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So Far Away
My friend, you never leave my thoughts,
Every moment I spend awake reminds me
Of the horrible feeling of loss I feel
Since I cannot be near you.
I wish constantly that
This were not the case,
That we could talk for hours
Upon hours,
Upon hours,
But it does no good.
You remain there,
And I remain here,
Separated by so much
And yet so little.
But that little bit of separation
Causes constant mental agony
For myself, and perhaps for you.
Every time we get to talk,
I feel like I’ve ascended to heaven,
As if all of my troubles have acquiesced,
If only for a miniscule amount of time.
I wish I could be near you,
Feel your hand against mine,
Grasp your fingers firmly in mine,
And never, ever let go.
:iconcatldr24:catldr24 10 8
Where did you go
O friend of mine
You left me alone
With no one to turn to
I cried when you left
Anger and sadness mixing
Into a maelstrom of emotion
Overwhelming me
Tearing me away from
My memory of you.
Now I always wait
For when I will
Gaze upon the sky
With you
And then, finally
Smile once again.
:iconcatldr24:catldr24 2 6
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United States
some Cat.
Ten things I wish I could say to people:
1. Don't.
2. I worry about you. I think you're lying. I still worry.
3. Don't do stupid stuff anymore, alright?
4. Sorry things couldn't be different between us.
5. Where did you disappear to? Why?
6. I'm glad we reconciled our differences. Or, at least, I thought we did.
7. You know how much you think I love you? Septuple it to the fourth power and you might be close to correct.
8. I am not being disrespectful to you. You are being disrespectful to me.
9. I really am sorry.
10. Why don't I have your cell phone number gosh

Nine things about myself:
1. I have a great belt.
2. I hate socks.
3. Despite this I bought a $7 pair of socks last week >_>
4. I'm not in my house right now! O:
5. I have a couple of stuffed animals with me precisely because of this.
6. I am a sadface ~master~
7. This is probably because I am legitimately sad so much.
8. I like to wear clothes that are too big for me to make me look smaller.
9. I love the feeling of being underestimated and proving people wrong.

Eight ways to win my heart:
1. :iconvampiress-kat:
2. :iconvampiress-kat:
3. :iconvampiress-kat:
4. :iconvampiress-kat:
5. :iconvampiress-kat:
6. :iconvampiress-kat:
7. :iconvampiress-kat:
8. :iconvampiress-kat:

Seven things that cross my mind a lot:
1. I love her soooo much <3
2. I wish I was different like that.
3. Where did my chewing paintbrush go?
4. Gawd I'mma flunk this class so bad.
5. I don't want to lose anyone.
6. But what if (insert anything here) goes wrong?
7. I'm sorry.

Six things I do before I fall asleep:
1. Blow Mari a kiss.
2. Hug a stuffed animal.
3. Check my alarms.
4. Take a drink.
5. Rearrange my pillows.
6. Wipe the tears from my eyes. (This isn't emo. My eyes water when I'm about to fall asleep.)

Five places I want to visit:
1. Melbourne, Australia.
2. Certain location, Canada.
3. Tokyo and Kyoto, Japan.
4. Antarctica.
5. Egypt.

Four things I'm wearing right now:
1. Sweatpants
2. Bedshirt
3. Hairband
4. Bracelet

Three musical artists that I listen to often:
1. Lapfox
2. OK Go
3. Green Day

Two things I want to do before I die:
1. Visit every continent
2. Win a competition of some sort.

One confession:
1. I fell asleep twice while doing this meme.
  • Listening to: Furries in a Blender - The Violet City
  • Playing: Dissidia
  • Drinking: Lemonade



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