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Rockyfall Yard Sale

Sat Jul 14, 2018, 12:06 AM
Hii everyyone!

Since my reveal of Blue Lagoon Temple is coming closer I would love to auction/sell some stuff from my old stable.


None available

You can choose your own way of paying
:bulletblack: 75 :points:
:bulletblack: 1 shaded fullbody of my horse



300 points Now for 200 points!

200 points Now for 75 points!

200 points Now for 75 points!

150 points Now for 100 points!


You can change their names and info, but do not remove the RFS part!

Starter Soviet Arabian. Has 3 images including the reference.

You can choose your own way of paying
:bulletblack: 50 :points:
:bulletblack: 1 shaded fullbody of my horse.

Starter Quanan. Has 24 images including the reference. Has participated (and won) in competitions.

You can choose your own way of paying
:bulletblack: 500 :points:
:bulletblack: 3 shaded fullbody with background of my horses.

Skin by Nethartic

Hii everyone

Everybody who draws has at some point come across perspective grids. And you have probably also tried to draw one yourself and be annoyed by how long it acually can take AND THEN STILL NOT BE PERFECT!

I found a video a long while back who gave me an easy way to set this up really quick.

Video starts at 0:30
This has helped me so much in my drawings and I wanted to share it for people who still have some trouble with it :)

Hii everyone!

My adult life is starting! My school is officially going to start in September and my boyfriend and I already made the decision to life together. We are still looking to buy a house and all the other things that come with leaving your parents house ( bills, loans, travel thingies etc). Everything is working out great so far and I'm excited!

But beside that small personal thing I also have a few other small updates.

Beginning with my youtube channel.
Some of you may have seen it, but I don't promote it a lot on DA. Here is my channel and new speedpaint :)
I'm going to delete some video's including my old ones since they have copyrighted music in them. I really want to try and get a few cents of youtube if possible and I won't be able to do that with those video's.
Therefore I wanted to ask if some of you may like to subscribe to my channel. It would help a lot :3

My HARPG stable
It's almost ready to fully launch. I have put the name in my new horses description but not in the open. My new stable name is Blue Lagoon Temple! Or BLT for short. The stable has a lot of ground and is within driving distance to the beach. I won't spoil the location just yet ;) The stable is going to be for every discipline and for fantasy/normal horses alike.
If you are a sandwich lover (like me) you know that BLT also stands for Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato. This gave me an idea.
When my stable is fully launched I'm going to organise a food festival. You can win prices, imports, slots and much much more there :D
But that will take a while since I still have a few things to draw for my stable.

I guess this is it for now.
Ow yea. When I'm fully back, i'll also buy back my core and begin a Feature Friday. Where every week I take some of my favorite pictures and show them to you :)

Rockyfalls Future + life update

Journal Entry: Mon May 14, 2018, 8:23 AM


It probably has not gone unnoticed by some that I'm inactive at the moment. I'm busy with work and finding an new apartment + a new study in September.
My motivation to draw is low and I mainly sketch traditional. My motivation for HARPG is also on a very low fire right now.
But I have been thinking about HARPG and I have made a very important decision.

The stable has not inspired me, just like all the things around it:
- Boring staff
- Non excising storyline
- Too many horses
- Nothing related to country
- No stamp (Logo, stable looks, etc)

So I've decided to sell and leave Rockyfall to the town near it.
The name Rockyfall is also likely going to fall away since it wouldn't be fitting the new style I want to take my stable in.
I will not spoil to much about my stable since I'm still working on it, but the only thing I know for sure:
- Located near a beach
- Outside of Europe
- Will revolve around the ocean and water
A few staff members and a VERY small group of horses will join me to this new stable.

What will happen to the other horses?
Some will stay at Rockyfall for riding classes and breeding programs, while other  will be deceased.
The horses that stay at Rockyfall will remain inactive and are always on sale unless otherwise is stated.

I hope this clears some things up and I hope to meet everybody on the opening event of my new stable :D

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[CLOSED] 200 watchers raffle!

Thu Apr 26, 2018, 12:25 AM
Tomorrow evening around 8 i'll choose the winners :D


Thank you! Since the year started a lot pf people have become watchers for my profile. And now that we have hit 200 watchers I'll give you presents :D
I already asked in a poll a while back what you guys would like to get and the choice was pretty clear!

