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Horse History || Competition history


Blue knight stable
At Blue knight we started with 6 horses: 
DiemendoMoccaVanillaYunaRendex and Brego 
The only horse we kept from that time was Brego. The time we spend at Blue Knight were very exciting. 
Everything was new and we had to get used to a lot of things. I'm glad I had some friends to help me
around that time. We didn't stay long at Blue Knight, because the stable was very small and we didn't
have room to expand.

Aria stable
Aria stable was settled on a special island that was known for its pink color. There were
a lot of special animals on the island, but because it wasn't close to an airport or any other
kind of transportation it was hard to get to competitions in time. The stable was also small,
so we couldn't hold more then 10 horses.

Previous journal of aria stable:…

RockyFall stable
RockyFall is a stable that is settled in Austria. It's a big ranch that is still in development.
Right now we're training our horses is dressage and jumping, but in the future we want to do
more with races and western. Till then we will keep it at dressage and jumping.

Rockyfall is split in 2 parts: The private part and the competition part.
The private part is obviously only for myself and unless they are invited other people/horses
aren't allowed. In the competition part are enough stables and a few cabins where you sleep.



RFS Raven by Catiza RFS Rictusempra by Catiza RFS Loafer by Catiza LAS Marshmallow by Catiza RFS Mani by Catiza


RFS Scottish Proud /SOLD by Catiza RFS Lumos by Catiza RFS Wicked by Catiza Udal Cuain/ SOLD by Catiza RFS Petrichor/ SOLD by Catiza
RFS Jack 'O Lantern  -Animated- by Catiza  RFS Willow by Catiza

Point journals:

• Point journal Raven
• Point journal Jackie
• Point journal Petrichor
• Point journal Lumos
• Point journal Rictusempra
Point journal Loafer
Point journal Scottish Proud
Point journal Wicked
Point journal Marshmallow

• Point journal stable

Zlesdin ranks
High to low
#1 | RFS Lumos | Shendik [7/7] | 151 ZP
#2 | RFS Rictusempra | Fleder [3/7] | 40 ZP
#3 | Marshmallow | Fleder [3/7] | 31 ZP
#4 | RFS Loafer | Zayus [2/7] | 14 ZP
#5 | RFS Wicked | Zayus [2/7] | 11 ZP


Leona D'jango by Catiza
Leona D'Jango
23 y/o

Caithlyn Trail
21 y/o

28 y/o

Stable registry

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May 19, 2017


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