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My Bio

@digimonsprites made my icon, A.K.A. Roseate on Tumblr :hug:

Female, Ace/Apothisexual for sexual orientation, Bi or Lesbian for Romantic orientation, Aries, Autistic, 25, white, Cis with ADHD. Asexual Pride (f2u) Bisexual Pride (F2U) Lesbian Pride Flag #1 (F2U) Tiny Neurodiversity Icon Mini Pixel - She/Her Pronouns ver.2 Aries (F2U)

Eastern Standard Time +3- but most times a night owl, it fluctuates when I am up.+|F2U|+ Rose-gold Full Moon

My sleep schedule is fricked!...:|

I'm introverted with social anxiety, if I don't reply, or don't reply fast I'm prolly panicking over what to say.

That said, I DO have a temper, and can be rather aggressive at times, I apologize if I come off as rude or harassing, it's not my intention, starting fights is not my goal...:sniff:

I often hang out on Twitch while playing Flight Rising, but on rare occasions I will make art, or work on lore for Lola Breon my Umbreon and shiny Latias OC I created in 2015.

I'm part of the Wind Flight on Flight Rising, I'm Lola96 #450127.

I have a hatchery, but I only update it sometimes.

I'm not good at prices because of my Dyscalculia, which is like Dyslexia, but for math.

I need stuff written out fully so I can enter numbers into a calculator.

I'm on a ton of Discords, but am not very active.

I'm usually more active on Tumblr when I'm not trying to do something on Flight Rising.

I have a Toyhouse, but I'm still not exactly sure how to use it yet ehe heh ^^;

I don't have any fancy programs, just Sony Sketch from the Google Playstore on Android and Paint.

I DO have some traditional stuff, but I don't really use those materials that much.

I like Pokémon from gens 1-7, with a few mons from 8, but I don't have a Switch, so I've kinda drifted away from new stuff....

I started at Diamond in 2008 (2006?), my last games were Ultra Sun and Super Pokémon Mystery Dungeon in 2018-19?

I've played every main game and almost every spin-off game available in America from gen 4 to gen 7.

My favorite shinies are shiny Umbreon and shiny Latias. Shiny Umbreon Shiny Latias

I prefer female mons to male mons. Mini Flag - Cisgender Female

White/Touko/Hilda is my favorite playable character!

I looked similar to her when I was playing the game, and she wore a baseball cap so I vibed with her a lot!

(I also may have been close to her canonical age as well!)

Bulbasaur, Quilava, Mudkip, Chimchar, Snivy/Oshawott, Fenniken, Litten/Popplio, and Grookey are my favorite starters in order from gen1 to gen8.

Lugia, Suicune, Latias, Dialga, Reshiram, Zekrom, Verizion, Victini, Xerneas, Solgaleo, Lunala, Zacian, Zamazenta are my favorite legends in order from gen1 to gen8.

(If I had a Switch I'd prolly pick sword doggo! :P)

Unova is one of my favorite regions.

I usually play for the story and the music, I'm not much for the battles themselves.

Nuzlokes don't really interest me, the games are tricky enough as is, I don't need to play special challenges to make it fun!

(Unless I'm watching someone play, or it's a comic!

I just personally don't want to start challenges like that, if you can handle that sort of stuff, good on you- non sarcastic and genuine tone.)

Speaking of music I love video game music, some electronic dance music, Celtic music, instrumentals, some smooth jazz, certain movie and tv music, not a fan of metal or songs that have singing in them, exceptions are some old early 2000's songs.

I grew up with limited technology, so despite being a 90's girl I don't know a lot of stuff that was all the rage back then.

I had Nintendo consoles and played mostly Pokémon.

I couldn't watch a lot of the old tv shows because Mom wouldn't let my older brother and I have tv until I was in Middle school- which is also when I was able to get my own first games- which were Nintendogs and Pokémon Diamond.

I only had a Nintendo 64 and Gameboys as hand me down's from my brother, Banjo-Kazooie and Tooie were my favorites!

I don't do commissions/art for other people, and am just a novice.

I don't like

Sexual stuff



Fat shaming



Heavy Swearing

Religious stuff- minus stuff with Arceus!


Favourite Visual Artist
Ken Sugimori
Favourite Movies
Pokémon Heros the movie, Mystery of Mew, The Lion King(1,1&1/2, 3), How to train your dragon(1,2), My Name, Megamind, Blended, Mall Cop, Studio Ghibli Movies, A.X.L.E
Favourite TV Shows
Avatar the last Airbender, Legend of Korra, My Hero Academia, Digimon(1, 2, Tamers, and Fusion/Xro wars), Voltron legendary defender, Psyche, Supergirl, Flash, Arrow
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Pokemon,, Kelly Clarkson, The Fray, Martin Paige, Carly Simon, Fleetwood Mac, and Track 01, some Miricle of sound stuff, Nintendo/Gamefreak music.
Favourite Books
Wings of fire, Dragon Keeper Triology, Warriors, Seekers, Survivors, Wolves of the beyond, The Sight, The Unwanteds, Leven Thumps and the Gateway to Foo, Silverwing, Firewing, Darkwing, Spirit Animals, Animorphs, Animal Ark, My boyfriend's dogs. etc...
Favourite Games
Pokémon, GTA 5 (No Pixel), Mario Kart, Undertale, Deltarune, Petz Dogz 2, The Dog island, Epic Mickey, Epic Mickey 2, Spore(DS+Wii)
Favourite Gaming Platform
Nintendo, PC, Mobile, Ubisoft, Maxis, Yukes, Social Point, THQ, Niantic, Mojang
Tools of the Trade
Sketch app from Google play, Wacom Intuos pen& touch small, Paint, traditional materials


What the actual hell is this?! 🤣 I dare you to watch this without laughing or going "WTF!" "Lume Deodorant | City Musical | Deodorant for Everyone's Everything" on YouTube
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guess somebody got my joke :3

Remind me what joke exactly it was/like the comment, I'm not sure I remember.... 😅 Also, thanks for the watch!

honestly its such a long time i cant remember XD

also np mate :3

Happy Birthday!!!
thank you so much for the favs and llama <3