I'll give away 2 prices:
◘ 1 fullbody drawing of any horse
◘ A breeding between 2 of my horses. You can get the foal :)

How do I enter?
You only have to do 3 things:
◘ Be a watcher
◘ Comment on this journal
◘ Comment which price(s) you like to receive.
You are allowed to enter both raffles.

You will get a number that will be randomly generated by
I'll post screenshots with the rolled numbers when the time comes :)

The prices will be rolled on
31 may 2018

Congratz to the winners and thank you all SO SO MUCH for watching me and entering this small raffle :D

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Horse History || Competition history


Blue knight stable
At Blue knight we started with 6 horses: 
DiemendoMoccaVanillaYunaRendex and Brego 
The only horse we kept from that time was Brego. The time we spend at Blue Knight were very exciting. 
Everything was new and we had to get used to a lot of things. I'm glad I had some friends to help me
around that time. We didn't stay long at Blue Knight, because the stable was very small and we didn't
have room to expand.

Aria stable
Aria stable was settled on a special island that was known for its pink color. There were
a lot of special animals on the island, but because it wasn't close to an airport or any other
kind of transportation it was hard to get to competitions in time. The stable was also small,
so we couldn't hold more then 10 horses.

Previous journal of aria stable:…

RockyFall stable
RockyFall is a stable that is settled in Austria. It's a big ranch that is still in development.
Right now we're training our horses is dressage and jumping, but in the future we want to do
more with races and western. Till then we will keep it at dressage and jumping.

Rockyfall is split in 2 parts: The private part and the competition part.
The private part is obviously only for myself and unless they are invited other people/horses
aren't allowed. In the competition part are enough stables and a few cabins where you sleep.



RFS Raven by Catiza RFS Rictusempra by Catiza RFS Loafer by Catiza Marshmallow by Catiza RFS Mani by Catiza


RFS Scottish Proud /SOLD by Catiza RFS Lumos by Catiza RFS Wicked by Catiza Udal Cuain/ SOLD by Catiza RFS Petrichor/ SOLD by Catiza
RFS Jack 'O Lantern  -Animated- by Catiza  RFS Willow by Catiza

Point journals:

• Point journal Raven
• Point journal Jackie
• Point journal Petrichor
• Point journal Lumos
• Point journal Rictusempra
Point journal Loafer
Point journal Scottish Proud
Point journal Wicked
Point journal Marshmallow

• Point journal stable

Zlesdin ranks
High to low
#1 | RFS Lumos | Shendik [7/7] | 151 ZP
#2 | RFS Rictusempra | Fleder [3/7] | 40 ZP
#3 | Marshmallow | Fleder [3/7] | 31 ZP
#4 | RFS Loafer | Zayus [2/7] | 14 ZP
#5 | RFS Wicked | Zayus [2/7] | 11 ZP


Leona D'jango by Catiza
Leona D'Jango
23 y/o

Caithlyn Trail
21 y/o

28 y/o

Stable registry

Specific breeds

You have to tag 8+ people you would like to get to know better using this meme.
[1] @magieijsje2
[2] HideawayArtist
[3] xSapience
[4] radchoco
[5] xPasqualeVisser
[6] Merleee
[7] EmmaVZ

7 is enough :D


Piscus. I love the sign. It discripes me exactly.

8 / 10 hours
I really really love to sleep

6 for the win

I think references for light studies

He's one of the few fictional anime characters who i think are sexy :')

A papa roach top with black jeans, socks with panda's and a black-white striped jackedthing

january 28 2015 :D


HARPG, but i'm trying to focus on humans and concept art now

I've an old accound: Cesiel

Not really

Well long story short..
When i was younger i LOVES the anime Bleach. But i didn't think Cindy sounded japanese so i decided to call myself Cecil. After a while i played a final fantasy game and saw a character namen Cecil. So i replaced it when Cesiel. But after while i wanted to post more serieus art so i decided to still have a name with the C. So i did a little brainstorming with the word Cat (i'm addicted to cats) and i came up with Catiza.