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Bio under construction because I'm experimenting, I don't know when it'll be done, but nothing is permanent.



Watch "Markiplier's BIG HONKIN' Christmas Charity Livestream" on YouTube

I'll be there as Umbregamer in the comments!

Look for a purple Umbreon!

6+ hour live stream from GTLIVE in a few minutes!

I'm so excited! 🤩

embedded_item1543261808577 by CatKramer
There's this girl named Mary, she created a page on Facebook.

She wasn't getting views for a while, and was noticing that a lot of other similar pages were having tryouts to be admins for their pages at that particular time.

Mary thought "why not", and she applied to some, and only one accepted her.

She was thrilled, and took this as an opportunity to practice handling a page that had significant traffic already, she planned to leave as soon as she got enough experience though.:happybounce: 

The Role Playing account she was using to be an admin on not only that page, but that of her own pages, was friend requested by the then admin, and their friends.

Mary thought nothing of it, and accepted all their friend requests, little did she know what she was getting into.:( (Sad) 

    That particular person, as well as one of their friends- who would soon inherit the page Mary was admining on, were negative Nancy's, posting about being depressed, thoughts of suicide, as well as bloody, NSFW pictures.

These pictures more often than not, depicted an evil character covered head to paw in blood, wearing all black, and or spiked chokers.

These pictures have since become more bloody, and somehow sexulized, Mary being a gentle, sex-repulsed Asexual was unnerved with the oncoming trend.

She used to be on that RP profile a lot, but now she can't bring herself to go on it anymore, making her lose interest in not only the character that was the mascot for the page, but the mascot's page as well- the one that she had created.

Mary doesn't have a problem with these items used correctly- like Abby Sciuto the former lab tech at the Washington NCIS facility, Mary adored her, and was saddened to no end at her departure from the show.Waaaah! 
AbigailSciuto by CatKramer

Mary now realizes that she's uncomfortable with the other page- the one she joined for experience that is led by the second friend.

Over Messenger, she promised the second friend that she would start answering comments on her posts, starting with the newest ones- she hasn't even made one reply, and it's been a few months since she's messaged them...

She wants to leave, and cut ties with the two, and some of their mutual friends- only problem is, she actually likes one of the mutual friends, and his new species of angel Pokemon, her being often confused for a Flying Type fake Eeveelution.

Another problem is that she used the Pages Managers app to schedule a bunch of posts on the aforementioned page, and would feel awkward either way, leaving the posts up, or going into the app, and deleting them before leaving.

She also seems to be the only one that really posts consistently, she would want to stay only to benefit the page, it might literally go under without her, and she'd feel guilty if that happened...Luna Guilty Emoticon 

    Mary almost asked if she could take over the page, but thought against it, not knowing how much time that she'd have for multiple pages, or if the negative Nelly would even give up the page, even to her.

She created that RP profile just for fun, for RPing with SFW people.

She didn't mean to get caught up in a situation like this...She doesn't feel comfortable on that profile anymore......

The person in question likes her RP account, and thinks of the character as a close friend whom they'd like to meet in real life, which Mary isn't entirely comfortable with doing....

The RP account is also connected to Mary's personal/real account, she doesn't want her being friends with this negative person to get in the way of her getting a job, should a possible employer put two and two together, and realize that the RP account is also owned by Mary, and by her association with these people, she would be refused a good job...
Woman At Computer by CatKramer

Here comes the question.

Should she just ask to be off the page, and mass un-friend/block people other than that one person on the RP account, tough it out and see if that person gives the page to someone else- or offers it to her?

This has been on her mind for some time now...She doesn't know where to go next.....

Please tell me how I can help Mary, if anyone comes along to give their two cents, I'll pass the advice over to her.

If you got this far, and can help,

Thank you.Emoticon - Pingy Thank You! 

Enjoy your night, day, dusk, dawn, afternoon, or morning!:smile: Pikachu (Waves) [V1]  



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