero floating close by.
“I still can’t believe we couldn’t find Ed,” said Eddy.
“I told you to look for him while we were collecting things,” said Double D.
“No, you didn’t!” said Eddy. “First, I said, ‘There is no way we’re helping Jack go aro
:iconamx-269:AMX-269 12 0
EEnE's NBC-chapter 4
And so the three Stouthearted Eds marched through the dark and creepy woods known as the Hinterlands. Of course, Eddy led, with Double D in the middle and Ed at the rear. However, after marching for a while, the Eds began to notice that something wasn’t right. There was no sign of Jack anywhere, yet they clearly saw him entering these woods. But now it seemed that they were the only living things in the woods at the moment.
Suddenly and very abruptly, Eddy stopped dead in his tracks at a certain tree. Since it was unexpected, Double D ran into Eddy, and Ed ran into Double D.
“Eddy, what . . . ” Double D was about to say, but Eddy quickly covered his friend’s mouth. Double D noticed something different about Eddy’s expression. He looked like he had seen a ghost. Or maybe . . .
That’s when Double D saw what had freaked Eddy out, and he too became alarmed. There, sitting right in front of the three boys, asleep with his back against the tree, was Jack Skellin
:iconamx-269:AMX-269 14 17

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Well, first of all, let me start off by saying that it was a pleasure to test this. Now that that's out of the way, let me continue by ...

I enjoy your photo very much, and I love the way that you caught the glass star with the light shining through it. I think that it woul...

This emoticon caught my eye the first time I saw it. When I first saw the thumbnail for it, I wondered what the point behind it was. Th...

I really appreciate your use of yellow in your stamp, it promotes positive feedback. I'm also liking the way that you use anti-aliasing...

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I want these or may have already bought them and forgotten to take them off of my wishlist.




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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Hi all! I'm catluvr2. :P I enjoy making emotes, drawing pencil sketches, even oil painting.
I've been wanting to be able to write a little bit about myself for a while now, but now that I can, I can't think of what to write! :keiross:
I really like cheese, and I've been known to eat 10 slices at one time. (hey, I was young, foolish, and hungry. Give me a break.)
So yeah, that's me in a nutshell.


Give me points? :la::points::la:

Current Age: 33
Current Residence: Maine, USA
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Large men's for shirts, but Men's XL hoodies. *hint* Dark and minimal, too. Not that it matters any more, since devWear is no longer available, but still.
Print preference: Nothing too large, I can't really hang anything on the wall.
Favorite genre of music: Oldies (50s, 60s, and 70s)

"Normal is a false hope created by imperfect boring people." A quote from a border guard I go to church with.


Page/Journal bullets/decorative bits
Decorative bits for journals and/or page decorations.
Pony Pencil Pictures
Give me a situation that you want me to draw MLP characters in (nothing NSFW, please), and I'll work on it. I may use the Wiki pages as a reference, as I did in the first example. I don't have a scanner, so I'll do my best with my camera.
I'm willing to do some proofreading for you, when you pay me, link me to the work in your, and I'll comment on it with what needs to be fixed. Simple as that.
deviantART icons
If you want a deviantART avatar, let me know and we'll discuss what you want in your avatar.
also shout :shifty:

Do you like dogs or cats better? 

17 deviants said Cats
5 deviants said Cats


08:41:42 <Clank-Robot> SiriusJoker: Am I a chimpanzee with a type writer? Only when it matters.



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I know someone who has two disabled children who's getting screwed over by the government due to the government's oversight. Typical government "efficiency". :roll: Every little bit helps, so please donate what you can, and spread the word!

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