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Training trouble
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Sunset in the mountains by Catiza

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A loud alarm clock sounded in the room. Caithlyn tried to find her phone to turn of the alarm. She luckily found it quikly since she hated the sound of that rooster. It was 8 o’clock in the morning. The sun was slowely revealing itself from behind the mountains. If only i didn’t go alone. Leona wouldn’t mind to take over the morning duties were Caithlyns grumpy thought. Caith stood up, put on some clothes, took a few slices of bread and then left the messy room.

Raven was still asleep. Anoyance had kept her up for a long time. All those horses. All those smells. Horrible. She preferred the smell of her own stables with the horses she knew. The horses that were in her current stable were quiet. The didn’t do anything on purpose to annoy Raven. Raven was just not a horse-loving horse.
Raven had the most lovely dream that morning. She was alone in a meadow, sun up high and a cave ahead of her. The cave was dark, but the sun shone enough to reveal something shining fainthly in the cave. Raven walked closer and while walking she could smell it. That unstoppable smell. The smell of chips. The salty smell already made her drool. She began walking faster and faster until she was in the cave. It was loaded with chips. It was on the sealing, the floor, the walls. Raven didn’t know where to look. She was stunned. She trotted towards the wall and took as many chips in her mouth as possible while already running towards the other walls, deeper into the cave. She kept eating until she saw some bright light at the end of the cave. She left the chips filled walls and walked towards the light. She was getting closer and closer to the light. She could see a shape appearing. She was so close! Then she hears a soft voice. Raven couldn’t quete hear it. It was a vage mumbling from where she was standing. She walked closer and the voice and the shape became more clear. And just as it was about to appear she woke up.

‘Wake up you lazy lady’ said Caithlyn and she gave a few sturdy rubs over Ravens head. Raven didn’t like it at all. She pulled back her head and tried to bite her owner. Caithlyn already knew it was coming and quickly jumped aside. Raven usually had a morning mood and giving her a rough wake up call was not her cup of tea. But she also knew that the morning rage didn’t last long. Caithlyn closed the stable and walked toward her temporary locker. She took a large potato chips bag and walked bag to the stable to empty the bag in Ravens foodtray. While Raven was enjoying the chips Caithlyn grabbed some fresh hay and put in in the stable. After that she took her brushes and made sure Ravens fur was shining.

I can’t believe she waked me like that Raven thought. She was less grumpy thanks to the chips, so she would allow her owner to brush her and give love. Brushing always took a while since her owner always wanted everything to be perfect. Luckily Raven had enough potato chips to last the whole brushing session. After the chips were finished she felt a halter coming over her head and leading her out of the stable. Raven saw that her owner had that weird shaped box in her hand again so that would mean she had to train. She took a deap breath and let out a loud blow from her nose.

Caithlyn looked at the sky while releasing Raven in the arena. It was slowly turning blue. She looked back at Raven and saw her slowly walking toward the center of the arena. Raven didn’t seem to be comfortable with the horses standing in the meadow next tot he arena. But since the inside arena was already ocuppied she didn’t have a lot of options. ‘Raven come here!’ Caith yelled. Raven looked to her and doubted before eventually coming over to Caithlyn. ‘Don’t get so distracted. They are just horses like you. Not monsters’ she said as she softly stroke Ravens nose. Caithlyn attached a rope to the halter. ‘Lets see if we can focus enough to get the routine down’.


Raven heard the music. She didn’t knew the song. That meant that she had to learn another routine. Raven didn’t put much effort in remembering the start of the routine. It was to simple. The owner lead Raven around the christmas tree in the arena for a few rounds. After walking those round the owner would lead Raven to a place in the arena and made her preform a trick. She wasn’t really in the mood so she just lifted her left front leg and made some movements with it. Luckily the owner was fine with that since she lead Raven back tot he other side of the arena towards the music. The song was restarted and they repeated the start of the routine a few more times.

Time was flying! Caithlyn and Raven already trained for over 2 hours. It was time to finish up todays training and give Raven some rest. Caith took off Ravens halter and walked towards the radio. Raven was patiantly waiting. Caithlyn put down the halter and started the music. She walked back to Raven and started to walk. Raven followed and for the last time that day they would practise the routine. Everything went pretty well. Raven did run 1 round to much around the tree, but that was not something to be consirned about. The second half of the routine was still not going smooth. Raven would ofter forget what to do. The music stopped and so did Raven. ‘Good work girl. You’ve done enough’ and as if Raven actually understood every word she suddenly started to prance. Caithlyn jumped back and looked at Raven. She usually didn’t act like this. She was stubborn, but she would never suddenly start prancing. That was quite unusual.

I’m done thought Raven. The training went on to long and now that she was finally free she could move the way she wanted to. Prance, trotting, running. Raven was a free horse! After the prance she ran around the arena for a few round. She heard her owner calling but she chose to ignore it. She slowly slowed down her pace and started to look around the meadows. She saw a few horses standing and looking at her. Raven threw her head up and pranced once more. I’m just as free as you guys are over there.
After a while Ravens energy disappeared. She had been training for a long time and all that running was tiring. She saw her owner standing in the corner of the arena. Waiting. Raven walked towards her and let her owner put the halter back on. I can use a soft hay and chips right now thought Raven.

Caithlyn started to get grumpy. First she had to wake up early, then she had to admit she had fun training, but after that she just had to wait until Raven was done with her stupid impuls adventure. She put Raven back in her stable and gave her some regular horse food. Raven didn’t seem to pleased, but since the chips supply was running low and she didn’t behave after training, she didn’t earn it. Caithlyn walked back to her room. The mess was annoying. She couldn’t lie in her bed before cleaning it all up. She threw all her clothes in a basket, put the trash in the trashcan and cleaned the floor with a broom. With everything clean and tidy Caith decided to lie on her bed and after a short time she fell asleep.

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Submitted on
March 9, 2017