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[OFFICIAL] species ref 2.0

By catlinq
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old ref

it was in need of an update because I added a couple more traits and changed rarities around 'v'

figures at the bottom are #1 #2 #3 #4
from left to right

☆ no longer any limitations on colours
☆ markings rarities changed
☆ any type of marking not explicitly listed is uncommon but allowed under either price tier
☆ 'super long' tails longer than 1 body length added (see #4)
☆ chest fluff added
☆ hip fluff added
☆ pom fluff clarified
☆ hybrid bobtail now defined as the main tail being the same length as the puff
☆ royal bobtails now possible but will have hybrid bobtail tail length as well as a split puff and end puff (see #4)
☆ taper puff split into two categories of equal rarity
- taper - tapered to a central point (see #3)
- wing - asymmetric taper (see #2)
☆ inner ear fluff can be any shape as long as it does not extend far beyond the ear
☆ unfastened tails (see #2) are not classed as a variation but are an unusual personal choice

royal sugarbits will get their own ref soon! this one is just being uploaded now because of event stuff!
there's also a ref in the works for cultural things - common clothing types, body mods, tail bead/unfastened tail info and etc.

enjoy, sugarbit nerds! 
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craftypacadermProfessional General Artist
Ooo, I love this. 
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I'm glad!!