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By Catliv
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IMPORTANT REQUEST!!! I lost the original file because of a harddrive crash. If anyone of the 63 downloaders reads this and the file is bigger than 842x1191 pixels please notify me! It would REALLY help me!

This is my tour poster for an Incubus contest on

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© 2006 - 2021 Catliv
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You should make this a Tshirt design, for real
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I love this... really cool
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Thanks for keeping Art as a part of human independent mind. From here Jorge Salutes you
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ah man, did you win?
this is SWEET i would buy this :D
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omg, i friggin love this!
i love incubus! its like my dream to see them live some day, but fat chance of that happening- considering how i live in the UK . they only seem to tour the states and europe. i wish they'd come over here :( they're one my all time favourite bands
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i love it.. and the band of course..
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Great work, I like the way you use the elements to make your composition.
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Fucking awesome! best incubus-related thing in deviantart :+fav:
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HOLY SH*T! U made this poster?!?! i saw this poster when they visited the philippines... i wanted to steal it so bad but it was inside a friggin store..
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WHAT??? You've seen THIS poster during the Incubus Tour in the philippines??? How could that be? O.o° I did not won the contest for this! And what is a friggin store? Are you shure that its really the same? Can you make a photo or ask the owner of the shop why this hangs on the window and how he get it? Thats really important for me. And it would be great if you give me more Information about it. Have you seen it anywhere else?
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yep... it didn't look exactly like this though. the background looks the same, but the title was different and had sponsors listed at the bottom. i can't remember the name of the store though, its the only place i've seen it in. i don't live in the big city, i just visited. and i'm sori i can't really give more info as i only passed by the store. i wish i could though, cause i don't think it wouldv been right if they just stole ur design//
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Oh, what a pity you don't know details about the poster. It would be kind of strange and funny at the same time if this is really my design that hangs on a window on the other side of the world.O.o°
Are you really sure that on the poster was the same wings, hands and scribble of the band like mine? Couse the stripes and the grenade could be on every poster. Its the albums artwork. But I can't imagine how they put another headline on my poster cause the file was A4 small. I think doesn't had layers to change something...Hm..strange
And don't apologise you don't know it exactly! Its know problem!!! Just try to remember if you've seen the wings and this stuff then I'm satisfied.^^°
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um, i don't know the album art in the incubus album (and i'm an incubus fan! what a shame). I'm pretty sure it had wings on it, the band scribble though is something i am unsure of. cause from what i remember, they had the same pose but it looked um, they added stone and sand texture to the band pic. i'm not that sure though cause i saw the poster like 10 feet away, but they look very similar.. if not the same.
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amazing poster exellent :D
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nice!! i cama to this concert a weeks ago in singapore! nice picture!!
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I have featured this piece in my journal ;) [link]
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